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  1. MajorMushroom

    Is it able to land on "The sun"?

    If you could disable overheating or what ever other factors cause explosions (I’m not sure if debug menu will do it all) then would it work?
  2. MajorMushroom

    What for?

    Oh excellent. However unfortunately my computer is going through some stressful times (so no KSP for me ) so I'm on my iPad for now. Thanks for the tip though!
  3. MajorMushroom

    What for?

    Sorry this is a bit off topic, but what does ISRU stand for?
  4. MajorMushroom

    lift and cfg editing

    This is taken from quite an old post, so sorry if the quote breaks anything or inconveniences anyone This is technically about winglets, but I think the same thing applies. So long story short yes: fiddle with the liftCoeff or lift coefficient until you're happy. Also module size has "almost no effect" so don't worry about it and have them the size your happy with. Remember module manager for safe fiddling and meddling!
  5. MajorMushroom

    How to Make a robotic arm

    Ah fiddlesticks. Have you tried using the magnetic (I forget exactly what it is) 'picker upper' thing to attach onto the end of your robot arm?
  6. MajorMushroom

    Conditions for "Fly by"

    Basically, fly near it (close enough to get an encounter showing up on map) so that you enter the objects sphere of influence, however the apoapsis has to be out of its SOI Apoapsis out of SOI Periapsis inside SOI
  7. MajorMushroom

    How to Make a robotic arm

    I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but konstruction adds it’s own robotic arm with a claw.
  8. MajorMushroom

    Which colonisation?

    Sorry, but what exactly does insitu mean? I think it might mean ‘on site’ as in the location where my base is meant to be, which would be ideal.
  9. MajorMushroom

    Which colonisation?

    My ultimate goal in career is the colonisation of as many planets as I can. I’ve been thinking about which mods I can get that will work together nicely. My thoughts are: -Standard KER/KAC etc. -Extraplanetary launchpads for the shipyards I’ve always dreamed of -Kerbal Inventory system for fun. -Konstruction for assembling bases. -Coyote freighters (I’ve forgotten the exact name, but it might be good for transportation) -Extra Science Now I’ve been thinking between USI orbital/surface colonisation or planetary base systems, as the designs look really great. Which mod do you think would fit/work best with others? I don’t mind giving USI life support a go as well. I heard that the Coyote space industries is also compatible with USI, so overall it seems like the best option. Which do you guys thing would be better/ more fun, or more compatible if I ever choose to download something new.
  10. MajorMushroom

    Anyone having a mission idea to me?

    What kind of mission are you looking for? Are you an SSTO pilot or a rocketman? When you said you've run out of missions I'm guessing you've visited and returned from every planet, if not this is always a good idea. Why not try making smaller and cheaper rockets? Or reusability is always fun. Maybe consider downloading mods that bring extra planets or colonisation options, try and colonise the entire solar system!
  11. MajorMushroom

    List of Mods Compatible with KSP 1.3

    My quest was long... and pointless... Also excellent list
  12. MajorMushroom

    Settlers - Colonisation Kerbals?

    That is actually the mod I am using for building the bases. However I'm not sure if it fully has the ability to use more Kerbals as settlers. I have found something that is fairly close to my idea: This uses 'civilians', a bit like a resource (they are listed in the same tab as LiquidFuel, Oxidiser etc.) It also has some very nice greenhouses that will look very much at home on Duna xD
  13. MajorMushroom

    Settlers - Colonisation Kerbals?

    So my goal in my current career mode is to try and colonise as much of the solar system as possible, to do this I will also need something to fill up my habitats. Is there a mod out there that allows me to use another type of Kerbal (other than pilot etc.) that I can send to live in my newly built modules? If anyone is thinking of making a new mod I think this would be quite cool, as it's hard to hire/ rescue enough Kerbals to have a satisfactory colony across all planets and their orbits. It would also bring new contract objectives, some ideas are: . -Set up a colony of (x) Kerbals on (x) planet/ moon (I know this is similar to 'station' contracts, but these would be for larger and longer projects . -Transfer (x) Kerbals from (x) to (x) . -Resupply/rescue an NPC colony, by bringing a drill module or some fuel. (These would be basic landers, similar to the 'rescue stranded Kerbal' contracts Because colonisation missions should be permanent, I think it would be horribly expensive hiring all the Kerbals necessary, only to never see them again, this is why I propose 'settlers', hopefully this shouldn't be too hard to create, and if it already exists that would be amazing. (I'm not quite sure if this should go in the ideas and development section, but I feel like this is more mod territory than real game.)
  14. MajorMushroom

    Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    If you could set up a recording system to record your screen, I’m sure that could help others help you. Or perhaps take a few f1 screenshots and describe what your doing, so that some experts can help you directly. Also about the night time issue, try to fit some lights if you can, and align your ships with that light glow of the universe that spans across horizontaly. As a rookie myself I know how frustrating it is when the only advice left is ‘just practice’ but I’m thinking that’s all you can do. Maybe try a ‘I’ll try this’ approach where you try different things and see what happens, it might just help
  15. MajorMushroom

    Docking with Richfal - Orbital Rendezvous II

    I know I’m no expert, but something I learned as well was to use IJKL like WASD to control RCS better. You can use this to try and align prograde and target markers. I think..