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  1. I have a rescue mission active, but the capsule the rescue target is in has no hatch. can someone help with editing the save file so that it is a capsule with a hatch? Also, how do I attach a file to the question? very new to the forums.
  2. I play a heavily modded install on a computer that was never designed for gaming, and it has a bad framerate and in the editor screens, it frequently stops running for up to around 50 sec. I get little extra lag in-flight, (due to basically exclusively part packs) but whenever I pick something up in an editor, it occasionally just stops doing anything for a bit, and its getting on my nerves. I play in 1.3.1 (on this install), so are there any mods that stop this? I know about ATC, but it's for 1.2 last time I checked...
  3. does this work on 1.4.1? or do I have to go somewhere else?
  4. Just pics of the events. The learning curve of the orbital mechanics, rocketry, and just general realism.
  5. I'm doing a project for school about the educational merits of KSP, and I was wondering: how do players usually expand their knowledge and expertise, and which missions do people usually do in sequence? I've already gone through this process, but I honestly don't remember what I did to get into actually playing the game instead of fooling around... Plus, I'm trying to link KSP player expansion to IRL rocket science history.
  6. Great, now I need more mods on my "stock" install... Meh.
  7. I keep on seeing people moving parts across the ship their building, and whenever I try to do that, the pieces just stop moving, or start moving up when I pull the sideways arrow. How do I do unlimited moving?
  8. steam, and I'm using the beta (i think) because I was trying to downgrade KSP to 1.2.2 for RO, and now I cant get to 1.4.3.
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