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  1. Even more Bugs: -Violetta`s Ocean is invisible in flight -Both Violetta`s and Aphrodite`s Oceans are invisible from map view -Aphrodite`s Terrain is broken is some places(not just "spacetime rifts" but huge slopes of flickering Terrain) -Also chunks of Aphrodite´s Terrain are missing -Hyperedit says Icy has an Ocean although i dont see it anywhere(i cant test whether ist invisible because i havent found a spot where i can go Deep enough that i would hit Ocean yet) -I dont know if thats intentional or a bug but Sehera glows like crazy in flight when you are close to the surface(eye-blinding-level) -The atmosphere of Eden is green,which doesnt match its Color and i think there are already a lot of strange planets in this mod so consider changing it to a more Fitting and normal Color(like Brown,which would make the planet look normal) -When watching form underwater the Ocean of Pandore is black while its green from above -lag Spikes on Cite which pause the game completely for a few seconds -Cite`s Ocean is invisible in flight,though visible in map view -Oblok`s gravity is 0.46925 which must be wrong since its the largest star in the Galaxy and so should have a LOT more gravity -when close Ida is black/Purple in Color but in map it has a silvery color -some planets have (for example Hoth and Ida)have a very thin atmosphere(0.06667 atm)which is a bit weird and they should rather have no atmo there are already far too many planets with atmo in KGR -same as above for Volco just with 0.00987 atm -Miller`s planet is complete blackness from map view and in flight Things get really weird:the chunks of this planet seem to have been replaced with chunks from random other planets(guessing from the textures) and is completely flat(you should just ask the creator of Kargantua if you could copy the Version of the System from that mod into KGR because that System works and is finished(KGR`s Gargantua System is almost completely broken and is missing a whole planet) -Mann`s planet is full of small spacetime rifts -Eve`s Ocean is quite broken: it has a different texture than its supposed to have and is ? instead of Purple(in map view it Looks normal) -all modded planets which ive brought into the Kerbol System using Hyperedit Always stay aligned,no matter how much you timewarp -also i discovered something more About my blackness bug:It seems to be caused my ecessive timewarp.I was on minmus while timewarping About a year in maximum timewarp to test if the aligned planets will stay aligned and when i stopped and came back to the craft from map view minmus had the total blackness too(Terrain scatters were still normal as Always) And please quickly get KGR to not break visual mods!
  2. I restarted my whole PC and with it the game and the bug is still here.The strange part is that i havent modified my GameData since i last played,and back then it was fine.Also,can anyone tell me how to insert pictures?
  3. It might also come from other mods,I have About surely over 100 installed(i never counted but im Pretty sure ist over 100)and sometimes there are also other strange visual glitches in flight(although never this one)like a layer of transparent Grey going over the whole screen.I´ll try to Restart the game and see if its gone(the other ones are always gone after a restart).Also this is only on Kerbin,all other planets still have their Colors.
  4. More Bugs: -Multiple "Spacetime Rifts" appear around KSC -The ground and water is completely black and only the Buildings and trees still have their Colors(in flight)(doesnt Always happen)
  5. Please make the line removing and ResearchBodies optional i really dont like it since you never see where the Center of the Galaxy is and in real life you would also be able to track the Orbits of stars.I think a lot of People will agree with me on this and it would make the mod unusable for me(just add some Options in the difficulity menu when you start a new game to toggle the lines and ResearchBodies could be toggled by putting its Folder in gamedata or not so its just a compatibility)
  6. Also here are some more Bugs: -When going over Abbadon it Shows #LOC_KGR_Planet_Abbadon_displayName instead of just Abbadon -This issue also applies to all planets orbiting Abbadon and is also in the desciption of the star and the planets -when in the facility menu it just Shows the menu Elements and the land and Buildings are just blackness(still functional because of the Things on the side that get you to the facilities) -scatterer Ocean is weirdly black instead of the actual Color its supposed to be - all atmospheric effects are gone and even Kerbin at day Looks like it had no atmo(this is on all stock planets,those from the Kerbal Galaxy are fine(also affects all planets from other mods))(this might also be a personal Problem with EVE/Scatterer ill try reinstalling These 2) -still a lot of wrong lighting issues,like only a quarter of eve being dark -gilly is strangely Offset from its orbital line -chunks of Oceans that use stock Ocean(so not scatterer Ocean)are missing -when trying to hyperedit-land on sehera i was instead teleported into what seemed to be the planet`s Center,instantly destroying my craft -The Ocean of Aphrodite is invisible,which also caused me to crash into it -all other modded planets that would usually Orbit Kerbol now Orbit the supermassive black hole but this can be fixed using Hyperedit. -Miller`s planet is just the strange glow,no Ocean,no land i think thats it for now,if i discover any more Bugs ill make another post.
