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  1. 23 hours ago, etmoonshade said:

    I'm not in a place in my game where I can double check, but are you sure you're entering a percentage, and not a value in liters? I seem to recall everything working in tank volume rather than percentages...

    Yes, I am sure I'm entering percentage. I click on the m3 to switch it to % before I try entering numbers


  2. Things have changed a bit for me. First, I backed out CC completely from my 1.9.1 install via ckan, so it removed AT-Utils as well. Verified that tank looked normal. from the command line, I installed CC I still can't edit the tanks...I get the new GUI?! 

    Next, I noticed that the one other mod that was keeping me from moving to 1.10.1, had been updated. So I removed CC from 1.9.1, made a copy to upgrade to 1.10.1, and did that upgrade, including installing the BG DLC latest version, then went into CKAN, upgraded the mods I needed to upgrade, and installed CC. OK, it works...sort of.

    I have the edit tank button, I click it and get the new gui. I delete the existing tanks, I attempt to add 20% battery and it turns the value red and greys out the (+) button.

    I tried 1% and that was still valid, so I changed the value to 2%, kept that up, to 4% and it still worked, but I can't seem to get it to let me enter a value greater than 4%, _unless_ I click (MAX)...or (1/2). So I played with that a bit. I can only input values up to 4%, but if I add a 4% monoprop tank and 4% battery, and then do (max) LFO, and exit the gui, that is what I have....but if I then do edit tanks, remove the mp tank and add a liquid chem tank using (1/2), it only attempts to add a tank with 1/2 of the remaining volume. I think that is correct. Using the 1/2 button and various config changes (delete, add 1/2, add something else with max, remove the one set to 1/2, add the same using 1/2, add something else using MAX etc) I can make a tank that is close to what I want, it is just a bit clumsier than being able to set the units to % and putting in the sizes I want.

  3. 3 hours ago, allista said:

    The problem is with testing. KSP loads so slow that checking everything on more than one version is beyond my capacity and available time.

    I really wish I could have some QA automation, some smoke tests that would at least check that everything loads without errors in the log. But not with 3D games...

    Oh I get that...I work in IT (for most of the last 40 years). Not beating up on you at all! I'll see about rolling back to the most recent version that worked for me.

  4. 2 hours ago, allista said:

    Alas, it seems the 2.6.1 isn't compatible with KSP 1.9.1 after all due to API changes I had no idea about. :(

      Hide contents

    Module ModuleTankManager threw during OnStart: System.MissingFieldException: Field 'UIPartActionController.hiddenWindows' not found.


    Oh well...not your fault...I'll just have to stop playing for a while. A couple of other mods that are critical to the way I play are not yet available for 1.10.x (and I'm not sure when they will be).


  5. 3 hours ago, allista said:

    Unfortunately even with Dropbox app I cannot download your files. Please, zip them.

    I'll do that shortly, but...I just did a clean install of KSP 1.9.1, and then installed ConfigurableContainers, its dependencies and the couple of suggested mods. Nothing else. I started a new SB game in that instance, and I get the same result...I get an edit button, I get the popup, but the tank is shown as empty, and I cannot add anything to it. That log is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/88qw9ebvxk3movg/Player.zip?dl=0


    The other logs are now in this zip file:


  6. 19 hours ago, allista said:

    Version 2.6.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.10.0

    Released on 2020-07-30

    • Parts
      • Hangar: allow surface attachment of all the containers
    • Fixed CC behaviour in symmetry groups
    • Fixed resource amount update when tank volume is changed (by APR or TweakScale)
    • Fixed part cloning when the part is resized by TweakScale
    • Fixed UI not showing when the VolumeConfigs.user file is absent
    • Using bundle shipped with AT_Utils

     Download (320.19 KiB) 

    Hmm...this was released for 1.10.0, and I think it should probably work for 1.9.1, but for me, it isn't working. If anything this made things worse.

