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  1. I am back finally!!! I decided to get back into the swing of things by updating my scatterer configs to the new scatter Cytaria Thawmiel, now with new clouds
  2. 1: this is just copied from linbol 2: this is not very original
  3. Sorry so being so slient lately, I have been busy doing other things, namely designing fighter jets to compete in FAS 2, I'll try to get back to this asap.
  4. THis seems really ambitious, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into chief
  5. Did you try using the eve tool ingame? Also how does your config look like
  6. ok then, I also found out that you can indeed change ore concentrations, So i'll incorporate your idea for Darset, thanks:)
  7. I honestly don't really want to continue, it isn't so good that I would want to continue it
  8. what do you mean by that? I am not sure if you can change the ore concentrations but I'll consider this
  9. I usually prefer quality over quantity, I like to spend more time on a few bodies than little time on many bodies. Also the 2 GB is mostly from the parallax stuff
  10. well, getting an encounter with spud is quite tricky, it requires a large amount of delta V to capture and you almost need to start burning right as you enter its SOI. As for mining locations, there isn't any good locations, Lur may seem appealing at first but in the end the large inclination change is not very worth it. If you want tho I could add a new moon for mining purposes And the new update that is coming out soonTM will at least slightly ease the difficulty of capturing in the orbit of the two asteroids
  11. I am more worried and interested about how you make them more unique
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