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  1. I really feel like this is one of the best tech tree mods I've seen so far. The fact that all of the nodes have descriptions and custom icons is amazing and really adds to the experience. The balancing is also great, though there is a bit of weirdness with the cryogenic engine nodes. I feel like the CryoEngines engines should be moved further down the tech tree into Modern Rocketry and Near-Future rocketry, due to most of them being based on modern engines as well as boasting more futuristic designs, with the BDB and Tantares cryogenics being moved further back into the earlier nodes to replace them. The cryogenic engines nodes also get really crowded further down the tree, with Modern Cryogenic Engines having a whopping 15 engines in it (Assuming Tantares and CryoEngines are installed). Perhaps methalox engines could be moved to their own line to remedy this, splitting off from the hydrolox line at Heavy-Lift Cryogenic Engines?
  2. I decided to attempt a Tantares UR-700 moon mission in 2.5 scale KSRSS, and after doing some testing I succeeded. Due to the lack of a RD-270 engine in Tantares, I rescaled the stovstorm to 2.5m, converted it to run on hypergolics, lowered it's ISP to 320sec, and uprated it's thrust to 1650kn (25% IRL thrust) to make it into a RD-270 analogue. It just barely has enough thrust to lift the rocket, with a TWR of 1.03! The third stage kicks in to send the LK-700 onwards to the Moon. The fourth stage enters lunar orbit. Another success for the Soviet Union!
  3. @CobaltWolf, could we potentially get a variant of the Apollo capsule without the parachute mount on top? With just a flat 1.25m node, like the stock Mk1-3 command pod.
  4. Is there a way to turn off the muting of sounds when the camera is in front of the vessel at supersonic and hypersonic speeds? I know that it's realistic, but I prefer to hear the sounds of my rocket throughout the entirety of ascent, as opposed to only at launch and in orbit.
  5. I know that the mod is licensed ARR, but I was wondering if a small exception could be granted for copying small sections of part configs. I'm working on a "Stockalike Realfuels" project, where I utilize module manager patches to convert LFO engines to realistic fuels, such as Kerolox or Hydrolox. For most of the config this works fine, but for nozzle glow I ran into trouble getting the glow functional. I discovered that seemingly the only way to get nozzle glow to work was by copying the section dealing with glow from the original part file and inserting it into the patch. With most mods there isn't an issue with this, as the license allows for it, but I'm unable to release configs for Tantares because of this. I could add nozzle glow using Waterfall, but that would mean the glow isn't there when WF isn't installed.
  6. I'm having a similar problem where the Soundtrack Editor music heavily stutters during loading screens, creating a very disturbing cacophony of sounds. My install is heavily modded so I experience quite a bit of lag during loading. Without RSE, the music just intermittently pauses instead of stuttering during loading, which is much less bad. Perhaps we could have a mode that automatically mutes music during loading to prevent this?
  7. I have an updated version with most of the bugs fixed available on my github here, made with KillAshley's permission. I also added the new terrain shader to all of the bodies, plus re-adding the old designs of Astid, Ete, and Oree. Lave is also re-added (with the addition of an equatorial ridge and volcano), with the old design of Leouch brought back as its moon, called Levy. https://github.com/coyotesfrontier/New_Horizons The only bug I know of is Etal's surface being transparent, which has proven impossible to fix so far.
  8. A bigger issue on PS4 than the RAM is the CPU, which was considered underpowered even when the console was first released. But really, if KSP1 could run well enough on the base PS4, I don't see why KSP2 couldn't, considering how it is going to be better optimized especially on the CPU side. I'm fairly confident that they can pull off a release without major issues, assuming they aren't rushed.
  9. Is it just me, or does the terrain look a bit worse from what we've seen of Gurdamma before? I really hope they didn't downgrade anything for performance/console parity. Compare this from a few months ago: With this from today:
  10. https://imgur.com/a/iEBS5rR Here's the full album of my Duna mission. I'm really proud that I finally got it done, lol. Here are some selected pics from the album:
  11. After more than 7 years of playing this game, I finally landed on Duna for the first time. Took me long enough. I'll post more about the mission tomorrow, it was a very long day lol.
  12. @StarSlay3r is a new show and tell coming out today?
  13. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I love the science system in KSP. It gives you a reason to explore all areas of a planet, build surface bases, and build orbital stations all in a really simple and elegant way. It can definitely be improved in a few ways, but it's still great already. I like this idea, but I feel it should only provide a small bonus as to not restrict player freedom.
  14. IIRC, anything underground is impossible with how KSP2's (and KSP1's) terrain system works. You could theoretically get around it with multiple PQS layers, but that would require a lot of effort to get working.
  15. @Nate Simpson, are more unusual colors for planets planned? The planets we've seen so far have all been in shades of grey and brown.
  16. I mean, the surface report when landed on Minmus in KSP1 read "It's made of a non-edible crystalline substance", so it wasn't ice or icecream in the original game either.
  17. Looks a lot like Super Tylo from Alternis Kerbol, I wonder if it was an influence on Ovin's design. (Similar radius and 4g of gravity too)
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