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  1. I do respect all of the developers’ work over the years! I mentioned so in the first few lines of my post. Game developers have to be both an engineer and an artist: creating concepts to express their ideas, creating the tools to make those concepts work, and making sure they’ll resonate with an audience. As an independent musician, I can sympathize with the artist half of a developer team’s work- and how it’s often at least somewhat impeded by your publishing company/marketing firm/record label- depending on your chosen profession, of course. Developers have another job, having to create many the tools they need to build the game in the first place. I can’t imagine what life as a musician would be like if in order to get a certain sound I liked, I had to hand-build more equipment for myself (well, I have done that, but it’s much less common than in software .) I’m incredibly grateful that a sequel was in the works in the first place, and grateful for a dev team that was as community interactive as they were! My gripe is with the publisher. I hope to see the IP find a new home someday
  2. I’m more thinking about 2018-2019, before the game was even announced. I remember rumors of a sequel once Take Two acquired Squad. I’ve always felt very pessimistic, as I felt that the charm of the game came from the classic indie jank- the Krakens, the close-knit community, the Easter eggs, ect.. I’m not sure I expected the project to end up like this, but I remember having somewhat low hopes, simply due to the big publishing company and the way they tend to choke out indie studio’s unique voices.
  3. Just a disclaimer: I do not want this thread to end in bashing any real human people who have feelings, just like you and me. I understand if this discussion isn’t productive and there’s no ill will if the thread is removed. The developers working on KSP 2 deserve nothing but our thanks, respect, and admiration for the years of effort they put into a franchise we love. I haven’t been active here in about 4 years, so I may be a bit out of touch with current community attitudes lol. That being said, does anyone else here feel like they saw the current turn of events coming? I remember when T2 first purchased Squad and the rights to KSP’s IP. I remember the community pushback, all of the deleted argument threads, the EULA fiasco, all of the things that most people outside of the forums never really saw. No one was excited for T2. No one thought the franchise would develop in a direction consistent with the established community lore around it. Personally, I never had high hopes for KSP’s development. It’s simply not the type of game Take 2 usually makes a lot of money on. There’s not a whole lot of live-service monetization potential in a sandbox game, and there’s hardly any story potential. It just doesn’t seem like their ballpark. And especially without any of the original team on board, I felt as if it was a matter of time before we started getting some very depressing announcements. There were even threads when the game was announced denouncing those with high hopes for the project. I just feel disappointedly validated with the recent news from T2 & PD. Were there any other warning signs you noticed in the lead-up to the project somewhat falling apart?
  4. Banned (Reason: Too Many J's In Name)
  5. My friends recently found an in-person computer parts store (I was amazed it existed!) and went to check it out. One of them texted me a picture of an RTX 3060ti on the shelf and asked if I wanted one, and I could pay him back later. Turns out they were charging $900 for it. How are actual retail establishments scalping like this???
  6. @Kebab Kerman Oops missed your summon by a month. I should check this site more often.
  7. I name most of my builds in games after albums or songs. Probably something off of 2112- I like “Syrinx” a lot.
  8. Sorry, made this post 3 years ago. I haven't played CS:GO in about a year and I haven't used Steam in about that long either.
  9. I doubt it'd hit 30. I'm building a new system pretty much just to run KSP 2. I doubt my 1060 would run it well.
  10. The Kevin MacLeod royalty-free tubes were iconic and not really that bad, but they got stale. I can't wait to see what they come up with! You don't really need a mod for that. You can just go into the game's files and replace the sounds with your own .MP3s.
  11. I'm a huge PC snob and an avid Apple hater, but MacOS support should absolutely be a priority. More people would be able to buy the game and contribute to the community that way, and more Mac people will be joining the forums so I can bully educate them about their OS preferences.
  12. What are you drawing with? A mouse? A tablet?
  13. Or, hear me out, the old Mün texture was a placeholder so they could make a few small reveals with it and shoot a trailer. There's delays because it's a modern AAA game, of course there's gonna be delays.
  14. I really don't know. It's taken a while, but after about 250 hours I've landed a few times. I guessed 12. Now returning from the Mün? I'll have to get back to you after another 250 hours.
  15. Isn't squad headquartered in Mexico City? I hope everyone on the team is okay. @SQUAD Are y'all alright down there? This isn't really the right forum, but I bet a mod'll move it to the right place soon enough. If you want to talk about extra-forumal affairs, the Lounge section is the right place. If you want to have meta-discussions about the forums, check the Kerbal Network(?).
  16. Half Life: Alex (and a few other Valve games) has a developer commentary mode where you can play through the game as normal, but you can pick up Walkmans that have the developers' voice memos throughout the levels. They talk about struggles with lighting, how they decided on the movement system, the deliberation of plot points, and more. What if you found cassette tapes of floppy disks around the KSC with developer insights in a special mode? You could build yourself a little rover and drive around learning about the games' development.
  17. Maybe it pops up the first time, and it has a switch to turn it off. If you turn it off, you can turn pop-up info on in your settings. If you keep it on, the switch is still there for when you get annoyed. Maybe this happens when you science an anomaly? Kind of like the Squad monolith or the Apollo memorial.
  18. I think it's a cool idea, but community continuity might be a bit strange. If I find an easter egg and want to share it, it might be tough describing where it is. "Hey, I found a monolith paying tribute to the Gemini 8 astronauts in the Peepee Poopoo crater on the Mün!"
  19. No, intel will find a way to reverse the smallening of their transistors. 18mm, 600-watt Stupid Lake chips somehow still on the level of AMD.
  20. Honestly, RTGs are so boring. It's just place-and-forget free power. Sure, it's efficient and yada yada, but it's not as cool looking or powerful as a good set of massive solar panels, nor is it as established and impressive as a massive fuel refinery and some rocket engines running alternators.
  21. It's been a while since I've been on the forums very actively, but I recognize your avatar. 6/10.
  22. I like windows because - Been using Windows since my first PC in the XP days - I'm used to the interface - I know how to diagnose problems and errors in Windows. If I switch operating systems, I'll have to learn new fixes and junk. I had to work on a bunch of Macbooks last summer, and resetting them/ using their BIOS isn't really more difficult, but I'm just already used to Windows. - Gaming on Windows is just better, no question. Sure, it's getting better on Linux and by extension Mac, but Windows beats them out in terms of game compatibility every time. - Xbox! I love how I can sync all of my Xbox stuff with my computer. - If I have to choose a massive company to harvest all of my data as we have to do nowadays, I'll stick to the one I know best, which is Microsoft. Google doesn't really count since they already know everything, and I just don't trust Tim Cook. TLDR: I already know my way around Windows and I like gaming. Good point, I exclusively use Android phones these days. Maybe I should get a windows phone
  23. "Kernel" like Colonel or a popcorn kernel or that nerdy linux thing I keep hearing about. "Kraken" like Crack-inn, just the Norse sea monster. Believe it or not, I didn't name myself after the KSP Kraken. Unless you pronounce "Graphic" like "Giraffe", it should be pronounced Geonovast with a hard G. I've always read it with a soft G/ J sound, though. If it's a J sound, I'm fighting @Geonovast for saying Gif with a soft G sound like some kind of egg-nor-ray-mousse.
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