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  1. Boarding a vessel help

    In Star Trek Klingon had something like boarding vessels. There is great sci-fi tv series The Expanse with space boarding scene. I don't remember how they did "open" way to target, was it explosive or they cut it with something, but I think boarding vessels were trying to use stealth attack, pretending to be space garbage to get closer to target. edit: In BSG Cylons also used boarding to breach into humans ships and deploy robots to eliminate crew. Star Gate Atlantis series used some device to deliver gas to enemy ship, that is also interesting way to win fights in space. I guess most effective would be to use drone-boarding vessel to impact target and make breach, after that you deploy autonomous drones that eliminate entire crew.
  2. Supercarrier help

    Then I am back to my argument... do they ever fought real modern battle carrier + escort vs same opponent? What was during WWII doesn't count when you add modern rockets and lasers to that equation.
  3. Supercarrier help

    Orbital bombardment is good to destroy large naval units and bases and some anti-orbital defence systems, while re-entry-carrier would be next step to secure landing site for more troops. Planes vs ship with laser = ship wins :-) You need something that would keep railguns away from your carrier or you will lose planes. Smaller naval units from your carrier escort can be damaged by railguns too, so I don't really see how open sea battle can go other way than equal exchange 1 for 1.
  4. Supercarrier help

    @Jhorriga I think I've found role for your carrier :-) Once planet orbit is cleared by space-all-in-one-battleships, you can use space-carriers to deliver manned fighters to planet atmosphere to conquer it. Your space-carrier could be space-sea-carrier that could make reentry to planet surface and then deploy smaller naval and air units.
  5. Supercarrier help

    I am more afraid of AI limited with certain mind set and not allowing anyone to have different mind set, ever again. That explains why carriers during WWII were so powerful units, but now when you can hit them using rockets or railguns (over 100km range) I think they are going to lose meaning. And remember you don't have to sink carrier with railgun projectile, all you need is to destroy planes on deck. With lasers you can destroy antennas and radar systems of any ship in open sea.
  6. Supercarrier help

    So not many sea targets were destroyed by rockets, if I understand that correctly. What was range of those rockets? They could hit targets behind horizon line or they were just like cannons shell, but more powerful?
  7. Supercarrier help

    Some oeople like watching zombies moves and tv series, I guess there are your viewers :-)
  8. Supercarrier help

    How many ships were destroyed because of those rockets? You should check "Stealth" 2005 +1, I said same thing earlier.
  9. Supercarrier help

    In WWII planes were able to carry bombs and torpedos, there was no rockets. Right now rockets can replace plane armed with bombs ;-) Automated laser/railgun turrets can replace planes with defensive capabilities (antiair weapons). Check how current wars are going, Ukraine or Syria, planes are useful vs enemy with outdated weapons. Ground units with AA weapons can destroy everything they detect and it is in their range.
  10. Supercarrier help

    Does that counts?
  11. Supercarrier help

    So, no? They never fought real battle and all you got is paper plans.
  12. Supercarrier help

    I was saying about modern carrier + battle group, this idea was tested in real battle? Do they ever fought vs real opponents (same group carrier + escort) or they only have fight plans on paper? I see that some people disagree, but I can't find any real battle between two modern carriers and their escort, so until that happens I will stick with my opinion. Right now we argue like who would win USS Enterprise or Imperial Star Destroyer? :-)
  13. Supercarrier help

    Agree on nuke part, one nuke and your entire fleet is gone, but if your fleet is only one ship it is not that much as you would lose those 15 ships. That is why you want all your planes on one ship? I want to split planes on 5 ships, so even if one goes down, rest of group may continue battle with air support. There was any navy battle with modern carrier group vs other carrier group? Or you are just assuming that this is best solution vs anything? This part was about space-ship, so very little small stealth planes, only for scouting, as I said. In space I can't really see how multi-class group battles can work, because better armor and better range wins instantly. There is nowhere to hide, there is no way to avoid laser beam, you can't turn to avoid being hit. If single projectile can penetrate unarmored carrier that means game over in space. On water it is almost same, only way to hide is to go behind horizon line to avoid laser, but rockets or projectiles still can hit navy. That is why I am for all-in-one ship to focus your defences on smaller spot, it is easier to cover from rocket fire 1 ship than give same level of protection to 15 ships. I know, he wants this, but as for science forums I am making counterarguments ;-) I didn't said welding, I said make single ship size of nimitz or even smaller, with fewer planes. Instead of 50 planes on single deck, make 5 ships and 10 planes on each. That would make it more universal and fleets wouldn't be so large, instead of 15 ships take 5 to single mission, that make maneuvers simpler and faster? For smaller mission one ship would be enough, while right now if you need to use 2 planes you need entire carrier and this huge group to protect carrier, that is bad tactics imo.
  14. Supercarrier help

    Not for me
  15. Supercarrier help

    Of course all-in-one navy-ship would be same size or little bigger than nimitz class, would have fewer planes on his deck, but lots of lasers, railguns and rockets. As for submarine I guess drones set to destroy any incoming torpedo or small manned submarines able to dock and resupply on main ship. It would be a lot cheaper to make 5 ships with all-in-one capabilities than this group from photo. I am talking not only about designs, technology, spare parts, building costs and building time etc etc but also about crew rotation. This large group of ships require lots of people trained to do different things and you can't put crew from destroyer on carrier without additional training. While in my idea all crews would be trained in same way, because they are all from ship of same class. I think, not an expert, but centralized command with modern technology would be easier than having 15 captains on 15 ships all doing one job... protecting carrier. Space all-in-one ship should be heavy armored, with lots of energy weapons, railguns and also rockets. Some suicide-defensive drones to take down enemy rockets if some are going to pass lasers. I don't really see any use for space-fighter other than stealth scout. Small light armored ships in space are going to be melted with lasers or shreaded by projectiles from railguns.