    Where, on the previous version, adding the VolumeConfigs.user at least let me add a 1% of anything, after removing the existing tanks, the newest version does give me the popup, BUT, the tank is empty, and I can't add anything to it.

    I've tried doing an uninstall of ConfigurableContainers (and the things CKAN said should go away with it) and then a re-install, then added the VolumeConfigs.user, with the contents described previously, and I verified the file name is correct (no phantom .txt extension) and I still can't do anything.

    I click on the edit tanks button, and the gui comes up, but, as mentioned above, the existing tank shows as empty, and I can't add anything to it.

    I'm attaching the various player.log files.

    I know Allista is away for a couple of weeks...so I MAY go and try to build a whole new 1.9.1 installation, and try installing only ConfigurableContainers to that, to see if it works or not from fresh.

    Here are the player.log files at various points in the re-install process:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zml75tnfbq1z8r0/Player after CC Reinstall.log?dl=0
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4ic64sq4kdzs44/Player after CC uninstall.log?dl=0

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/di6ngmh4qwlpqvg/Player after reinstall and replacement of VolumeConfig.user content.log?dl=0

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/33sehcjvors5k0n/Player before CC Reinstall.log?dl=0

  7. 2 hours ago, allista said:

    Tried to release yesterday, but during final checks found a nasty issue with symmetry counterparts.

    So let's say, if all goes well, then tonight. If not, tomorrow night, bugs or not; because then I'll be absent for two weeks...

    Thanks much for setting reasonable (on my part) expectations. Assuming you're going on vacation for 2 weeks, have a great time!


  8. I know the 1.10.1 patch was just released yesterday, so this is not a "hey I want it now!", just setting my own expectations...first, did the fix you were expecting make it into the 1.10.1 patch? Second, (setting expectations because I don't know how much time you have to work on this) are we looking at a day, a week, a couple of weeks? a month? More?

  9. Given the message above from Allista about finding and fixing both issues, perhaps I shouldn't bother, but...I found out why the VolumeConfigs.user was not working for me...there was a hidden .txt extension added to the file name by my system. That having been said, when I fixed that and tried it, I got the new GUI, but I'm having issues actually editing the tank. I get the tank editor popup, I delete the existing contents and attempt to then add a tank that is 15% Monopropellant, but it says there is no space for it. If I add 1%, it added fine. I tried several more times and got the same result. When I exited from that (since it wasn't working for me) and tried to build a new ship and edit the tanks, I was back to the 'nothing happens' when I click "Edit Tanks". I went and checked and while the file was there and still named correctly, it now had zero contents.

    Hopefully I'll have the new version shortly.

  10. On 7/25/2020 at 10:49 AM, VoidSquid said:

    Actually that was in February this year, when Jim introduced the Brent solver together with calculating a 2nd node for circularization orbit around the target CB. And as this 2nd node naturally is created in the target SOI, that's what is causing this nonsense message. No need to fix it, just ignore it :) 

    I stand corrected, I must have been looking at the wrong tab, which had a date of Feb 2019...


  11. On 7/24/2020 at 2:07 PM, allista said:

    This looks fishy indeed. I'll look through the full log tomorrow. But paths are created using Path.Combine, so the separator is os-specific. What is strange is that the KSPUtil.ApllicationRootPath (the part before ..) has non-native separators.

    Anyways, double check that the file is named correctly and located where it is searched for.

    I think this looks like it should:



  12. On 7/23/2020 at 11:45 AM, VoidSquid said:

    That is a year and quite a few releases ago. I've never seen it before, so what made it popup now? I also don't see an explanation of how to fix or get around it (but maybe I missed something?)


  13. 7 hours ago, allista said:

    Hm... Maybe there are several issues involved?

    Look for the log for Player.log according to this:


    I found this in the player log:

    File 'H:/KSP_1.9.1_w_BG1.4.1 W_all_mods/KSP_x64_Data/../GameData\ConfigurableContainers\VolumeConfigs.user' does not exist

    and also of note, I didn't even get that message when I don't have that file!

