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  1. I'm also getting issues with the transfer function failing to work properly, as it keeps recalculating the maneuver going up and down up and down in the dv and just... maybe the log will make sense: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/527016168171634690/810709380156489738/KSP.log
  2. I never thought I'd be stressed out by numbers but even this addon doesn't fix the minute offset values seen here in the part file which I was hoping this addon would remove: I don't want to have to change these values manually as I have a feeling setting attPos and attPos0 to the same values would break things but, any way to use this addon to force these extra digits to oblivion?
  3. I don't know if its due to low max spring strength or some config issue, the size zero inline wheels seem to be eternally bottomed out and when lifted off, sorta float over the surface before extending out.
  4. Anyone else notice how the jettison staging option on the AASRBS doesn't work as it already has a stage related function for the engine? Edit: Also any chance we can get more options for the parts with RCS to use alternative fuels and/or larger ACS blisters? My atmospheric cargo vtol is having to use some odd layouts of these things to have enough control authority to lift landed asteroids:
  5. Tried to manually add the config file but P does not open the dialog box.
  6. Also, something really funny happened to the landing legs: Edit: the footpads also angle themselves 90 degrees of pitch axis to ground. The Banshee lift fans have some issues with the new model animations as well with z fighting, just a heads up:
  7. @SuicidalInsanity [LOG 18:14:42.681] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Mk2Expansion/Parts/Utility/RCS/StabilityControl/M2X_SCRCS' [ERR 18:14:42.683] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'Mk2Expansion/Parts/Utility/RCS/SCModule' as model does not exist [ERR 18:14:42.683] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [ERR 18:14:42.683] PartCompiler: Cannot compile model [ERR 18:14:42.683] PartCompiler: Cannot compile part I think this may have something to do with it? Edit: attempting to take the SCModule.mu file from ver 1.8.8 in Mk2Expansion-1.8.8\GameData\Mk2Expansion\Parts\Utility\RCS found on the github and putting it in the current version install DOES FIX the issue, so the file is just missing. I repeat, this IS A WORKING FIX for anyone wanting to get the mod working immediately.
  8. I just want to say, I absolutely LOVE this update, thank you so much!
  9. Rather unfortunately it seems that I cannot get the lovely new Elephant vtol engines enough intake air no matter how hard I try given they want 255/s. Also worth noting is that in stack mount configuration their own intakes are counted as occluded and cannot contribute to the massive demand these engines have for air.
  10. This exactly, trying to make a simple scramjet type craft that does this is not easy as you still need an OMS engine of sorts and something to push it up to mach 4. Nothing beats pointing 5 degrees down and getting an escape trajectory though. I have made half a dozen designs for "simple" scramjet SSTOs and they have all come out beautiful, but very complex...
  11. @SuicidalInsanityWould you by chance be interested in having a craft file for a jet that showcases the effectiveness of the scramjet part? I have become a big time fan of the part given how it makes oxidizer free spaceplanes surprisingly viable given the in atmosphere boost to apoapsis giving nuclears ample time to circularize.
  12. I just want to point out that I forgot I had this mod installed because it fits in with vanilla so darn well, one of my favorites is the Palici pod for sure given its versatility, really wish it was just vanilla for the purposes of sharing craft easier. Also a fan of how the 1.875m parts unlock earlier in the tech tree before you get full access to 2.5m parts, makes for interesting designs when scaling back down to size 1.5 for tech reasons. Much love keep up the good work, looking forward to any other content you add to the mod.
  13. I am starting to see why you're using B9 part switch after trying interstellar fuel switch, and yeah I can see the node attachments for stuff like the edgars and chines are hell to work with. On another note, I noticed the model and the origin for the 3 configurable rcs blister types are mismatched, as can be seen here: Another thing, any chance to rework the doors on banshee lift fans so they give a bit more space for things like structural wings to exist? Love the work as always.
