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  1. Cassel

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    I want to like this more than once!
  2. When I pull up my planes does when I am trying to pull down It should work like that? Wings are attached to this middle part with intake, I have installed BD armory.
  3. I have this mod with bd armory and it has by default "1000" in input, what does it mean?
  4. I like AI for planes and ground vehicles. A small suggestion: choosing targets on the radar should be easier, as the radar detects something, the target should appear on the list where it would be easier to click on it.
  5. We should replace the imaginary characters of men with the names of real astronauts. For 560 astronauts only 60 were female, we should honor those 500 male astronauts for their achievements.
  6. BD Armory should have build-in hostile military bases, airbase and air carrier. Some default vehicles going on patrol mode around it, it would be more fun to destroy things other people made. Maybe one friendly air carrier as air base for player would do be good too. edit: and kerbal military suits, different for pilots and for marines :-)
  7. I think there could be few DLCs Future DLC (tech that is under way) Multiplayer DLC KerbalSim or Kerbal Duna City Builder (life support, planetary bases that needs resources to survive) Kerbal Wars (more aggressive way of exploring solar system, with AI that can attack your crafts, BD Armory, navy, lasers, shields and other fun stuff) Kerbal Expanse (discovery of another nearby solar system with new planets, player could travel between solar systems using jump gates located on the edge of current solar system on Eeloo orbit)
  8. Cassel

    Does science should be censored ?

    That is not true, someone has to give you money and that someone is making decision about what is allowed and what is not allowed (even if it is legal).
  9. Cassel

    Does science should be censored ?

    Science is censored, you can conduct research only on the topic you will receive a grant from the government.
  10. I would suggest two vehicles. One to send people to orbit and return after mission. Second that would be space-only-vehicle, waiting for people on orbit, to send them to Moon or Mars orbit, space stations.
  11. But this is economy and since politicians decide how much money ESA gets how you can not talk about this too? I didn't pick migrants only, I've also said about social programs. Guys, that is how it works, budget is limited, so if you spend more money on one thing, other things are going to have less money from budget. EDIT: One last word, if on forums like in here we are not allowed to talk about economy, priorities and budget spends on science and space programs, then don't be surprised those programs are getting cuts. Social programs have huge budget because non-scientific people talk about them EVERYWHERE.
  12. "Almost €6 billion in commitments and hence around 11.3% more than in 2016 will be available to address the migration pressure and make the life of European citizens more secure. " ESA budget € 5.75 billion (2017) See the problem? Migrants and social programs are going to push only costs into space, but it won't help ESA to do same.
  13. EU is in crisis, most of it's spending is for immigration and social programs, they don't even think about future or new technologies.
  14. I am not from US, but I've thought that slavery is over and being employee is a matter of choice ;-)