    Notice the KSP_x64_Data/../GameData? and the change from the unix/linux forward slash to the windows backslash?

    I know that I've experienced issues in the past, when someone would do a copy and paste from a document (usually 'word') into some code especially when pasting into a unix/linux code file. That was a long time ago (pre Win10), and _may_ be irrelevant, but it's always best to check. I am looking into getting you the full player.log (I had to do some searching to find it...it was not at the path specified in that article) but need to find a site to host it.

    Here is the player.log  https://www.dropbox.com/s/s70q5l9flr53nwa/Player.log?dl=0

  14. 5 hours ago, allista said:

    Found the problem.

    While I'll be fixing it and releasing the fix, there's a simple workaround:



    Thank you very much! I just tried this and it didn't help :(

    Here is what I put in GamaData/ConfigurableContainers/VolumeConfigs.user:

        name = LFO-2
            TankType = LiquidChemicals
            CurrentResource = LiquidFuel
            InitialAmount = 1
            Volume = 45
            TankType = LiquidChemicals
            CurrentResource = Oxidizer
            InitialAmount = 1
            Volume = 55


    Permissions issue? Or maybe ab absolute path some place? (just completely wild speculation on my part) I'd post a log, but I can't find anything that ends in .log in my KSP installation!


  15. Advanced transfer to another planet seems to have picked up a flaw in the last week. I was trying to use advanced transfer to another planet, and that seems to work fine, i.e the timing seems OK and the delta V seems about right, BUT when I tell it to create and execute the transfer node, it tells me that I am already orbiting Duna!  Unless I fell into a wormhole during ascent from Kerbin, I am most assuredly NOT orbiting Duna.    Note: I did a basic search here and don't see this issue, but it could be what I used for search terms. 
    Which logs (if any) would help isolate this issue? I'm currently running KSP 1.9.1 waiting for some specific mods to drop for 1.10 before I start playing that version.

  16. This one is really strange. Note I'm still using 1.9.1 because some of the mods I need are not yet available, so this is _not_ a 1.10.x problem. I have a ship that has a 2.5m cargo bay. In the VAB I put some parts into the cargo bay and close the doors. I launch, rendezous with a station, land on Minmus, open the cargo bay, and...the parts are missing! I reverted to the VAB, open the bay and there they are.

    Has anyone else seen this sort of issue with parts just disappearing from within a cargo bay?

    Not sure if it is related, but I've also had a couple of ships (just in the last few days) suddenly explode, for no reason at all, when coming out of warp, BUT only if I'm in the map screen...if I'm on the main flight screen, they don't explode.

    (Additional info: I MAY have found my parts. The parts made up a BG DLC robotic arm. I checked the status of the contents of the service bay at multiple points during the mission, and the parts are where they should be, at least until they are landed. Once on the ground, the arm is now partially clipped into the upper surface of the service module, and completely detached from the point where it was mounted up to that point. I'm really hoping the bug fixes that were listed for the 1.10/1.50BG release fix this issue, but I won't be playing much until the mods I require are all up to date...and given other life activities, I MAY get around to this again in November!)


  17. On 6/28/2020 at 9:08 PM, TonesTheGeek said:

    Is anyone still having the issue where Rendezvous Autopilot is failing to initiate burns? It's really annoying that it stopped working and I suck at manual controls.

    I've had that issue as well, and it seems to be working now, BUT I've had a similar issue with auto-landing, and I've found a (at least for now) work around. If I switch control to a different vessel, then come back, auto-landing seems to work just as it has in the past.


  18. I had no issues running the upgrade installer (downloaded from the KSP store, not steam). However, when I run KSP it is complaining about a mod that I do not even find installed...one called 'launchpad'. I already disabled MechJeb2 (DEV) and realchutes. Probably won't play the new one until those are fixed, but I will try it periodically. 


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