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  1. i love how we are so kerbal by playing modded ksp on potato pc's, disclaimer, im not saying mine is good, i have like core i3 and 4gb ram only ok. I experience the l a g too.
  2. wow... how much have I missed? pontoons? mk3s form factor cheetahs? time to download.....................patience is virtue.........................
  3. Here's mine, ... mine look horrible tho, anyway, im trying to make a jet for a competition, each different jet is an attempt, the next attempt would be better than the last ones. my latest attempt: It could beat the my last attempt, the one that's similar to an f15.
  4. @Airomod that cockpit looks like a squished flanker cockpit haha
  5. yeah, i already found it, its within the mountains in the west desert
  6. @blackheart612 is there supposed to be a smoke trail for the cheetah engine? theres none, and i use that smoke trail to determine how tight my turns are.
  7. is it normal for the cheetah engine not to create smoke trails like the panther? i use the smoke trails to determine how tight my turns are.
  8. I based it on the sr 71 and/or the stock plane that looked like the sr 71, maybe I'll make an sr 72
  9. @Triop What's the mod you used for the paint job? PS: nice!
  10. oh no, my intake! and i got stranded coz i lost fuel...