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  1. You can check the open source code, which was published by the manufacturer, but what is the certainty that the compiled application on the device was created from this code? Equipment is another problem. Each chip on the motherboard can add its instructions and change the option chosen by the voter before the data is saved on the device's storage.
  2. There are no people who have no views and are independent. Everyone works somewhere, wants his views to win voting or can be bribed or intimidated. You were worried about being able to intimidate millions of voting citizens, but you do not care about the fact that you can intimidate a handful of people watching over the correctness of voting? Who created it Central (Federal) authority? Who makes updates on these machines? Does it happen in one central place? Who will read the results of the votes? I'm asking again. How do you know that what you get on the printed paper has been sa
  3. How does the fact that you print a piece of paper verify the entry to the database in the central server? The device on which you cast your voice can print an option that you have selected, but another voice may be added to the database. Maybe, but in paper system to cheat 100 votes you need one man, you would need a lot of people to cheat for a million votes, so it's easy to detect such a fraud. In the case of an electronic system, a scam for 10 million votes requires only one man. To do something like that on a national scale, you need thousands of people.
  4. You know that by voting on paper you leave fingerprints on which you can be tracked down? How can we be sure that our voice has been saved in the database?
  5. It's proponents of vaccination that support the Thanos. After several generations of vaccinations, all you need is for one year to stop the sale of vaccines and half of the population will die. [snip]
  6. Vaccines can be harmful, they can be of low quality or not tested enough, right? An example of a flu vaccine for the current season, how long has it been tested if it is to work on the mutation of the virus discovered this season? As a biologist, do you think that natural selection is harmful to the species or is it beneficial? If survives more weak individuals who find weak partners and have weak children, is it better or worse? I can judge it from the point of view of economics. The costs of public health in a society in which even the weakest survive childhood and suffering for
  7. Medicine is a science that has more than 200 years old, only those who have been doing it for the last 200 years reject the discoveries that have been made before, because they believe that they already know everything and can fix everything. It is strange that the number of patients is increasing and there are no free beds in hospitals. Just because the vaccines do not cause autism (that is, they have not yet been found to cause) does not mean that they are safe and do not cause other diseases. Science should be based on arguments, not authority? Do you think that there are
  8. How this works? Can I use it with stirling engine and build power generator? https://phys.org/news/2019-04-thermodynamic-magic-enables-cooling-energy.html
  9. This is an interesting phenomenon, it has been discovered that something like this occurs, and you think that you already know how to solve this problem and what it is related to. Can you show me where under the conditions 0g tested the impact of "centrifugal forces" on human? How do you know that it is not related to food that astronauts take? Or maybe with gravity, after all the fact that the Earth is rotating does not generate gravity force, the mass of the planet generates it.
  10. Terraforming sounds interesting. That would be something that would give a reason to create bases on different planets. Different biomes could have different density/usability of the substrate. A 3D printer would be useful, as in the NASA proposals, which could print a structure, eg a simple dome with a door and a docking port so that the player could dock the vehicle. Exploration of the planet would be motivated to find the right biome (a place to build structures).
  11. If this is true and the fact that telomeres are shorter after returning to Earth, then we can forget about traveling into space. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/nasa-twins-study-reveals-effects-space-scott-kelly-health
  12. jet engine and air intakes that fits into mk2 node Mk2 Clamp-O-Tron like vtol engine with air intake on top Modular Girder Segment like structural part that fits mk2 node (and structural adapter mk2 to other sizes) cargo bay with doors on bottom and top small 1 crew cabin for mk2 node (can be with air intakes on sides) mk2 node battery (1000 energy)
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