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  1. Why do people still say it's bad to upload copies of ksp from 0.14 - .90? Seriously why protect software that is not only years outdated, nothing like the current version, but not even being offered legally.
  2. Using that logic you would be able to figure how I got those versions.
  3. I think I have a legal copy of .20 from 2013 on my almost dead thumb drive. But every time I get it to work it disappears.
  4. Is it me or has the demo page been "Under Maintenance" since the start of summer.
  5. I herd that the demo versions of KSP (0.18.3) were hard to find online. I have a copy, but should i upload it or would it be illegal?
  6. Has anyone contacted squad for the release of the unreleased versions of ksp? I really want the unreleased versions of ksp. especially the 2010 one.
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