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  1. So why rover is dead? :-) In my opinion, it can not be called an extremely effective technology that is so sensitive to weather conditions.
  2. Then making any Mars mission we should look for other power source than solar panels, because they are useless.
  3. Are you AI or something? Because you write like one. What about asteroids like this one with strange Hawaii name? Could hit of fast object could cause it?
  4. Cassel

    Starship Hopper mega-album

    They want this to be reusable space ship? Is there anyone who believes in these foolishness? It will end up like Mars one.
  5. It doesn't matter, even if I start game with command from console there is still same error.
  6. I don't know, I am playing 1.6 KSP and latest BDA. Copies of what? I am using steam version of KSP.
  7. Only I have error "BDA won't work, missing module manager"? While I have module manager.
  8. Cassel

    Boring company

    So rich won't be even driving on same roads as poor, future seems to shape very interesting. Some regions or cities in future may be available only by tunnels.
  9. Cassel

    Boring company

    So road only for the rich.
  10. Cassel

    Boring company

    That doesn't make sense, Norway have only 5 million people it is waste of money. You could make much cheaper infrastructure in Africa for 100 millions of people to make transport costs low enough for people to be able to afford transport food between regions that have food and that needs it.
  11. Cassel

    Boring company

    But why? Costs must be huge. Now I feel need to play skylines cities on map with islands :-)
  12. Cassel

    Boring company

    So Elon is planning to dig tunnels for several dozen kilometers and driving through these tunnels with combustion cars, it does not look too healthy?