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  1. the current version seems to cause the game is not load, I suspect it may be because of problems with the reference body for orbits?
  2. Alright I think the voting should be closed soon, I'll give it a day or two more, be sure to vote!!
  3. why haven't I seen this until now! You have advanced a lot since i last seen you
  4. The scatterer doesn't work I think you forgot to change the file directory in the configs
  5. hey um I suggest you put the scatterer file into the mod itself be cause it will just break ordinary scatterer installs and it needs the original one to work
  6. progress update: Cytaria Retexture: I am also considering to rename Cyz0122, so I put up a poll in this forum page for it.
  7. just use the heal tool to heal up the polar seam, or use one of the tutorials in this page
  8. Yeah, probably should have thought of that beforehand, much apologies
  9. Well, they are pretty evenly spaced around the Kerbol system. Impossible is located in between Eve and Moho, Cytaria orbits slightly closer to the sun than Dres, and Icengrad orbits farther away from the star than Eeloo I think so, it doesn't really clash with OPM. though Icengrad's location may look a bit odd as it is between Jool and Sarnus That is correct
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