  14. Some suggestions for changes or additions I merely want to bring up, no pressure: The sideways slanted mk2 to mk1 adapter will be making a return? I've found quite a few uses for it but it no longer exists. A version of the end mount Edgar that could tilt a bit past 90 degrees or have thrust vents on the top and bottom so it can work backwards? Actually, maybe just an empty version of the casing that goes around it, just a thought. Shorter chine caps for the mk2 set. Mk2 rcs with a fuel type switch like the banshee, well... for most rcs pieces (btw I love the options given) (MK3X I know) Perhaps having the mk3 to mk2 cargo adapter have a hollow mk2 section for interior components, for example: extending a claw out the mk2 side from an mk2 nosecone. Also, I take it getting symmetry to work with the node point pieces is still absolute hell? I'm noticing if I attach to the nodes the symmetry fails miserably as if I rotate them just a bit on the yaw axis they invert, but if I put them "radially" on and nudge them into the same position they work fine. Another thing, did you end up ending support with interstellar fuel switch? Noticed while your parts can switch fuel which is great, unfortunately the stock mk2 parts cannot be fuel switched so there's still the matter of a lot of the parts carrying often unnecessary oxidiser, and your parts not accepting fuel types the fuel switch allows for. Lastly, keep up the good work! Your mods are honestly, my number 1 favorites.
  15. Any recommendation on which to use if I want to rotate the lift fans and the vtol engines without them freaking out? I know by enabling the default system it sort of... uses its full range of motion afforded by deploy toggle and gimbals, like to fight, especially with the stack mounted banshee fans. Any information I can provide, just ask. Edit: also noticed that at the very least, the models for the various configurable thrust blisters is offset from its actual origin
  16. Okay so I put 24 acs blisters on a small plane and tried to see how fast it would go: Can we say this is perhaps a bit overpowered? On another note, I can confirm that using the vtol gimbals patch does not play nice with most vtol engines, considering that without it they can still technically move but its at the full range of their rotation. With gimbals active and all normal controls disabled though, the resulting situation is a can of worms... Part of it may be that side mounted radial banshees seem to think they're 90 degrees off their actual orientation as pitch and roll controls are somewhat swapped.
  17. Meanwhile, found it curious that by far the most drag on my vtol was being produced by... the lift fans. I'm very pleased with the changes to the vtol parts nonetheless, this is working beautifully!
  18. On another note, it seems that the back/stack mounted lift fan gets locked in place after it toggles its deployment state once, like so: Cannot change its deploy state once the engine has been activated: EDIT: Removing vtol gimbals patch fixes the issue!
  19. I just want to point out that I made a mach 1 rcs drone simply by using 8 of the ACS blisters powered only by two circular intakes and about 2 large static panels worth of solar energy. Mind you it has literally no payload other than 2 batteries and a reaction wheel, but I'm surprised how efficient these things are. I'm going to attempt to make an actual jet with these now and see if it still works this well... Until then, enjoy this succ powered guided missile: Edit: Also, very gleeful over the changes to banshee and j edgar engines!
  20. Real shame that when I uninstalled this due to performance issues, all my craft were locked out due to FAR and realchute data embedded in the craft files. Gotta say while I love the idea of better aerodynamic models, my computer does not. Also, why exactly is realchutes included into this?
  21. After playing around for a while, I now would really love to see a J Edgar booster that can be side mounted and toggle between horizontal and vertical, maybe banshees too. I also am in love with the ACS blisters but kind of bummed they only come in the small variant unlike the normal verniers that come in medium and large, as they prove exceptionally useful for atmospheric vtols for fine adjustments. Also, here's the craft that drove me to want some of these things:
  22. Yeah I see that now, for the time being I suppose I'll have to actually rendevous with space trash instead of close flybys before flinging it retrograde
  23. Kinda sad that the winches and grappler tips are legacy, was planning to make a space trebuchet for deorbiting debris using the winches to increase the effective length of the swing arm... Still no plans to update those parts? Edit: I feel like a dunce for not checking payload... Shall I post pics of my orbital trebuchet once completed?
  24. Surprised this still works in 1.6, though all the probe cores added seem to predate kerbnet and suffer for it. Any plans to update said probe cores?
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