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  1. If you're performing manned landings, I don't think it is unrealistic at all to do daytime landings exclusively. That's what I do. I time-warp until my LZ is about one eighth through a day cycle before I begin my descent. This has the benefit of giving you plenty of daylight for activities on the surface, but not being so early that the extreme angle of the incoming light makes finding your shadow difficult while also not adequately illuminating the terrain beneath you.
  2. I like the new stock navball more than the enhanced navball. I think the arrow is nicer than the ghosting.
  3. I for one fully support the X37 project and hope to see an entire squadron of them in orbit someday. Each with lasers and cannons and missiles and laser-missile cannons, whatever that would be. Obviously we will need an Orbital Operating Base because there's not much use for a Space Force if there's no Space Troops to call in spacestrikes on space bad guys. We're also going to need space bad guys.
  4. If there were a big old pot of gold on Mars for the taking I'd go and get it, but not just because of the pot of gold. That's why I believe there is more behind the great accomplishments of famous people throughout history than just greed. Sure, the financial reward is a significant motivator, but I am not so cynical as to be believe it is blinding. Edit: I am afraid we are venturing outside of the Forum Rules now, specifically 2.2b. I will stop.
  5. Believing that someone cannot have more than one motivation (monetary) for doing incredible things is, in my opinion, a tragic state of mind to have.
  6. And that's all? Do you think that when he set out to do what no one had done before the only thing that was on his mind was money?
  7. I believe it is a perfectly good example. Magellan's death was not in vain. Just because an endeavor is dangerous does not mean it should not be undertaken. This is exactly what I am talking about.
  8. You sound like the kind of guy who would have told Magellan not to go.
  9. Probably. I'd really like to visit the landing sites some day and see for myself. We went to the Moon so much that it just wasn't a big deal to us anymore. Nowadays we know we could do it again, but why bother? It saddens me to think that humanity seems content with the pinnacle of human achievement having come and gone, and that we are past the climax. There are no more frontiers, everywhere that we've ever gone is only where we'll ever go. Here I go, rambling about my feelings again. I do not know why I do this.
  10. That's why I try to keep strut-work minimal, and identify areas that actually need it. For aesthetics, you can try using small hardpoints instead of girders. I typically only need to strut like that on ascent stages though so girders don't bother me because they'll be in the ocean and I'll be in space.
  11. The flag may have been bleached white, but the stars and stripes are still there. There is only one country on planet Earth whose flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes, none of the 6 banners on the Moon will ever be mistaken for anything but the flag of the United States of America.
  12. I typically put a pair of modular girder segments just underneath stack decouplers and strut them to the stage just above them, it works pretty well. With ferram's Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, I only ever have to do this if I'm attaching a larger diameter stage underneath a smaller diameter stage, like shown in your video.
  13. If I tried to build something like that I'd might as well have my frames mailed to me by Squad. Every day I'd get a new one and say, "Ooh, that still looks pretty. I wonder what it would look like if I made it spin faster?" And I'd send a letter to Squad informing them that I'd like to press and hold the E key for 1.36 seconds.
  14. Any craft that is just testing out an idea or a part and isn't really going anywhere is X-1, X-1A, X-2, etc. Satellites, Stations, or Bases get relevant names. My box-formation of LKO communication satellites are KSAT M1, KSAT M2, KSAT MM1, KSAT MM2. M1 & M2 have dishes targeting Mun, MM1 & MM2 have dishes targeting Minmus. Mission craft get named after US Navy Destroyers. It's a pretty long list so it will take me a long time to use it up, and even if I do I'll probably go through the list again with Fletcher II, Radford II, etc. I'm not very creative.
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