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  1. FYI. I've been getting the blue line issue without reverting to the launch pad. I get it after quick reloading. I also can not get rid of the line by reloading the saved game, I've tried exiting to the main menu and going back into my save, but the blue line persists. I have to exit the game entirely.
  2. hmmm... yep thats the one. I realize now that the question actually did get posted. I was misinterpreting the banner at the bottom that says "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" as meaning it hasnt been posted. The banner was mearly a message regarding future replies. ugh, I'm dumb. Sorry.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, wasnt sure how to delete that post so I edited it to <deleted> It's weird that my question isnt showing up as a hidden post. The topic is titled "Tourism Contract Bug". I posted "test?" as a rely to my own question since it wasn't going through. Should I try to resubmit that post entirely?
  4. New to the forums here. Probably got about 300-400 hours in and getting pretty close to closing out my career mode tech tree. Still havent made it to Duna, but have pretty much conquered Mun and Minmus. Cant wait to get a Duna base and beyond. Also, have plans for future career play throughs. Hoping to do a realism overhaul with some life support stuff. For now, I'm looking forward to getting much needed help and helping others if I can... Sooo, whats the deal with the mods having to approve posts. I understand the whole preventing bots thing, but i have a post almost going on 1 week that hasn't been approved. Is this normal, or is it lost in the ether? Was trying to figure out if I found a bug or not...
  5. So, I"m not sure if this is a bug, or if this is considered normal, but I cant seem to complete tourism contracts that require you to orbit the sun. I've figured out a work around, but it doesn't seem quite right. My problem is that I can not get "Orbit the Sun" mission parameter to go green, even though I'm clearly orbiting the sun and do not have any encounter with any planet. I get "Flyby the Sun" to complete, but "Orbit the Sun" will not complete UNLESS the kerbal's vessel is the active vessel when orbit is acheived. Like I said, I've been able to figure out two ways to make it complete once I am in orbit around the sun, but I shouldn't have to do it this way: 1) I had a transfer stage that had a lander docked to it that made it to solar orbit ("Orbit the Sun" was not complete for 2 tourists). The kerbal tourists that needed "Orbit the Sun" were in the lander. The transfer stage was the root vessel. I undocked the lander from the transfer stage and suddenly the two tourists mission parameters of "Orbit the Sun" went green. 2) On another occasion, i didn't have the same lander/transfer setup so I couldn't just undock. I set up a maneuver to re-enter Kerbin SOI, then right after I'm in Kerbin SOI, I set up another maneuver back to solar orbit and just keep the vessel active while it leaves Kerbin SOI and enters Sun's SOI. I've tried playing around with KLM to see the data in the save file. It appears that my kerbal's are not getting "Orbit,Sun" attribute added to their Roster / Flight_Log. I was thinking maybe there was something with Kopernicus causing an issue with solar orbit identification, and I tried removing that, but it didnt help. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what could be causing this? Here is my Game data directory and a screen shot with some "proof" of flight condition/situation.