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  1. Sorry 4 not caring about this mod 4 a while,I am busy building fighter jets And busy with exam perhaps one of you can help me do the mod
  2. Gen 1 contract 001 By CyursPlayz FR-12 A quad engined WWII aircraft
  3. Gen 5 contract 007 By CyursPlayz X-25 Pather A smaller,much more maneuverable version of the X-21 Cougur(made by me)and it is hard to detect.
  4. Gen 4 Contract 9 By Cyrus Playz AR-50 Pulsar A maneuverable two seater fighter.
  5. Gen 3 Contract 3 By CyrusPlayz FX-10B Hawk A carrier capable fighter,it could take off at the speed of 50m/s .
  6. Gen 2 Contract 10 Cyrus Playz DF-20 Valkire This aircraft could easily reach mach 3.Has an ore tank for bombs
  7. Gen 2 Contract 2 CyrusPlayz Ds-12 intercepter A very fast ship that can intercept missiles
  8. Contract 007 Gen 5 CyrusPlayz X-21 Cougur A stealth fighter with the capability of carrying a lot of payload. reupload
  9. also did anyone noticed that panzer's jet look like the spear jet from fighter jet showdown?Not an insult
  10. Contact no.001generation 1 anthor:me
  11. an updated one
  12. I used the template I use bombs added bombs Do I need to use bdarmory and air craft carrier mods?