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  1. Thanks a lot. Started to work really faster, but still meet some freezes.
  2. В моде SimpleConstruction встроен плагин ExtraPlanetary. Надо из папки SimpleConstruction из папки Plugins удалить все, что там есть.
  3. Help! I need somebody help! So, the problem is, that after installation the newest version of KSP 1.4.5 and the newest version of Kopernicus on the global planet map everything started to work very slow. On KSP version 1.4.2 I hadn't met such problem. I use Kopernicus with Outerplanet mod. Ship's view works fine. Could you please help with this? Logs&Configs
  4. Методом исключения нашел проблему. Всем спасибо
  5. Поставил мод Extraplanetary Launchpads версии 5.9.0. Обновил игру и поставил версию 6.1.0, но версия 5.9.0 до сих пор висит и вносит свои коррективы в работу новой версии. Даже после удаления 6.1.0 версия 5.9.0 так и продолжает висеть, что крайне напрягает, ибо все портит. Да я даже уже всю игру удалил и заново gamedata накатил, а он все равно там висит.
  6. Thanks for help guys, but question is closed. I've just updated kspi and everything started to work
  7. I thought the same, but is this mod incompatible with Interstellar? In last version there was no conflict
  8. Hello guys! I have a little question, may be you know, why nuclear reactors doesn't work? When I put reactor on vessel no electric charge and mj are generated as well. To prevent a stupid question: yes, radiators I put too. Game version 1.4.2
  9. I may tell you what mods I use, but I don't remember. May be there is a way to find out what mods I use in one file?
  10. Why? A lot of mods, and the problem is that I don't remember all of it
  11. Hello guys! I have one big question. From last time I've didn't find a mark in steam to downgrade version to 1.3.0. Have you any ideas how to downgrade it? I have a lot of mods that don't work with 1.3.1
  12. Nothing wrong. It's just a game's convention. I think, that it's related with Contract manager mod.
  13. Sure. You warned me to do this first before, when I united few planets mods and faced with changing spacecrafts orbits
  14. Hello everyone! So, I have a new question. The question is what's about contract priority. I've united a lot af mods which are added a lot of star and planet systems. I can't understand, how internal game scrip generates contracts. For example. I've removed all other panets ans star systems mods, left only extrasolar, but anyway, the mosts of contracts are linked to extrasolar system. The first contract for out of Kerbin are research Mir which is a part of Valentine system. Why is it so? May be you can help me to understand?
  15. Daedalus drive in that case is more useful, I think. Creating fusionpellets needs less power and fuel. May be I'm wrong but that's more convenient for me. This game like a drug. Try it once and can't stop. Need more mods