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  1. ChampDiamondFoot

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures! bunch of pictures I took, i took a lot so here is a link to them
  2. Here is the link to the .txt file: Edit: tried with new versions, still nothing (the updated txt file:
  3. Its an awesome mod but I cannot get it to work. I made a galaxy and went to the tracking station to see if the mod worked, I could still only see the Kerbol solar system the stars and planets were not there. I tried this with a fresh install of KSP as well, still nothing.
  4. ChampDiamondFoot

    What is the most HORRIBLE way one of your kerbals died

    I was doing a drop pod scenario with a pod holding 10 spess mehreens Kerbals, the pod was designed not to have parachutes. Lets just say that I should have put 1 on when testing it, maybe they wouldn't have crashed at 80m/s.