  7. I discovered a bug in 1.0: The ?Orbit indicators? of all the Things in the Centers of Systems dont appear,but a bit of timewarp testing showed that the planets still move,just the line is gone but without These lines the Galaxy Looks Kind of empty and ugly. I have a Picture but i cant post it.How do I do it? Also the lines of all other celestial bodies are still there,also These of the modded ones.
  8. Can somebody help me:whenever I try to load up KSP with Breaking Ground the loading always gets stuck on some modded IVA space(never a specific one,just some random one).I have a lot of mods so i takes ~30 minutes to load KSP so testing this is really hard.
  9. I dont remember them exactly and i cant just load up the game(i have around 100 mods and it takes 20 minutes to load),but hoth was one of them and most other planets in the Systems the mod adds,while the kerbol System seems to be almost completely free of this(although the night is brighter than it should be) and also for me the Supermassive Black Hole is still missing
  10. Found some Bugs/mistakes: -A lot of planets still have strong light from multiple stars shining at them,completely removing night or at least making it not very dark(I am using v8.6). -Most planets that have atmo have atmo density of 0.6,even planets where the description says they have a thick atmosphere(Pandora for example). -A lot of planets have a metallic Color,like hoth,which Looks more like silver than ice. -Some writing mistakes in the descriptions of some planets. -Miller`s planet has 0.95 g,while in the movie it is said to have noticeably more gravity than earth(Kerbin in this case). -also a bit over half of the mun is completely dark,i have a picture of it but i cant upload it.
  11. I Noticed that the supermassive black hole in the Center of the Galaxy is missing and Kerbol(The star the stock planets are orbiting) is still called "the Sun" ,while it was renamed to Kerbol in the original mod and Kerbol is in my opinion just a better Name.And thank you so much for reviving this great mod(in my opinion the best planetpack ever).
  12. Is there any way to get the old OKS parts and the old logistics modules?I think they are better for ground Stuff than the new Tundra modules.The Tundra Modules are a more for space stations or interplanetary superspacecrafts(from the looks).
  13. I`ve got an idea for this mod:You could make every module that has a habitation time increase also have an increase for a new variable:Habitation(yeah,that already exists,but I mean it as second one)not every module that can store crew has habitation(no cockpits or crew cabins have that variable because they are no real living space but everything that could display a(relatively)nice living space has that variable)for example a 3.75 inflatable habitation module from MKS could have 7.5 Habitation.Every Kerbal needs 1 habitation,than he has unlimited of the normal habitation(because the living space is about as good as the living space at home)let´s say a vehicle has 30 Kerbals on board,but only 20 habitation,then the kerbals which are higher on the crew list in the VAB/SPH get the habitation. the reactors wouldn´t run out of fuel.I tested this with a little 0.65 meter USI reactor which had a power output of 30 EC/second and it took about 3 years to consume 0.01 enriched uranium of 3.00 that was stored in the reactor and I think all reactors have the same enriched uranium/enriched uranium consumption/power output/enriched uranium storage ratio. these are originally two seperate posts but the website merged them
  14. I asked before for the old parts and i got messages of people who replied to my question but i can´t find the replies and my(I can´t find them at the bell)and they should appear at the last page but they don´t do and i don´t clicked the message at the side because i was playing KSP.I think somehow the website insn´t actualising(I already clicked the reload button,restarted the browser and thied again on anther browser).HOW CAN I FIX THIS??