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  1. More Female Defaults?

    You don't have to agree with me, just don't force me to have same views as you have.
  2. More Female Defaults?

    My world view is not outdated it is just different, am I not allowed to have different views than you have? You use propaganda if you think that your views are better only because they are newer :-) Just because something is newer doesn't mean it is better and that everyone has to use it.
  3. More Female Defaults?

    Of course you can disagree and go wear your titles with pride elsewhere. It is annoying that one side can push theirs propaganda into anything tv, press, video games and say it is "equality", well it is not if you force other people to agree with you. If you want game with your view of equality go and create one, not everybody wants this stupidity in here.
  4. More Female Defaults?

    Lame is talking some crazy-wing propaganda in a game about space and science. How desperately low must be the sense of value of people who turn their attention to such things in games? How about tomb rider game with a male? Go on their forums with your "equality" propaganda :-) This idea won't add anything into game, it is just to make some people feel better that their way of thinking is spreading.
  5. More Female Defaults?

    It is game for kids or for feminists? In real life you have this equality or there is a lot less women on ISS? This doesn't answer my question, there no addition to game. Male and female are the same in game, so this doesn't make sense. If you want more female, fine, but make them different than male. For example make female better scientists, but male better pilots, then it would make sense to have equal number of both genders.
  6. More Female Defaults?

    But why? What it adds to the game?
  7. KSP Challenge: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

    Is there some kind of hidden challenge in here? Or it is just visit A and B?
  8. I need a lifter

    what is this?
  9. Ok, will be more descriptive... when I said cone, I meant 3D cone like this Small cones for each engines are needed (imho) to show in what direction that engine is going to push your craft. They can have information about how much thrust is set on each engine. For example from above image height could illustrate 100% thrust, while height/2 would illustrate 50% thrust, just fill cone with other color to show this information in easy way.
  10. They would give us more information about how our craft is going to work, right now you have to learn that by trail and error.
  11. Still this can be showed using small cones that comes out of each engine? Plus one large cone that will show cumulated force for entire vehicle.
  12. There is no random failures in my idea. Each part would have durability/radiation resistance just like heat tolerance works, once part if exposed for radiation so long its limit is exceeded, this parts have chance of failing. Player using game UI would be able to see how much radiation is absorbed by each part, same as you can check heating. This would give some design ideas just like lockheed and martin mars space station where they put tanks around areas that needed protection from radiation. Same things can be done in KSP for example tanks would have huge radiation resistance, while other parts like electronics or laboratory would have lower resistance. Even kerbal sun could occasionally burst cone of radiation to make game more challenging. Radiation should work like in real life and some part of space would make your part absorb radiation faster while other parts slower, depends where you go and for how long you pass radiation belts etc etc.
  13. In real life anything can fail at any time, while in game this would be stupid idea to implement random failures, we could have fun having radiation that would make parts fail over time. Exposing your craft too long for strong radiation should trigger failures, just like exposing for too high temperature makes parts overheat.