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  1. Are Mk2 procedural parts possible (like fuel tanks and adapters) from 1.25m to Mk2, or 2.5m to Mk2.
  2. Thanks @Nertea and @NHunter, I thought that the core was what held the nuclear fuel, and would wear out, so even if you put in fresh fuel, the thing holding it would still be worn out.
  3. What about an old core? Like I take a craft to Eeloo and back, and the thing has a year or so left in it, can I bring that back up to 5 years or at least extend it a couple?
  4. Can a nuclear reactor core be replace or repaired at the end of it's life?
  5. @bartekkru99, I run kerbalism with my RSS/RO install granted it's KSP 1.2.2, RO itself is so finicky though it's hard to say, I don't think it's even out for 1.6 yet, 1.3 is the latest I think.
  6. I think I've found some sort of bug @N70, I installed Near Future Electronics in my modded install, and for some reason it deleted the ECLSS module. After making careful backups, I did it again and found it also removed the ECLSS in all of the pods or anything inhabited, and when I look at the logs when loading kerbalism I saw this. "[LOG 16:13:19.519] Config(+PART[kerbalism-chemicalplant]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,ProfileDefault]:BEFORE[Kerbalism]) Kerbalism/Parts/LifeSupport/kerbalism-lifesupportmodule/+PART[kerbalism-chemicalplant]:NEEDS[Kerbalism,ProfileDefault]:BEFORE[Kerbalism]" If you w
  7. I think I found a bug, I added Near Future Electrical to my modded KSP install, and it deleted the ECLSS module part from ksp, along with my 2 space stations! I'm afraid to reproduce this for the fact that I was lucky to get them back in the first place, but does anyone know why this happened?
  8. Say, how come when I installed Near Future Electrical, it deleted the ECLSS (I think) module in Kerbalism, and 2 of my space stations with it?
  9. Say, how do I get my hands on all of the wings, the ones you normally see in Sandbox, plus the ones rated for only supersonic flight, or even subsonic.
  10. Well, it seems I did have the habitat, just never fully recognized it, what's the thing with solar panels in the picture 4 messages above though?
  11. I thought I had the latest version that wasn't 1.5, I'll check and make sure though, thanks @B-STRK.
  12. Damnit, let me guess, that's 1.5.1 right? I have 1.4.2 right now.
  13. Does this mod have actual 1.25 meter habitats now? Not just small station cores without beds or anything?
  14. I don't know about MM and I'm curious, but I thought for translation you used I-J-K-L like W-A-S-D and H-N like LeftShift and LeftControl.
  15. @Tyko, do you mean using the translation keys while docking rather then switching to docking mode and using WASD so that you can manually orient it while docking? Usually when I dock I go with docking mode so this is new to me.
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