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    Good afternoon, I know how hard it is to do things in the way you do, but when will some of these new structures be available for use in the game? I really need some parts at the moment the one I need the most is the one that can lift loads.


    Please continue with your incredible work, and if I can help in any way, just call.

    PS: The forklift and the crane and the is also very important to me!

  2. Teach me how to make flight plans for airports from @ for Kerbinside Remaster ? DD:
  3. Catatau_27

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    What I need are the flight plans to use at all your airports, with the Kramax autopilot mod from @linuxgurugamer I have no idea how to make flight plans for your airports. DD: But the two mods are incredible = D
  4. Now you need to make your mod as an active part that appears inside the cabine to be activated from inside the ship by the MFD panel, or a lever inside the cockpit. Talk to @MOARdV

    Hi, is there any chance your mod advanced Cockpits will continue? He is incredible!

  6. Hello, how are you ? I hope so, have you seen the mod Advanced Cockpit and the mod Pilot Assitant? I really would like something similar for the planes that I make, I use your mod and I find it incredible, and looking at these mods, I see how cool and functional it would look with your help and ASET's alexustas help. An IVA of these with the correct panels and instruments would be great in the cockpits of Air plane Plus, MK3 expansion, Kerbonov kn2 and etc ... xD

  7. It's sad, because I considered that anchor door one of the best in the whole game.
  8. The best way to accomplish large base constructions is to hold the pieces on the floor, but with either KIS or KAS either release or explode, I did not try to use pure KIS or KAS without any other mod, but if it were possible to attach something to the planet it would be very good and would have many possibilities.
  9. So, i tried use this but i have the same problem, well i realy need one way to hold my pieces and things on the ground, this is the best solution, Until now what I want to do I can not do.
  10. Ok, now I need to know how to proceed and add the lyrics you have written there in my game, I am VERY novice in this and I do not know exactly what to do, I will need help to learn if you are willing to teach of course.
  11. Catatau_27

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    Would it be possible to use an IVA copied from another cockpit? Like those of ASET simply by using a target link?
  12. I have a suggestion: Could there be a way to attach the base parts to the ground? Like the parts of the mod Surface Experiment Pack? However, I still see a problem about this, whenever I try to pick something up on the floor after returning to KSP, SPH or VAB, if I go back where my pieces were stuck to the floor, the structures disappear. Note 2: If it were possible to screw the base parts to the floor (without using folding feet) so that they would not be moved, it would be possible through the mod: Surface Experiment Pack to create whole networks of energy, or maybe to expand to other things like water and sewage, antenna signal, would revolutionize KAS because it would have a lot more parts, and would make it easier to create more complex bases and modular blocks, without the need for super installation and joining everything later through these ground connections. Not only in Kerbin (for people like me who like commercial and military aviation), how to use on other planets and moons. Naturally, it would be necessary to correct the question of the disappearance of the parts attached to the floor and the resistance of the cables and plugs for connection in the Surface Experiment Pack standard. (Some break or stay partially connected)
  13. Catatau_27

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    Thanks for all the help I have received from all of you =) Ps: Thanks for the update, I was going to comment but I ran out of time and were faster than me. LOL Now just wait and see how the cabin looks inside. :D
  14. Catatau_27

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    I need help, I'm not sure how to put the folders right inside the GameData, the two folders of the mod have to be separated inside the GameData or so: Advance Textures _> OSUV _> GameData?
  15. Hello I have a question, how do I make the DCK interact with the set Aviation Cockpits? Well, I set up a Mirrage 2000, but all I have to do is paint the cabin. Can you help me ?

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