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  1. The fact that a probe core is (with or without local control) required comes from the implementation of the "HasConnectionToControl" method in the RemoteTech Connectivity manager. To change the behaviour of KOS to allow access to the terminal even without a probe core I tested the following change: //Changed Implenentation that allows to access terminal when having no connection even without probe core being installed public bool HasConnectionToControl(Vessel vessel) { return RemoteTechHook.Instance.HasAnyConnection( || vessel.CurrentControlLevel >= Vessel.ControlLevel.PARTIAL_MANNED; } In the current (KOS implementation public bool HasConnectionToControl(Vessel vessel) { if (!RemoteTechHook.IsAvailable( return false; // default to no connection if the vessel isn't configured for RT. return RemoteTechHook.Instance.HasAnyConnection(; } the " || vessel.CurrentControlLevel >= Vessel.ControlLevel.PARTIAL_MANNED" statement was missing (adding this fixed the problem where you alway needed a connection even for a manned vessel). Also the first If (...) requires that every vessel needs to have a RemoteTech probe core. Removing this statement allows you to access the terminal on manned vessels without probe cores.
  2. Yes. The KOS plugins need to be recompiled for the new (1.3.1) Version of KSP. If you would like to try, there is an instruction on the KOS github page (under "setting up your environment"): Otherwise there will probably be a new release in some time.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I created a new github issue. It showed local control. I think that there might be a possibility that this check is missing in the current code ;-) I have added a few thoughts on this in the github issue I created on this topic. Its #2127.
  4. Hmmmm, the current KOS documentation states that "If you launch a manned craft while using RemoteTech, you are still able to input commands from the terminal even if you do not have a connection to the KSC. " (quoted from: in the section "Interaction with KOS", second paragraph, not counting the note in the beginning of the section.) According to the documentation (as quoted above) you should be able to access the command terminal from a manned craft, even if you have no connection to KSC. Using the terminal on a manned vessel without connection to KSC / ground station is possible when you use the ComNet connectivity manager (as described in my previous post), but not if you use the RemoteTech connectivity manager (contrary to the documentation).
  5. I am trying to set up a manned rocket using KOS without a connection to KSC or another control center. I use Kerbal Space Program 1.3 KOS RemoteTech 1.8.8 No other mods installed RemoteTech Connectivity Manager ComNet disabled According to the KOS documentation ( ) this should be possible. Sadly, so far I had no success. This is what I did: 1.) My vessel used for testing consists out of an MK 1 Command Pod (Jebediah Kerman included), CX-4181 Scriptable Command System, Z1-K Battery Bank, MK 2 Radial Parachute and one RT1 Solid FUel Booster. After launching the vessel (while still on the launch pad) I open the terminal of the CX-4181. Typing in anything results in the message "Signal lost. Waiting to re-acquire signal" being displayed at the bottom of the terminal. From now on no input has any effect. 2.) I added an Probodyne OKTO2 to the vessel (still including Jebediah Kerman in his MK 1 Command Pod). Now all is fine on the launch pad. I can open the terminal, type in commands and get the results from KOS as expected (including accessing the archive volume). When I launch the rocket and move more than 3 km away from KSC (out of the 3 km reach of the OKTO2's integrated omni antenna), I get the same result as before: typing anything into the terminal results in the message "Signal lost. Waiting to re-acquire signal". 3.) I changed my mod set up and removed RemoteTech. I enabled ComNet. I disabled the extra ComNet ground stations in the custom difficulty diaologue. I restarted the game and enabled the ComNet connectivity manager. I tried to use both vessels as described above. In both cases I was able to use KOS as expected. In the second case (some 40 km away from KSC, no connection to KSC) the terminal replied that I was not able to connect to the archive, since no connection to KSC existed (as expected). Aside from this I also had full KOS functionality. Because of this I wanted to ask if anybody was able to use the recent version of KOS with RemoteTech Connectivity Manager without having a connection to KSC / Ground station on a manned vessel. As I said above, according to the documentation (or at least according to my understanding of the documentation ;-) this should be possible. I would be realy glad if I could get a hint whether I am doing something wrong, or if this might be an issue with KOS / RemoteTech. I came across an old (2015) bug report ( ) that basically describes the problem I am having. Since it is marked as closed and there is also an entry in the KOS changelog (under v 0.16, "Bug Fixes") stating that this issue has been fixed, it might be that this is an issue that has resurfaced or that I am simply doing something wrong. Any help would be very much appreciated!