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  1. True, this flight isn't putting lives at risk. The greater concern to me, though, is that the attitude seems to have made a comeback.
  2. I hate to say this, but am I the only one who thinks some of what's coming out of NASA is reminiscent of Challenger? They are still wanting to try to launch in one breath, then say there's an 80% chance of unfavorable winds on the launch date.
  3. A lot of times if I run into this issue, adding an empty stage between current & the next actual stage seems to fix the dV also. I don't know why it does, but usually does the trick for me.
  4. That's basically the idea behind the Orion drive - pulsed nuclear detonations with a giant shock absorbing pusher plate. Isp significantly higher than chemical rockets and still producing high acceleration as well.
  5. I made two attempts yesterday at something more like @BadOaks Eve lander. The second attempt at least resulted in Jeb reaching the surface in one piece. Of course he'd die after eating his 1 snack, but it is an improvement. Also good this was the sandbox testing save. Today, I went back to my career save and got my second manned Duna expedition in place. Here, the Duna Buzzer & the new Canyon Base landed safely. The crew is currently at Ankin Kerman Memorial Station in orbit, doing a little research before coming down to the surface
  6. I think I did that, but I can't remember for sure now. Either way, the first failure involved a yaw to the left or right rather than going off in pitch that I would expect from forgetting to switch modes. The second might have started with a pitch excursion before progressing to a yaw excursion followed by lots of fireworks.
  7. That looks quite interesting!! I didn't get a chance for any KSP today, but I may have to give that a try. Your whole lander design looks better constructed than the approach I was taking, too.
  8. My biggest event was the return of my 1.8 career's first manned Duna mission. Here, the crew posed on the strake of the spaceplane that brought them back to KSC: Most of the rest of my time was several big launches for various planets - I have had back to back to back transfer windows this year: Dres, Duna, Moho, & Eve over a span of 2-3 months. I also switched over to sandbox to test a manned Eve Ascent Vehicle. That went poorly - even the largest ballute I could fit didn't add enough drag to keep it pointed retrograde on the landing. This was a later one, with added speed brakes & upper heat shield, and it still couldn't keep it's correct orientation.
  9. My Dres mission got underway in my 1.8 career. A small orbital station, two surface bases, a rover, a lander and the EV-2 Babylon. The only pics worthwhile were bringing the crew up in a Lightning spaceplane: Landing the spaceplane back at KSC might have been the absolute best reentry and landing I've ever done. Once I did the deorbit burn with the NERV, I never touched the engines, and required no extreme maneuvers to shed altitude or airspeed. Ended up on a 090 heading <1km north of the runway once I was in visual range, so I had to do a little S-turn to line up, and was just a little high, so I popped my drag chutes early and came to a stop just past the SPH turn-off. I also realized there was an old contract to scan a tree on Kerbin with the large scan arm, so I sent a pair of experienced Kerbals out with the old prototype of the Duna rover to find one to scan. Started just before dawn And found one just 11km away
  10. Started experimenting with a reusable booster in my 1.8 career. Long ago, I had a pretty nice one that became the workhorse of my space program till one day I had 10 boosters in orbit waiting to land after getting ready for a Jool mission. After landing all 10 (including 4 or 5 that made a nice row on the runway), I was over it. This was an attempt to rebuild that old booster and see if it still worked. Launch went nicely, with just a Mk 1-3 pod, orbital stage, a drone core and a load of ore for extra mass. No kerbals were used in the testing of this rocket. After attaining a 125km orbit, the pod was staged away and brought in for it's own landing. Then it was time to land the booster. Unfortunately, partway through reentry I thought I was going to badly overshoot KSC and made an extra burn to prevent that. I was actually looking at the wrong landmass, and ended up severely undershooting KSC & landing in the ocean. Four or five pieces of debris were recovered, not including the expensive Vectors or the drone core.
  11. Back before I had quit KSP for a while, I was playing a JNSQ career and ran into an issue with my Duna lander going crazy when the drogue chutes deployed. Since I've been back playing some, I decided to build a completely new lander in a JNSQ sandbox save, put it in Duna orbit and try to land. And got this - which doesn't do justice to the 3-axis spinning at high rpm. I actually tried twice - first time trying to use the chutes to get some deceleration (so I was going 600+ m/s when deployed), second time I used mostly a propulsive descent, deploying chutes at <200 m/s and the results were identical, so apparently something in that entire install is glitched. Back in my 1.8 career, lots of stuff has been going on: Expanded the fuel station with monoprop, snacks, fertilizer & water, plus a small LFO tank. I also used the engineer I flew up to remove the cluster of monoprop tanks around the living area (after this pic) Almost every one of my launches the last few days was very large - using 5m cores, often with Clydesdale boosters. Sometimes using 8 vectors and a mainsail on the 5m core, just to maintain >1g acceleration after dropping the Clydesdales Of course, I was also launching things like a floating Laythe base: And a new, larger Duna base: There was also time to make & test an amphibious Buffalo rover for use on Laythe. I was able to get about 17 m/s in the water. Had a combined flight of bringing the next Duna crew up to the EV-1 Avalon and getting a Lightning II spaceplane launched to Laythe. More launches followed - this was one of the smaller ones, with a survey satellite for Laythe or Val. Built an octajet VTOL and attempted to land on the VAB "Attempted" being the key word Also "attempted" to send a crew to orbit and found an uncorrected staging mistake on one of my workhouse designs from earlier in this career. The LES worked, but revealed another fault - the abort function doesn't shut off the main engine on this one, either. The rocket only splashed down well after the chutes were deployed on the capsule Finally, one last launch and I think one of the prettiest launch screenshots I've ever gotten:
