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  1. nikawiwi

    My sky has turned red green and blue...

    Removing interstellar seems to have fixed the problem, thank you!
  2. nikawiwi

    My sky has turned red green and blue...

    Ok, thanks, I'll try that when I get home and let you know how it goes.
  3. nikawiwi

    My sky has turned red green and blue...

    I now seem to have another issue, not related to graphics, but my parts have just started getting really hot when I launch them. This hasn't happened before, and I wonder if maybe somehow the graphics mods could be affecting this? as this is the only thing I've changed since I last played. This is what is looks like, and when I accelerate time, they get hotter, than colder, then eventually explode. It happens with probe cores too, if I launch one it gets hot and explodes, and if I load one of my current satellites, it overheats immediately and explodes... Not sure if there is anything that can be done, but any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. nikawiwi

    My sky has turned red green and blue...

    I reinstalled those mods with the versions stated, and that seems to have fixed the weird colors. The only issue I have now is a weird black ring around Earth: Not sure if this is just some small bug, and i can deal with it, however if there is anything that could fix this, that would help! Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I have a 1.22 version of the game with Realism Overhaul, real solar system, scatterer, planetshine, and real solar system environmental visual enhancements. I just started, and my skies have turned very weird colors, whether I am in space, at the KSC, or in the tracking station/map. I am pretty sure that this is caused by one of the previous mods, but I really would like to use them, so I am wondering if there is any fix that someone can think of. I have many other mods, though I have played without the visual ones and never had this issue In my 1.3 stock planets version I installed scatterer and EVE and had this same problem... Thanks! Here is a link to an image of the sky