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  1. When using this mod my RCS thrusters do not stick to rocket, they fly off or stay at launch site
  2. getting 12 warnings from ModuleManager 4.0.1, more than one NEED and ect
  3. On 1.6.1 this mod brakes Part category selection.
  4. Here is modified DLL. Just copy over mods DLL. Added min brightness parameter, brightness change speed parameter and current brightness display. Gosh, its good to be a full time programmer.)))
  5. Im not saying its not realistic. Im saying that if we have Max brightness parameter it would be great to have a MIN brightness parameter, so we can adjust appearance to our liking. As a programmer I can tell that adding min boundry is not hard. Perhaps Ill look into source myself.
  6. Hi. Why does half of the stock engines do not have Engine Ignitor module applyed? Terrier, Spark and Mastodon for example.
  7. Please!! Add MinBrightness parameter to sky box dimming!!! Its goes completely black way too often. And with option turned off skybox is too dim.
  8. Reliant cant ignite without clamps?? Really?? You are aware that you get reliant BEFORE clamps?
  9. What do you mean? Lats say I need to be in orbit for 8 hours. How I can enable engine for return from orbit? Only making extra stage with solid booster fo reentry with no control of thrust? This is not a propper way of doing space missions. Is it hard to add momentum check for fuel stability check?
  10. Sad to hear that. Then there is no way to use this mod in early stages of the game I believe? (
  11. Im seem to be unable to stabilize fuel in tanks by spining vessel. Is it unsupported? I cant finish first orbit and return mission because I dont yet have small busters or rcs, and cant reignite engine for return.
  12. Any way to increase particle count over 1000? CFG editing or ingame configs dont work.(
  13. Spacedock download broken and CKAN still have old version.((
  14. Cant install version via CKAN, it always craches duw to some hash missmatch. (( No problem with any other mod.
  15. Oh. Ive got it. It not affects saves with already unlocked tech nodes. In new career there is no duplicates. Sad that I cant continue my career.(((
  16. Any hope of getting this great mod updated for 1.4?
  17. Any hope of getting this great mod updated for 1.4?
  18. Installed it, but its still there. Modified cfg myself to remove it. Hope youll continue your work on this mod! Thanks!)
  19. Hi. I have very strange RCS effect. I deleted all mods that adds something to RCS. But in still remains. The jet stream is too big and bright, and it point in wrong dirrection. Ship turn in the dirrection the jets a pointed, not in opposite. Is there any mod that can couse it? Or is it a 1.4 bug with shuriken particle system? My mod list: Here is a screen. Im pressing [A], so it must tilt to the left, but jets also pointed to the left.