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  1. Oh sorry I was working on mine but after a while I realized that I'm not good yet at making mods for ksp if I am causing a problem I will be fine with hiding the post. Also I got distracted
  2. Oh sorry about that I started developing it but I was never able to make much progress because I'm bad at modding ksp, and I got distracted.
  3. Thanks for commenting i will try to get pics as soon as i can
  4. If you have any recommendations post them in the comments
  5. The Greegus system mods is a mod that is in early development it is intended to add another solar system to go to with lore scattered around it. List of planned objects. Greehgohs (Star) is a medium sized blue star that will be the star that most new planets will obit around. (satrting to be developed.) Grid (Hellish firey world) will be the closest planet to Greegus with hot gaseous carbon and silicon in the upper atmosphere. Grid B (Molten asteroid moon) will be Grids Moon, it will be a small asteroid with most of its surface covered in molten iron. Grisus (Large Bro
  6. Do you like mudkips or did you name yourself of the meme?

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