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  1. RemoteTech-redev is not a RemoteTech, RemoteTech-redev is just an antennas from the RemoteTech, so remote comms system will not be re-designed with the CAE.
  2. @JadeOfMaar In the case you missed it, there is PR, what fix some bugs, discussed on the last page: https://github.com/JadeOfMaar/RationalResources/pull/31
  3. On the first start I had fully commented output, probably because of the my personal ModuleCargoPart = -1 to all parts patch, then I removed my personal patch and there is no output on the next starts ksp.log https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-hm_SZty_-jqFnVii?e=Pdqm5E player.log https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-hnAJx1y_cxKJ7et6?e=C2duBB
  4. Could you make an option for generating output for all parts? (including the ones with the ModuleCargoPart) I want to see full output and compare volumes.
  5. On the first run it created empty partVolumes.cfg, and there weren't any popup warnings I have a patch that make all parts manipulatable in the eva by adding ModuleCargoPart with a volume -1. Do parts with the ModuleCargoPart appears in the output, but HAS[!MODULE[ModuleCargoPart]] make the MM ignore the patch or the parts with the ModuleCargoPart ignored whatsoever? The last case would explain why the output is empty. ksp.log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-hm1M2fbnCOesw2g7?e=7z5xRA player.log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-hm5H70FdGFno1NP_?e=JAWAdS
  6. I find out, that lowering asteroid mass, when you mining it (the mass in the PAW, the PART[PotatoRoid]/MODULE[ModuleAsteroidInfo]/currentMass) does not propagate to the real mass of the asteroid PART[PotatoRoid]/mass, that is used for the dV calculation. Most likely, it is also the stock behavior. (tested on JNSQ) @R-T-B Could I request a fix in the Kopernicus?
  7. Yes, stock isru have these patches in 2 places: in the common opt-in system and separately. I made PR for removing duplicates: https://github.com/JadeOfMaar/RationalResources/pull/31
  8. :NEEDS[KIS,KAS] then? Or add a mention of the KIS/KAS in the description of the part, please. Also I just find out about the arm staging with the help of the Animated Decouplers mod. Add please Animated Decouplers in the OP Recommended Mods section.
  9. Does the MountPlatform_MLP (title = MLP General Mounting Platform) suppose to be somehow cheated to a new location, where it will be supporting a surface base? Also it is the only part that isn't in the CCK category.
  10. Is amount of welded parts still influences fps? adding a texture of a variant this way doesn't work: MODEL { model = SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Structural/Assets/Panel1 texture = SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Structural/Assets/Panels_Dark_D } Is there manual somewhere about the WeldedMeshSwitch ? Also it would be nice to autofill the name and the title fields from the title of a vessel in the editor:
  11. does your version also need that in the PluginData\net.lisias.ksp\UbioWeldingLtd\ ?
  12. @pap1723 Are you still supporting CE? In the Surface Base group the Minmus base is suppose to be build only after the Mun Base (iirc baseminmusscout has some condition about the Mun), could you check and fix this? I believe Kerbal Space Agency could choose which moon to build on. I was trying to fix above in the configs, and now I have this: all conditions are "Met", but the contract is not taken.
  13. I am not sure how it was calculated originally, so I am not sure which one should be changed for 10 times difference. For example, converters rate of cryotanks resource could be changes that the same amount of ore fills the same-sized tank in the same time. But LH2 less dense, so maybe it's should respect that, and fill x2 of LF+OX? Or x3? @JadeOfMaar How do you set up all converters values in the RR ?
  14. // stock + cryotanks 125 Ore 2.5/s + 30EC/s = LF 0.22/s + Ox 0.28/s Ore 2.5/s + 30EC/s = MP 0.5/s Ore 2/s + 50EC/s = LH2 141/s 250 Ore 0.5/s + 30EC/s = LF 0.45/s + Ox 0.55/s Ore 0.5/s + 30EC/s = MP 1/s Ore 1/s + 50EC/s = LH2 141/s Convertotron 250 is giving 10 times more Lf+Ox per Ore, compared to the Convertotron 125, but just 2 times more CryoTanks resources (LH2 for example)
  15. in the 1.16.2 Ore tanks still don't have the resource switcher as they have had in the 1.15 ksp.log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-hmwJz_jcbMSnRYY4?e=VlWoIZ
  16. Converter rate of the SME converters of the Cryotanks resources is too low compared to the stock converters: // stock + mining + cryotanks 125 Ore 2.5/s + 30EC/s = Lf 0.22/s + Ox 0.28/s Ore 2.5/s + 30EC/s = MP 0.5/s Ore 2/s + 50EC/s = LH2 141/s Mk2 Ore 1/s + 30EC/s = Lf 0.45/s + Ox 0.55/s Ore 1/s + 30EC/s = MP 0.66/s Ore 1/s + 30EC/s = LH2 0.9/s 250 Ore 0.5/s + 30EC/s = Lf 0.45/s + Ox 0.55/s Ore 0.5/s + 30EC/s = MP 1/s Ore 1/s + 50EC/s = LH2 141/s 375 Ore 2/s + 45EC/s = Lf 1.8/s + Ox 2.2/s Ore 2/s + 45EC/s = MP 4/s Ore 2/s + 45EC/s = LH2 3
  17. Does this mod also changes asteroids? How to mine something except ore from them?
  18. The task: put SCANsat satellite in the polar 89° inclination, 1500 km orbit around Duna. I create the planning node. I create the maneuver node, for achieving this orbit. I start the burn. The burn is finished, I remove the maneuver node. Now I need to check the achieved orbit inside Duna SOI. I don't remember where you get the inc. in the stock game, but for knowing achieved Pe. I need to scale up into whole star system, focus Duna, scale in to Duna SOI, and check the Periapsis. It is the problem, it's to many mouse movement. Problem: necessity to focus Duna for knowing parameters
  19. yea, that was probably brain runtime error on my side, and explanation wasn't right. It's not about the flight/map scene, but about focusing target body via scaling up view to the whole system. With the described feature, it would be convenient to see target body SOI periapsis (and inclination) just there, in the map view in the orbit around origin body with the prograde-y direction of the camera. You could say, that one doesn't need to scale up, focus view on target, and scale down, the encounter already there somewhere around the ecliptic (all planets are usually there), but the
  20. I would know about the encounter without going to the map view. It is a flight-scene burn-time visual marker, that everything is ok.
  21. I have installed the mod, but writing this message before the first use of the mod, based just on OP, so sorry about that. I believe putting text above this marker about the encounter (then it will be happening) would be very useful (with the option to disable it)
  22. copy to the GameData the X-science and all 3 dependencies, so inside GameData you will be having 000_ClickThroughBlocker\ 001_ToolbarControl\ [x]_Science!\ SpaceTuxLibrary\ Squad\ [SquadExpansion\]
  23. Added support of the SME to the CPT there: CommunityPartsTitles/.../CPT_MiningExpansion_loc.cfg (Including the instruction by @Gyger) @SuicidalInsanity could you add the example craft to the package for the Wheeled Landing Struts, are they suppose to work with the radial x4 symmetry? Their 90° rotation angle makes them strange.
  24. Version 0.8.0 new: RationalResources 1.15.0 StockalikeMiningExtension 1.1.6 updates: rename all patches as mod identifiers update all supported mods for its last versions CommunityPartsTitles Extras Category: hide cck-kas category (common cck-eva is used instead) new cck category for KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems moving structural pylons to Coupling
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