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  1. Oh My Zeus! Shiny! Seriously, wow. On the craft files - yes, yes, yes. While they may not seem to you to be of much use, consider this. They serve as inspiration to new players (like me) wondering what to do with a bunch of parts.
  2. I have written @Mallikas about getting these files with an intent to keep these great works available. Please do not take this as a request to be inundated with requests. I am only an egg. PS: I am using this mod with KSP 1.3.1 installs on a Mac and a PC and they work just fine.
  3. Shiny! Big F104 fan here. I *MUST* have this plane! Please?
  4. The issue might be that you have unlocked Aviation but you have not yet unlocked Aerodynamics. Another issue is that you did not provide enough information for someone to provide an authoritative answer. You may have noticed that many forum veterans tend to either respond frostily to such questions or ignore them.
  5. Have you tried this? I am pretty sure Valentina and Jeb approves this mod.
  6. Someone mentioned x-science as a cpu-cycles consumer. And there are many other mods like this that want cpu attention constantly. When in career mode, I am happy to give all the cpu cycles any science mod wants. But for aerial combat, who is looking to measure magnetic flux or temperatures? Assuming you have not already done so, duplicate your happy, working KSP install and then savagely rip out every mod not fundamental to combat. You may even trim loads of parts, like Mk-3 do dahs in your plane parts mods. Unless you are doing combat with shuttles? I have been experimenting with memo
  7. When we stop learning something new, we may as well be composted. eh?
  8. Indeed it is, just as the note on the download link for the release says. And double plus shiny! I just installed it into a new career build and no warnings, no errors, just cool parts. Thanks.
  9. The oldest release on his github is v 1.0, for tsp 1.3.0. Even the Community Mods and Plugins Library post has his work starting support with 1.3.0. I bought KSP about a week before 1.3.1 was released, so not looking back for me.
  10. Never mind people who line up to tell you how to do your own thing. They are what they are. And they are serious eye candy. I like them. Shiny!
  11. I had seen this mod in name only, but never looked. Your video really sells it so I will give it a try. I have a large shelf full of pretty good flight sim hardware, all pre-usb. It would cost a small fortune to replace them. Thank you so much Microsoft, for abandoning game port, NOT. My favorite old one is the Saitek Cyborg 3D. It would be great for space flight / RCS.
  12. JEBBESEN ! Oh My Zeus, that is funny. And, thanks so much for taking this mod on. Now if I could find a USB Joystick that did not suck, maybe I could land a plane on Kerbin without the usual BOOM.
  13. The release is great! Having this available is such a quality of game play improvement. If you are through editing for a while, I will start looking at potential additions.
  14. Silly me. I thought the button to maximize the hanger meant just make it, you know, bigger. Turns out it makes the walls and floor go away. So, shiny! I got my wish and no updates required. Note to self; click all of the buttons to see what they do instead of assuming I know. And do so before posting. :-/
  15. Slow is double plus good when it is time to land. Planes are much easier to land IRL (in real life) here on Earth than on Kerbal. And, Shiny! I just found this. I know what I will be doing tonight. PS: Speaking of real life, most all higher performance prop planes have variable-pitch propellers. That may add more reality than most players want to deal with though. PSS: Thanks!
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