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  1. Sorry for the necro, hope you still around. Since the mod are related to work on the last version of KSP, I don't think it's a problem to post here. I'm planning to do the same, what configs do you use/used for both mods? I plan to do the same, starting with everything unlocked. To you used the laboratories?
  2. It's kinda funny how you reply that in a post where I tell about the rockets I use, and where I mentioned 3 disavantages of SSTOs Spaceplanes in KSP
  3. Like many people said, there ins't a straight answer, and there's a lot of factors to consider. You can easily go mad trying to build the best rockets possible, for every situation. In that case you will probably end up with SSTO Spaceplanes. I like to make with 2 stages, mostly thinking in reusability, simplicity and low part count. The first one is relatively short, and I simply drop into the ocean, with airbrakes to fall near the beach and to safely open the parachutes 3-5 seconds later (using Smart Parts). The TWR gets very high when finishing the orbit, which is not necessary but make
  4. Hi! Which mods do you think it's recommend when starting a new save? I mean, mods that will not go very well on a pre-existing save game and are best used from the beginning (I'm not asking from mods that are good in general - only the ones which will need/it's best to have a new save). Right now I'm planning to use the mods listed below. I will play a career mode with everything unlocked and without contracts, earning money with science. I'll do just the "First Worlds", and in the future I may take a look into mods that manages the contracts, specially with tourists. I'll also greatly n
  5. The type of mod that a needed but didn't know. In many game this would be useful. Great for biomes maps, science tables, delta-v. Thanks!
  6. Would be nice to have EVA reports and surfaces samples without needing to get a Kerbal out of the vehicle and switching "vessels".
  7. I was using this mod without problems. Now I've made a fresh install and it didn't worked. Came back here and saw that I forgot to do that modification. Now it's working again. So, thank you twice
  8. Do you guys think it's a good ideia to simple prune most of the stock engines, and use the ones from this mod (using the LF patch) and NF-LV? The textures and models are much better, and it also seems more balanced. As much as I loved the Terrier and Poodle, I'm not seeing any reason to occupy my load time and parts list with the stock ones...
  9. So, do you think is a good ideia to wait a little more before installing this mod in 1.3 or 1.3.1 KSP? Thanks!
  10. I like to play on a "sandbox science", with everything unlocked from the beginning, and some mods to increase the difficult, like life support. I like to collect science just to have some goal, build planetary bases with the labs and a Kerbin Space Station to send the experiments from Kerbin. But even with this playstyle I like your ideia. Trying to bring everything to the labs, and keeping tracking of it, seems to be too much trouble and not fun The GUI for the experiments is also terrible. While I can simple disable it and keep track with the "[x] Science!" mod, without worrying too much
  11. I hope this is the best section of the forum to ask this. I play on a "science sandbox" (science mode with everything unlocked), and like to collect science and research it into a lab, to have something to measure my progress. I use the mod "[x] Science! " to keep track of everything I did. So I have to always collect two samples, one for the lab, and one for recovering, to keep track of everything I already collected. At first It appeared easy, but now it's turning into a nightmare to keep track of everything, and always take two samples. Sometimes I end with more samples for the lab
  12. I understand. Thanks for the reply and the awesome work maintaining all this mods!
  13. I love this mod! I have a suggestion. I don't know if it is possible or easy to do, but would be very nice if the mod alerts if a part is being used in some vessel in the current save game, before it's pruned. Would save much time and allow to prune a lot of parts without doubt or checking manually first. Thanks!
  14. The first one worked, many thanks!! I was seeing the files and couldn't understand why some had a "*" in the name, and others don't. If I create other ones, only changing the names between the [ ], it should work, right? Now I can prune all the bays and use only NFT, which has the best textures and models by far. Fitted perfectly in my plane
  15. Would be very nice to use Tweakscale on the Near Future Launch Vehicles, specially in the 5m cargo bays and adapters. I'm trying to write the patches, but I'm very confused. Someone has already write this patch or could help me with it? I did that and it didn't work: Thanks!!
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