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  1. I reinstalled the most recent versions of Interstellar and DeepFreeze and everything is working now. Thank you! I will make sure to look through the logs next time before I bug anyone!
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j60wjdv39cn1ffy/KSP Log 2.zip?dl=0 I installed ZeroAVC, but I still could not exit buildings when pressing the exit button. I attached a new log that is significantly smaller than the first. Any ideas other than just broken mods?
  3. Thank you! I added this suite of mods about 2 weeks ago, and I think anything that is out of date with 1.9.0 was said by users in the mod page that it was working fine with updates. I will update with new logs if there are more issues.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/blbs854a40a4lm7/KSP Log.zip?dl=0
  5. When I load up my save and go to Mission Control, everything works normally. However, when I press the "leave" button in the top right, the top bar (containing that button and the KSC button etc) goes away, the funds and tool bar UI elements (usually shown at the top and bottom when in the KSC view) appear, but my screen does not show the KSC. Instead, it continues to show to the Mission Control screen, which I can interact with. Nothing I do allows me to leave this screen. I can press escape and bring up that menu, but "Quit to Main Menu" does not work and I have to task manager force qui
  6. I have a career game that I initially had Part Entry Costs (spending money to unlock parts after researching them) enabled for because I had never played with it before. I have discovered that this mechanic can become overwhelming and limiting as I progress later in the tree, especially with lots of part mods inflating the amount of things I have to purchase. I looked around in the game setting and could not find a way to toggle Part Entry Costs off now that I have the game started. Is there a way to edit something in the persistent file that would disable it without breaking the game, or w
  7. My profile pic is the emblem from the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a repurposed colony ship (now a warship) from Halo. I would embrace the ship's colony-founding history and would send my 10,000 ships to different star systems, colonizing our local corner of the galaxy.
  8. I attached enough Kickbacks together to fill the entire VAB (no decouplers) and was confused when I didn't make orbit after flying straight up. I then opted for a 3.75 m rocket with a space shuttle cockpit and went fast enough to reach escape velocity. After that, I started a career and then watched a bunch of Scott Manley tutorial videos.
  9. Okay so it turns out it's more than 50. It's 91. Here are most of the big ones: [x] Science, AirplanePlus, AntennaHelper, B9PartSwitch, BetterBurnTime, BetterTimeWarp, ConfigurableContainers, CorrectCOL, DistantObjectEnhancement, EasyVesselSwitch, EditorExtensions, EVE, Extrasolar, Firespitter, GroundConstruction, InterstellarFuelSwitch, KAS, KER, Kerbalism, KJR, KIS, Kopernicus, kOS, KWRocketry, MissingHistory, Mk2Expansion, all of the NearFuture packs, OPM, PlanetaryBaseInc, PlanetShine, RCSBuildAid, RealChute, RealPlume, scatterer, StageRecovery, SVE, TooManyOrbits, Trajectories, TweakSc
  10. I tend to go with a series name followed by Mk#. I like to give my aircraft bird names, with the type of bird corresponding to the size/function of the aircraft. So a Hummingbird Mk1 would be a very small plane for early game science/contracts, and a Hummingbird Mk4 would be the same basic fuselage but upgraded with components from later in the tech tree. Then a medium/large sized cargo plane might be the Pelican Mk1, and a medium spaceplane would be a Hawk Mk1. I also tend to add designations for different variants, so a Hummingbird with a passenger cabin would be Hummingbird Mk1P, or wit
  11. Unfortunately, I haven't progressed beyond Skilled yet. Whenever I get to the point in a career where I start going interplanetary, I stop playing KSP for a little bit. By the time I get back, I want to upgrade to whatever the new version is (with some of my mods being outdated) and then have to start a new save. Right now I want to play KSP, but with something like 50 mods installed and a very slow load speed on my computer, it takes 30-45 minutes to even open KSP (assuming it doesn't crash). By the time the game is open, I either don't have much time to play or have gotten busy playing s
  12. Along a similar vein, I don't like sending my Kerbals out on missions and just sticking with that mission (i.e. time warping through the whole transfer). It feels really unrealistic to stop all space launches for 2 years just to follow a craft all the way to Duna. Instead, I launch it and set a Kerbal Alarm Clock alarm for a day before I enter the SOI (or a course correction) before going back to doing more launches and missions. I feel like I'm not alone in trying to simulate a busy space program rather than doing one mission at a time, but it can also give me a sense of impatience when I
  13. Maybe try the P-39 Airacobra or P-63 Kingcobra. Interesting WWII fighters with a tricycle landing gear design and a unique nose shape.
  14. I changed my life support mod from TAC to Kerbalism, which invalidates some parts of the save. I also added OPM, and if I remember correctly that changes the save too.
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