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  1. I may tell you what mods I use, but I don't remember. May be there is a way to find out what mods I use in one file?
  2. Why? A lot of mods, and the problem is that I don't remember all of it
  3. Hello guys! I have one big question. From last time I've didn't find a mark in steam to downgrade version to 1.3.0. Have you any ideas how to downgrade it? I have a lot of mods that don't work with 1.3.1
  4. DuskFall

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Nothing wrong. It's just a game's convention. I think, that it's related with Contract manager mod.
  5. DuskFall

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Sure. You warned me to do this first before, when I united few planets mods and faced with changing spacecrafts orbits
  6. DuskFall

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Hello everyone! So, I have a new question. The question is what's about contract priority. I've united a lot af mods which are added a lot of star and planet systems. I can't understand, how internal game scrip generates contracts. For example. I've removed all other panets ans star systems mods, left only extrasolar, but anyway, the mosts of contracts are linked to extrasolar system. The first contract for out of Kerbin are research Mir which is a part of Valentine system. Why is it so? May be you can help me to understand?
  7. Daedalus drive in that case is more useful, I think. Creating fusionpellets needs less power and fuel. May be I'm wrong but that's more convenient for me. This game like a drug. Try it once and can't stop. Need more mods
  8. Thanks. Anyway I think kerbstein is rather cheating engine. High thrust with high ips with not much electrical power and fuel using
  9. I guess that I understood what's the problem. For now I'm interested in compatibility with near future mods. Because after adding near future electrical mod Lithium Hydride engine stops working. But, without this mode other near future mods became absolutely useless, beacuse electrical engines start to use MJ for thrust and use it with huge and heavy reactors and generators irrationally. Poorly thing
  10. I'm sorry, forgot to clarify that of course I use generator. I know that with AM reactor is better to use charged particle generator, but even if I use combined generator kerbstein engine on Lithium Hydride refuses to work. I've tried to make craft with only engine, fuel tank, reactor, generator, radiators and control module and set it by hyperedit on high orbit, and even then engine doesn't work. In sandbox Lithium Deuteride engine works fine with any type of reactors and generators, but Lithium Hydride engine doesn't work with anything. I don't understand why
  11. Hello guys! I have may be stupid question but anyway. This mod includes two kerbstein fusion engines. One of them uses Lithium Hydride, the second uses Lithium Deuteride. In tech tree in career I can see only Lythium Hydride engine and unfortunately it's absolutely useless because I couldn't create craft with enough electrical charge. Even if I use Antimatter Reactor. It provides not enough electrical charge. Could you please help me to understand, what reactor I have to use to make this engine works
  12. Great. Thanks. That was my fault. I've forgot GPP Textures. Now it's working
  13. It's not compatible. Loading freezes on main screen
  14. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try. But is it compatible with 1.3.0?