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  1. List of Mods Compatible with KSP 1.3

    My quest was long... and pointless... Also excellent list
  2. Settlers - Colonisation Kerbals?

    That is actually the mod I am using for building the bases. However I'm not sure if it fully has the ability to use more Kerbals as settlers. I have found something that is fairly close to my idea: This uses 'civilians', a bit like a resource (they are listed in the same tab as LiquidFuel, Oxidiser etc.) It also has some very nice greenhouses that will look very much at home on Duna xD
  3. Settlers - Colonisation Kerbals?

    So my goal in my current career mode is to try and colonise as much of the solar system as possible, to do this I will also need something to fill up my habitats. Is there a mod out there that allows me to use another type of Kerbal (other than pilot etc.) that I can send to live in my newly built modules? If anyone is thinking of making a new mod I think this would be quite cool, as it's hard to hire/ rescue enough Kerbals to have a satisfactory colony across all planets and their orbits. It would also bring new contract objectives, some ideas are: . -Set up a colony of (x) Kerbals on (x) planet/ moon (I know this is similar to 'station' contracts, but these would be for larger and longer projects . -Transfer (x) Kerbals from (x) to (x) . -Resupply/rescue an NPC colony, by bringing a drill module or some fuel. (These would be basic landers, similar to the 'rescue stranded Kerbal' contracts Because colonisation missions should be permanent, I think it would be horribly expensive hiring all the Kerbals necessary, only to never see them again, this is why I propose 'settlers', hopefully this shouldn't be too hard to create, and if it already exists that would be amazing. (I'm not quite sure if this should go in the ideas and development section, but I feel like this is more mod territory than real game.)
  4. Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    If you could set up a recording system to record your screen, I’m sure that could help others help you. Or perhaps take a few f1 screenshots and describe what your doing, so that some experts can help you directly. Also about the night time issue, try to fit some lights if you can, and align your ships with that light glow of the universe that spans across horizontaly. As a rookie myself I know how frustrating it is when the only advice left is ‘just practice’ but I’m thinking that’s all you can do. Maybe try a ‘I’ll try this’ approach where you try different things and see what happens, it might just help
  5. Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    I know I’m no expert, but something I learned as well was to use IJKL like WASD to control RCS better. You can use this to try and align prograde and target markers. I think..
  6. Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    Ah, that was a bit of an issue as I was using a basic probe core with no SAS options. I’ll be using pilots more often so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Thank you for the advice
  7. Some may remember my first topic of Saving Richfal, where I asked about the basics of an orbital rendezvous. Now that’s all we’ll and good, I can get a lovely intercept and that’s all solved. But now, docking. However this time the question is simple and only really requires one answer: Is there a way to align docking ports, for an easier time? The only way I can thing of is to be able to use SAS to lock onto target, but say I’m using a drone, is there another way? Because my main problem is that I keep missing ports. How can this be fixed?
  8. I’m basically looking for some good mods for extra science to do. Which ones would you recommend? I’d also like a go at colonising the galaxy! Which mod would you guys say is the best for ground bases, orbital bases etc. Thank you
  9. Transfer windows.

    That is true, that’s why as an afterthought I added the ‘short sighted’. My point was that I wasn’t sure what I was exactly doing, although half the fun is figuring it out yourself. And yes, I will definitely be abusing quicksave+quickload
  10. Transfer windows.

    It is time for me to delve outside Kerbins SOI, and I’ve installed Kerbal Alarm Clock to help me with transfers. It, along with another calculator, have told me the next optimal transfer slot is in 300 days for Duna, and 400 days for Eve. Is the wait usually this long? Of course, the beauty of KAC is that I can do whatever and it will notify me when it’s time, so I’m not really too bothered. However it still is slightly annoying that I have to wait a year between missions, especially since I’m going for this blind and have no idea what will happen, (except for Kerbal Engineer, so I guess you could say I’m going in short sighted.) If I fail, which is likely, do I have to wait so long until I can try again? I don’t really mind, but hey..
  11. There and back again - My trip to minmus

    I forgot mission reports was a thing! Glad to rediscover this interesting topic.
  12. I know a journey to minmus is no challenge. In fact, it some ways its probably one of the easiest things you can do. So if your looking for a daring tale of stunning proportions then you're in the wrong place. But to me it is still an achievement, and I feel like writing about it. One of the things I love about Kerbal Space Program is the development. You start of with a rocket, and you improve it. I started off with the Mongrel V, the beauty that fist brought Kerbals to the moon, and I created the Minotaurs. (MIN-otaur, MIN-mus....) Anyway we began with the Minotaur I, which first orbited Minmus, and is still there now. The Minotaur IB arrived to fulfil contracts, and to test how much fuel I might need. It was the first satellite to have a Survey Scanner. I left it in Polar orbit and collected a nice 25 Science. Next I attempted to land. Landing legs attached, Minotaur II landed on the surface of Minmus... almost. The engine was too low down and exploded on touchdown. This is where the fun of modification comes in. The Minotaur IIB was sent up, and was the first returned ship from the surface of the green moon. I must say the reentry was quite rough, G-force went off the scale... ah well. It was time - time for what really mattered. Jebediah was obviously the top choice for pilot, but I wanted to keep him safe for the flight of the A team to Duna. (Scheduled in about a year) Thus it was Enger Kerman, a fairly new pilot, but our trust fell to him. At 1200 hours the Minotaur III took off from the launch pad. Everything went swimmingly. I'd rehearsed on 4 other ships, (only one had come back, but that's unimportant, what could go wrong?) Not long later, he was sitting in a tin can. Far above (a) moon. I picked a lovely smooth landing ground, perfect for a picnic. One beautiful landing later, Enger was on the surface. I actually had a lot of fun, jumping over my ship, but science was important and samples were collected. Reports done, flags planted we were back in space. Surprisingly everything went fine. Enger returned home safely (this time I burned until my Kerbin periapsis was at about 5km, unlike previously where it was inside the Earth.) That's a lovely ~300 science BONUS: After this I could afford the new satellite upgrade and could finally control my Sentinel Telescope orbiting the sun. Not long now and ill have 7 million contract completion payment, nice! Oh yeah, I almost forgot a picture..
  13. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    How do you get a profit? It all seems so expensive, and contracts don't give as much. Sorry if it's obvious
  14. Valerian style space station

    It’s a shame about the lag. It’s understandable though. I was kind of imagining some weird, clunky, badly designed monstrosity. I know it would be ridiculous, buy one day I want to try to build something like that. All the ones above are very good though, very sleek
  15. Show off your drawings!

    I’m actually quite proud of my profile picture xD