  12. Thanks for the tip. It was in 1.8.1.
  13. I got my Moho crew back home today and since the ship used for that mission was low on fuel, I went ahead and launched a hastily assembled fuel station. Currently featuring 44000 units of liquid fuel, a few hundred units of monoprop and space for 5 kerbals plus 5 docking positions. Probably was the heaviest launch I've made in a while. A 5m first stage with 5 mainsails was only giving a 0.7 twr so 4 of the mainsails were swapped out with 8 vectors plus 4 Clydesdale SRB's and 4 Thumper SRB's. The 2nd & 3rd stages used 4 then 2 Rhino's and I was left with a whole 70-some m/s dV remaining in a 200km orbit. Filling the EV-1 Avalon after getting the station up. Which took almost a quarter of the station's fuel and half it's monoprop. It also made me realize I need to add a section with snacks, fertilizer & water to the station as the Avalon needs refills on those as well. I also got my Pol lander & relay into position, but that actually required some cheating because, well, something happened. On my Tylo fly-by, I was able to get close to a Pol intercept but I couldn't quite get a good inclination from it, so after clearing Tylo I set up another maneuver node. I got to where the map showed an intercept, but it was hitting the edge of Pol's SoI and didn't want to get any closer. I figured I'll do this maneuver, then setup a later one to fine tune to the approach - except a third node, no matter which way I pulled the direction sliders, didn't change the Pol Pe. I knew something was up, but the map was still showing the intercept in like 5 days, so I set an alarm and went off to do other stuff for a few days. Came back a few hours before the alarm and found the probe nowhere near Pol, and just a few days from exiting Jool's SoI. At that point, I just cheated it into a Pol orbit and called it good. Apparently some form of kraken woke up and noticed this probe. I like this basic setup - the transfer stage stays in orbit with a good size relay antenna while the lander gets staged away to do it's thing.
  14. This is from the last few days, but my Duna crew returned to orbit, then on to an Ike landing before returning to Duna orbit and waiting the last few weeks for the return window My Eve crew also safely returned to Kerbin - although they only orbited Eve rather than landing, designed as a low cost & (relatively) low risk mission to bring funds & prestige to the space program. Despite overshooting KSP by several hundred kilometers, there was plenty of fuel remaining in the Lightning II spaceplane to return to a safe landing. Plenty as in <500 m/s on the dV readout with the Rapiers set to airbreathing mode & the NERV shut down. My Moho crew also headed for home after their short trip to the surface. And a large remote rover with scanning arm was parachuted onto Laythe safely. "Large" may be a bit of an exaggeration, maybe "less small" would be more accurate. Finally, tested an electric aircraft for use on Duna and possibly Eve or Laythe. Low stall speed (~20 m/s), can cruise on 2 of the 4 engines to reduce power drain, top speed in excess of 140 m/s, seats two plus has a set of scientific gear (temp, press, seismic, grav & atmo). Wing solar panels plus a fuel cell keep the batteries charged. All I need now is to remember to add a probe core somewhere - because i forgot about that till just now.
  15. I don't know about coolest, maybe strangest - I got a Stalin Kerman once. After the rescue mission, I made him a her and changed name to Svetlana I also got a Thompberry Kerman once on a rescue contract. IIRC the spelling was slightly different than from Saga of Emiko Station, but close enough to worry me.
  16. I know why - because it is awesome!!!! On to my career save: My manned Moho mission arrived, docked & landed. The two lucky kerbonauts on the surface got to take the MoRo-1 rover from the equator to the Mohole, back to a spot of debris south of the equator about 90* ahead of the outpost, then finally back to the outpost. Thank you, Bon Voyage!!! Flag planting on Moho by Phoebe & Johnny. This was the point I realized that I never switched to the new suits for the mission. I also added the inflatable ballutes mod and did a quick reentry test back from Minmus, which went very well. That test also involved a quick surface rescue on Minmus, poor Stephanie was stranded, and had to get picked up by rover then transferred to the pod that got used for the reentry test. Last but not least was the capture of an asteroid coming into Kerbin's SoI on a retrograde fly-by. Capture went well, just waiting to get to Pe to brake into orbit. I almost launched into a normal orbit, but around 5000m, realized what I was doing & reversed course. Actually, this was an entirely different asteroid - an E class on a collision course with Kerbin that I barely managed to redirect, about a month before the one I'm capturing.
