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  1. Similar (not identical) issue. I did a new install of 1.11 with the latest BG. I tried installing a few mods, they seemed to work. When I got to MechJeb2, the system said it was installed, so wouldn't install it. I did another full fresh install of 1.11, and the latest BG, again. I installed a large number of mods, including MJ2. All of the mods installed _except_ MJ2! Note that ckan _thinks_ it installed MJ2, but there is no MechJeb* directory in the GameData folder. I manually extracted the contents of the MJ2 dev distribution, and then copied the MJ2 dir to GameData and now MJ2 is working.
  2. Good call! Most of the mods are not in the Game Data folder! I'm going to reinstall the game, the DLC, and the mods, then I'll copy my save folder over and see if that helps.
  3. I did that already. I uninstalled all of the mods first...then I reinstalled. Still got nothing.
  4. This is totally weird. I installed a new copy of KSP 1.11 with the latest BG. I installed the mods I wanted, including MechJeb2 dev. I then run KSP, and to check things out I go into sandbox. MechJeb isn't there! Nothing in the log about MechJeb either. Maybe I'm missing the right log, but I don't think so. Any suggestions?
  5. That sounds like it, but why not just use the target/anti-target markers? EDIT: That IS the issue...I still don't know why they don't just use the target/anti-target markers.
  6. Installed 1.11.0 with these mods: BreakingGround-DLC (BreakingGround-DLC (unmanaged)) Craft Manager (CraftManager 1.2.0) Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) (EasyVesselSwitch 2.1) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued (KerbalJointReinforcementContinued v3.5.1) KSP Logger (KSPLogger KXAPI (KXAPI 1.2.0) Phoenix Industries (PhoenixIndustries 1.7) Planet Wiki (PlanetWiki 1:4.1) Space Age (SpaceAge v1.1.1) VariantPersist (VariantPersist 1.1) I'm trying to rendezvous with another craft. Launch goes fine, I end up a couple of km behind my target, before circularization. My pilot
  7. I started a new fresh install of 1.11.0 with the latest BG. One of the first things to do is get out of a command pod on the launch pad at the KSC, and plant a flag...the flag there also falls over.
  8. I have my KSP installation on an internal SSD. It loads much faster, but I'm also aware that it is best to move frequently written/rewritten files moved out of the SSD, and onto an HDD. My question is, does anyone have a list of which files would be best to put onto an HDD, and if so, are there any mods, to speed up the setup of that sort of configuration? Something that moves the required files to a specified location on the HDD and then creates the required symlinks/shortcuts to those files? I'd assume the logs should get moved if possible, and perhaps the game saves. Is there anything else
  9. I know all that, and wasn't picking on the mod-making community. I'd think that S.A.V.E would be pretty safe though, and to have a UNITY crash while doing a backup seemed pretty lame.
  10. Well, that was disappointing. I downloaded and installed the 1.10.1 -> 1.11 patch and the Breaking Ground update, started KSP, got a few warnings about incompatible mods, decided to continue, but run a S.A.V.E backup, and got a unity crash during the backup...
  11. Thanks. That is about all I was expecting. I'm just waiting on doing much more in KSP until this 1.11 comes out (possibly 1.11.1 since there are usually things broken in .0 release in virtually every software I've ever used.)
  12. Anyone have a new best guess at a release date for 1.11.x?
  13. Look at the new features that are actually delivered and then determine what I want to play with first.
  14. This one bothers me as much as any of the bugs in the game...I would have thought it would have been fixed by now, since this has been happening (according the posts in the forums) for at least 7 or 8 years. Still happening, on 1.10.1.
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