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  1. Wow seems inadequate. Shiny! PS: I really like the tandem open cockpit. However, would prefer two cockpits, no guns as an option. I can imagine contracts for taking tourists on open cockpit joy rides.
  2. Two things immediately obvious. KSP-AVC reports current 3.2 available Minor, I know. But more interesting is that the Fuel sub categories disappeared in this version. I will look at the logs and play more later tonight. Until then, there is a log file and a screen cap here.
  3. I will give this set a little game time tonight. I have not looked deeply enough to know how to add or edit entries. I plan to soon though.
  4. [1.3.1] Hangar Extender Extended

    I mean with the hanger gone, gone. The walls are unnecessarily busy and distracting. The floors are less so but I find the green grass and blue sky a pleasant design environment.
  5. Shiny! Your parts are works of art. Eye candy! Truly. I like them lots and use them often. Thank you for this good work.
  6. @Booots, or perhaps get Unity to fix their engine? This is a Unity bug, no?
  7. As a new player - I bought KSP about a week before 1.3.1 came out - I was speechless when I discovered why I could not build so many ideas I had. No, actually I cursed like a sailor and that is not something your average Army veteran will admit too. How could this not be a standard thing! Then I discovered your recoupler and Ferram's joint reinforcement mods and my joy was enhanced! Double plus good, this.
  8. [1.3.1] Hangar Extender Extended

    Immediately after discovering this mod, it became absolutely essential to Kerbal Joy. Not for the first time, and certainly not the last time, thank you, your Modnificence. One small request for the next release; a box to click on to make it the default for entering the assembly buildings.
  9. I have been using this for a few weeks ( and while perhaps not ready for release, using it is far better than not if you have more than a few parts mods. I predict it will become an even more popular mod, a necessity even. I am currently dithering on what mods to use for a new career game. Once I start playing again I will start taking notes on refining the setup for my play. I would share those notes if you wish.
  10. [1.3] Rusty Star Rockets v1.8 [20.7.2017]

    Reavers! Seriously, this is very cool. Thanks.