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  1. Cassel

    Craft name group

    It is only name group if you don't like it don't use it. Same as with rovers, we need then for exploration and in KSP we have planets with lots of water, so there is a reason why you would want to put boat on top of rocket.
  2. Cassel

    Craft name group

    Why do we need "rover" group then?
  3. Cassel

    SpaceX moon landing.

    You mean manned landing? I was wondering about first cargo Dragon and unmanned landing on Moon, would that be possible?
  4. I've noticed we don't have "sea ship" andd "submarine" naming groups and icons.
  5. Remove doors is pretty clear to me :-) If you would say remove doors from my car, what would it mean? (its the first)
  6. By remove doors I mean remove them, so they are not displayed.
  7. No door would give new possibilities. If you have a problem with this, maybe turn on the game and try to view the cargo bay.
  8. I can't use it like that while it has doors.
  9. My understanding of this is that by flying at an angle we use gravity (slingshot) to burn less fuel.
  10. Add tweakable allowing us to remove the door from cargo bays and service modules. It's enough for us to get a lot of new parts, with new features, the existence of doors blocking many applications for such empty structural parts. You have textures and models for this parts, I guess it shouldn't be hard to do.
  11. Also I've noticed that if I use gizmo (arrows/2 key) to move torpedoes in mirror mode, the one that I am not moving is placed backwards. Not idea if it is BDA problem or game.
  12. I have sonar and it is working manually I can fire torpedo and it can hit target, but AI doesn't want to change weapon to torpedo. It is acting like there were no torpedoes in my ship.
  13. We wouldn't need forums for that ;-) I thought about something similar. For general statistics I would add astronaut statistics, eg their level. A scoreboard on a central server would open up opportunities for a new type of contract, e.g., lift a 10 ton payload into X orbit at the lowest possible cost. The career profile would have to be saved on the server so that people could not cheat. The scoreboard could be in the game and anyone playing career mode could view the results of other players eg during a flight on a screen in the pilot's cabin. In addition, a regular panel after completing the mission with the results of other players and a comparison of how we went. This should fuel the desire to compete with each other. We could also have contracts / missions and the prize for the winner would be to put his space station (on rails) on some orbit, this station would be indestructible and available to everyone.
  14. I like this idea. Maybe space stations could be treated as one "brick" with one center of mass? Or turn off the physics completely, as if the station was during warp, then you could dock to it, but it would move on rails.