  17. May be best to either ask in the Tweakscale thread or direct the question to @Lisias
  18. Continued with the revived 1..8 career today, with a few accomplishments - Eve orbital crew headed for home, Laythe Ocean Explorer arrived safely & I unlocked another tech node and was able to place a very long range comm relay in polar orbit around Kerbin. Departing Eve - I almost screwed my crew on this one, as I forgot to transfer snacks from the station before departing. I was already out of Eve's SoI before I realized. Luckily, after unlocking two snacks containers on the ship, I have enough for the trip back to Kerbin plus about 20 days. When the containers were locked (and the unlocked parts nearly empty) I had only 80 days or so of snacks for the 180-some day trip. The 1000G relay was one of the last things I did, but it was pretty simple - toss a big satellite into polar orbit, then bump the Ap over the North pole out close to the limits of Kerbin's SoI The biggest part of my day was the arrival of my Laythe Ocean Explorer and managing to splash down safely despite "iffy" communications - and this save has "Require signal for control" turned on, so if signal gets lost there's a pretty good chance of losing the craft. Resting on the surface, waiting for the RTG to recharge batteries. It will run in excess of 32 m/s submerged but the motor sucks the batteries down pretty quickly at full speed. Also popped over to the glide rover to wait for daylight, and caught a nice night time geyser eruption into some low clouds:
  19. I should know that, but didn't think about it when I slapped that thing together. I've built dynasoar-like craft before, but it's been a while (2 years since I played KSP regularly, 3+ since I tinkered with a Dyansoar-like). The first two tests didn't even get going fast enough for the wings to be the problem, as my CoM & Thrust weren't quite aligned well enough. Only the last test built up any speed (or altitude) at all before ending badly. I'm mostly amazed the pilot survived the tests. I also forgot the pic of my failed 2nd Moho outpost landing - because I forgot to rotate the landing engines to not be occluded by the foot plates. I can't even blame that on being rusty as I had launched that craft before I quit playing KSP.
  20. Continued on with my old career, filled some old contracts (who would've guessed, with a crew on Duna & probes everywhere that I never scanned a Minmus Olivine formation in this career yet?!?), landed a probe on Eeloo and got a crew headed for Moho - after the infrastructure arrived from the last transfer window. Finally completing the Minmus scanning contract. The crew at the Minmus mining base were approaching a full year before I noticed the contract, so I had them run around to get that done quick before sending them home I also built a new interface craft for Minmus. It works, but it's actually easier to just land directly at the mining base than deal with this Tested a rocket-launched spaceplane, with less than great results Moho Crew Station arrived in orbit Along with the Moho-Lancer outpost, which landed safely. I never sent a resource survey probe, so I had no ore info to go by. My chosen landing site only has a 6.2% concentration The MoRo heavy rover also entered Moho orbit & landed safely. I left it sitting on its cradle till the crew arrives. With new science sent back from all the arrivals, I was finally able to unlock the Rapier & bring my Lightning spaceplane into service again. After one test flight (with tourists) to make sure I remembered how to fly it, it was used to bring the Moho crew up to their transfer vehicle My Eeloo can lander finally arrived & set down safely. Gotta love Universal Storage mod - fit all your lander needs on an equipment rack safely inside a service bay The solar panels are mostly for show at this distance, but it's a standardized design I use (one for vacuum landings and one for atmospheric landings). There is a small RTG on the other side that provides the bulk of the power. I also decided Moho could use some extra fuel to make sure the crew can get home, so a huge launcher was thrown together to get 3600 units of LF to Moho: The Tylo Sample Return Vehicle & Tylo-Kerbin Return Vehicle headed out, with the return vehicle pictured. The lander has enough dV to land, gather science and return to orbit where the upper stage will dock with the return vehicle to bring surface samples back to Kerbin. Last but not least, my Laythe Ocean Explorer entered Jool space and made a small course correction to get a good fly-by of Tylo - it's still a few weeks out from the fly-by.
  21. Yeah, that looks pretty familiar!!
  22. I fired up an old 1.8 career and continued with a few missions I had going. This was the old Out of the Sands career in mission reports that I stopped because I lost the usb drive I was storing all my career info (current & planned missions, build times, etc) Exploring Duna And delivered a rover to Laythe by glider. I've tried this before (on both Laythe & Eve) but never succeeded before. Lost the previous Laythe to loss of signal and the Eve didn't survive reentry. Then sent a few Moho craft on their way - such as this giant crewed rover (minus crew) with landing cradle And a small station for whenever a crew gets sent And finally launched a Tylo sample return probe in two parts - the first is the lander while the second will dock after the return probe reenters orbit & bring the samples home to Kerbin
  23. Fired up an old career save (1.8.1) and picked up at the first manned Duna landing in that save. The rover & outpost were already landed and the crew were in a station ready to land. So of course, the landing had to be at night. Not too bad - came down about 1.5km from the rover after a 2 year break from KSP, and another 3km from the outpost. Apparently the rover was still being driven to the outpost by Bon Voyage when I decided to land. Before heading off to see what else was going on, I waited for the crew's first sunrise on Duna:
  24. I actually fired up KSP and discovered I actually remember how to get to orbit. And return!! Nothing too impressive, but I haven't played in a while so it was nice to still remember what I'm doing. I also realized this build didn't have a lot of the mods I usually used - particularly Scatterer. Suborbital hop Jeb in LKO And coming home
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