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  1. @NathanKell could someone check my old PR, since I have not understood why icons cannot be just replaced, it was working on my side https://github.com/GER-Space/Kerbal-Konstructs/pull/147
  2. the main problem is what some mods that not supported by CPT could add new parts with the stock prefix, and changing that prefix will brake their placement. Now parts is sorted with as small changes as possible (2.5m are the only one that changed). 0.625m - FL-S** 1.25m - FL-T*** 1.875m - FL-TX*** 2.5m - FW-** 3.75m - Kerbodyne S3-*** 5.0m - Kerbodyne S4-*** ,where ** - number, relative to volume. Since I very don't like the Kerbodyne S4, S5, and consider 50, 75 much more clear, other tanks from some other mods already have this <diameter>-<capacity> system, I think it is maybe time to make this changes, even if it will break placement in some unsupported mods. btw, if you know that kind of mods, let me now. Also check please other supported mods for the same LF tanks changes. Engines also have the similar problem — modification of Mainsail created by someone most likely will be named RE-M1 or M2 or M4, etc) and I don't want to break that. Also their default numbers also some sort of names, like the LV-909, T30, T45, and there are several mods that play with that: LV-303, T10, T15 Also the most of engines have several variants and several sizes now (especially with the restock), so stick one size to title is not desired.
  3. Originally it was mostly localization files, but more and more mods without localization was supported using patches, and now it is 28 locs/22 patches. I removed statement, that it is just a localization files, because it's not true anymore. For replacing a localization, the localization files need to load first, so there is 002_
  4. Version 0.8.6 new: ExtraDockingPorts v1.1.1 updates: NF Exploration v1.1.2
  5. Dmagic Orbital Science have an experiment, that is a giant expandable 10T power dish
  6. ISRU from the Mining Extension doesn't have the CryoTanks Converters if there is RR + RR Companion. CRP + Mining Extension + CryoTanks + RR + RR Companion = No "LH2", "LH2+Ox" Converters from the CryoTanks on the Mining Extension ISRUs CRP + Mining Extension + CryoTanks = "LH2", "LH2+Ox" converters on the Mining Extension ISRUs I confirmed the bug on the smaller install: ksp.log no RR https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-iBfPw6b1p-5cR8Ve ksp.log RR https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-iBjPV-Ft4zTiFWeq
  7. I have 1.12.3, the last one. the old save, like not the new one, the save that was created before SM was updated.
  8. The old save was unable to load after updating SM and MLP. It's loaded ok after reverting SM and MLP to the previous versions. Since NullReferenceException is about ProtoCrewMember.CalculateExperiencePoints, it is probably related to the last update of the SM ? player.log https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-iBZhU3B1b2twz2DB
  9. Would be nice to have funds changes in the Chronicle. Also probably Science and Rep. something like: Y2D7 5:05 Funds Changed: 3,800,000 (+300,000) Y2D2 3:03 Funds Changed: 3,500,000 (-500,000)
  10. That depends... Probably there is not enough strength to to have 16x area radiator without scaling thickness, so instead of 4x4x1 size, x16 heat xfer, x16 mass, you need to have 4x4x2 size, x16 heat xfer, x32 mass. Also not all cost of the radiator is just raw materials, the initial R&D aren't needed for the scaled part, so cost will not be scaled the same as the mass. We need to ask someone from Post Kerbin Mining Corporation about the ratio of the R&D cost and raw material cost.
  11. Are there formula for ModuleEnginesFX/heatProduction, mass and the Core Heat xFer (kW) or Max Cooling (kW) of radiators ? UPD. found https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/156612-rocket-engine-heat-production-makes-no-sense/ heat output[kW] = heatProduction * standardSpecificHeatCapacity * internalHeatProductionFactor * mass * throttleSetting * 0.4975 so looks like heatProduction is still linear
  12. Version 0.8.5 updates: restock+ 1.4.2 (if there is no MH)
  13. One of the LGG mod has B hotkey to centralize vessel in the VAB on a specified height, but Modular launch pad need to be on a certain height, so after B hotkey I need to move a vessel strictly up or down, for that I need to find a root part. Moving with Shift is free for all axis, so doesn't work there.
  14. Extension 2.1.6 updated French translation (github.com/vinix38) Info 3.1.1 add Distance in the Internal Antenna PAW updated French translation (github.com/vinix38) Consumptor 3.5.3 update localization
  15. Leftovers Contract also could have some logic, that is consistent with the rest of the contracts in the RAD.
  16. In the contract there are 3 probe experiments in high over space, and one Surface Deployed Seismic Sensor, which is completely different, that contradict idea of the mod
  17. Does "Surface Deployed Seismic Sensor" is the one from DLC, deployed by Kerbals ? probably better to exclude these (or have a separate contract)
  18. please update titles on the CKAN for your Contract Packs to Contract Pack: Name instead of just Name
  19. @zolotiyeruki Could you add a button on the Precise Editor 'Vessel' window for editing a root part? A button will be opening the same editing window, as clicking `P` on the root part. Editing position of a root part is also editing position of a whole vessel, so it could be there for convenience.
  20. Does General swing Arms on staging event always retracted Left, even if the Arm Style is "Side Umbilical Left"?
  21. that could be Rational Resources Parts or Kiwi Tech Tree (master from the github) or both
  22. I am playing around in the configs with a "ultimate" science part, that include many experiments. For now I choose the SC-9001, and put inside 5 stock ModuleScienceExperiments without any problem, using the %hideFxModuleUI = False %FxModules = 0 I connected experiments and the "open door" animation. Now I want to add there also some DMModuleScienceAnimate, but I can't connect it properly to the "open door" animation. After some tweaking, the "Collect Hydrogen Data" action is working (open door, has a delay and EC consumption), but only after you manually "open door" and "close door". Is there a way to bypass this limitation, and having DMModuleScienceAnimate working on "Collect Hydrogen Data" without this "warming-up" ? patches for this part is in an archive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alncj27YxKc-iBRaWg2BqTgK81al?e=5ibp0n
  23. Doesn't it out of scope of this mod, because same infinite tumbleweed effect could be found in the stock with casual decouple & explosions ?
  24. so it is like presets that an user could modify and then switch, for example, the steaming and day presets could be brighter, and the night presets could be darker? My first thought that it's in-game day/night, and the game will switch automatically.
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