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  1. Version 0.9.5 on CKAN and spacedock update masses and costs add scaled 3.75m parts add @thumbs for an inventory icons CCK supports CrewToDeploy req.
  2. oh, so "physics issues" from the previous thread is the bouncing up and down after loading onto the launch pad. Never knew it is related to the mass of the launch clamps, thought that just some bug. Removed changing mass in the v0.3.1 until further investigation. yes, I know, I have use them as base for patch, and added always enabled small EC generator. The patch remove all generator from clamps, and add unified generators to all of them. Someone could PR relative LaunchClampGenerator_Power, on the other hand, I like them to be equal. https://github.com/.../FreeLaunchClampsGenerators_opt-in.cfg Version 0.3.1 on CKAN and spacedock Remove changing mass because of the found problems
  3. Continuation of the almost-free-launch-clamps, with some tweaks and more mods support. Recently, I have heard a few people grumbling about how launch clamps add to the total cost of your vessel in the VAB, sometimes resulting in not having enough funds. After discussing with many experts, colleagues and kerbals, we have come to the conclusion, that launch clamps should be free and not count toward your total launch costs. Kinda. If you play with "entry purchases required", you will only pay the entry fee, otherwise it's free. ALWAYS. Pretty lame. Its not hard to imagine that the launch clamps are reusable, and should technically be a part of the launch pad. Launch clamps capable of transferring fuel to the vessel, this can be considered cheaty, but I'll tell you anyway. Draining the tanks in the VAB results in huge launch cost savings and fueling up on the launch pad is free, but its immersive in the fact that you have to wait for you tanks to fill up. Changes from AFLC: opt-in system for generators, add 3 generators to all clamps: always active slow EC changer, fast EC changing, fueling maxTemp = 4000, kerbals are making clamps from something in-between of hafnium carbide, tungsten, and cactus Supports: CommunityResourcePack (LH2/LCH4 Generators) FASA, FASALaunchClampsContinued, BDB SpaceY ModularLaunchPads RealScaleBoosters Download: Releases page: https://github.com/yalov/FreeLaunchClamps/releases Donation: Patreon
  4. If you want to install Kerbalism on CKAN, you need to remove CAI/CAC first
  5. yes, it has 33 empty slots, and no crew as it is now. Could that be a problem?
  6. Stock "feature": target prograde/retrograde buttons doesn't work for small speed, lower than ≈1 m/s. It could be 0.01 m/s
  7. https://pastebin.com/B29steSu save file https://file.io/M6D1TQ8JLc2q can't find Tourism_Base in the save file ksp.log : https://file.io/NJDEsES8k6MN
  8. Moons vessels: SCENARIO { name = PersistentDataStore scene = 7, 8, 5 DATA { ourHome = CelestialBody:Kerbin SatList = List<VesselIdentifier>:[ Vesselbf769d9c-62f5-42a1-82e6-544f6a601e09, Vessel0ab2365e-72f9-424f-ae1e-e56b1f69dd9e ] TouristCount = Double:111 TouristLowOrbitCount = Double:20 firstSpaceStation = List<VesselIdentifier>:[ Vesseld04addb6-c27e-44a7-a6d3-bf311449a7d2 ] TouristStationCount = Double:13 Tourism_HotelConstruction = Double:0 BaseConstruction = Boolean:False TouristAsteroidCount = Double:55 Tourism_Hotels = List<VesselIdentifier>:[ Vessel5fc38c0d-2235-4b30-af70-b45540a487e5 ] TouristAttractionCount = Double:12 } } I'm not sure, TouristCount looks like just global counter of all tourists, why compare EmptyCrewSpace to that?
  9. Can I know what vessel spams this CONTRACT_TYPE 'Tourism_Base' error ? ksp.log: https://file.io/9fOu2EJ3h9pb
  10. Is this patch responsible for captured asteroid become smaller? vessels was connected to the surface before. UPD. have found, answer is yes
  11. will adding the "removePQSMods = PQSMod_VoronoiCraters" in the config fix the bug with [x] science, or it is something different ? [x]science shows all Voronoi Craters biome science
  12. The mod adds inventory 1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m parts, that could be placed in other inventories. It is possible because the parts could be inflated and deflated, and in the deflated state its not an inventory, but just a cargo part. The parts in the mod are configs that reuses Deployable Habitation parts from the SSPXr. Parts have DeployableInventoryModule and stock ModuleCargoPart in the config, that (I hope) will make less problems with mods like KSP Part Volumes. Download: Releases page: https://github.com/yalov/DeployableInventory/releases Depends: StationPartsExpansionRedux, ModuleManager Localization is supported. Recommended mod: ksp-part-volumes Donation: Patreon
  13. Some words about PAW Inventory group text. If the inventory does not have mass limit (as most of them), then the mass text I consider not essential enough to put it in the group title, but the volume / volLimit and slotsfilled / slotsAll is essential, and, for example, knowing that would be helpful with the closed inventory group, when you try to choose inventory, where to put new part (if there are several inventory parts) Something like Inventory (1/3 slots, 140L/180L) on the title gives full information about the inventory, and you already know that 50L part will not fit there. As it is now, you need to open inventory to find out that. And if it possible, mass could be put instead of the stock volume progressbar 140.0/180.0L inside the group.
  14. It would be helpful to have volume as one of the field in the PAW in the Measurizer_MultiA (cube, sphere, cylinder, etc), for quicker volume estimations. UPD. Oh, better a new part, in style of the Procedural Parts (and SSTU), where you could change top, center and bottom section sizes and forms separately, curvatures top-center, center-bottom, height of the part, and that will looks the same as Measurizer_MultiA (transparent red) and calculate volume.
  15. Feature Request: Add option to use (or use by default) the tank volume calculation (pi * (d/2)^2 * h), instead of x*y*z for tanks. (if a part is in the Tanks category and some 2 dimensions are equal - these are diameter)
  16. Is it possible, that Xfer Crew with the SM somehow interrupts the OnVesselCrewWasModified event, that is run by default "Transfer Crew" PAW button? ScienceLabInfo "Rate Modifier (scientists)" field is changed if you put new kerbal in the lab using stock button, but does not changed with the SM xfer
  17. Is it possible to make the mod depends only on Waterfall, like the name hints ? Even with the cost of less realistic plume/smoke for the SRB ? CKAN has support of this one depends: - name: VirtualIdentifier1 choice_help_text: Choose the HR option for high resolution - any_of: - name: ModA - name: ModB choice_help_text: Pick ModA if you prefer polka dots, ModB otherwise Also TUFX dependency is missed on CKAN
  18. What other mods do you have? Do you have also BetterTimeWarp ? Upload KSP.log somewhere, and paste link there.
  19. Looks like Warp Rates and Altitude Limits (on the "R" tab) are not saved between launches of the game. Also default stock Altitude limits was made less restrictive several ksp versions before.
  20. @linuxgurugamerwhile you are looking into it, I have a patch that makes all transmitable science transmit 100% in the first time, so the min science slider is not helpful for me, but it takes screen estate. An option to disable it could be good.
  21. Probably better to change it to an option to disable minimum science slider whatsoever, for people who doesn't need it, for window taking less space on screen
  22. stock bug: if you put the service bay 2.5m right above the engine plate 2.5m, and some other part below engine plate to close the engine plate, then the service bay in the flight will not be opening. After decoupling the engine plate, the service bay will open properly.
  23. kspcommunityfixes 1.18 changelog mentions that the problem is fixed
  24. Could you create the separate topic for JNSQ 0.10.0 and Scatterer 0.0835 integration, your finding and an instruction?
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