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  1. That's the tradeoff with W.O.L.F, unfortunately. If you want to change the role that much, you'll presumably need to destroy the depot and start from scratch. Or, to put it another way, with W.O.L.F, you are more running an interplanetary freight line (well, unless you use a mod that allows you to go interstellar)- you are focusing more on figuring out the most efficient way to ship freight around to maximise (presumably) the throughput of freight than on optimising the bases themselves over time.
  2. I think the idea is that it abstracts out most of the resource extraction process, distilling it down, more-or-less, to "A amount of B resources are produced and turned into C amount of D resources" which presumably are then gathered from the hopper (so to speak) As for W.O.L.F converters, there's no need. The refinery can be absorbed by the depot as well. as for hoppers being destroyed, I don't know, but i've a feeling it won't since I suspect that it's more a case that the idea is that consumers within W.O.L.F can't be destroyed so there's little oint accounting for it. Ho
  3. More adding more recyclers IIRC would help, but yeah, that's probably a better plan.
  4. I can see your point, but that sounds like either a lack of storage, or a lack of anything to do with the Recyclables- either that, or I think you can set a governor on the converter that produces the recyclers to slow it down a bit. Basically, the problem is that apart from the fact that I'm not sure a toggle would even work, the toggle would introduce another thing to cause headaches when RoverDude is adding new parts- for what isn't really a common problem.
  5. The point is that there are already several ways to prevent there being an excess in the first place. 1. Add more storage (if the problem is lack of storage) 2. Ship the Recyclables more often, or using larger-capacity haulers (if the problem is the flow of recyclables to where you are recycling them) 3. Add more recyclers (if the problem is lack of recycling capacity) disabling DumpExcess would therefore not actually help people who want to recycle the previously-dumped excess, while being extremely annoying for people who didn't want to bother, since now they must figure
  6. bear in mind that this is intended as an escape pod. In many ways, this pod wouldn't be docking to another craft mid-flight. it's based on the MOOSE- Man Out Of Space Easiest, or later Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment. Basically, it's designed to offer a last-ditch way for a Kerbal to get down from orbit in an emergency when there is no other option, including sending a rescue mission. (as for the question of how you get this pod to a space station, you would attach multiple of them to a central core as something of an "escape module" in the VAB, then fly the whole module up and atta
  7. If I had to guess, then I don't think fuel can only flow through attachment-node connected parts, and it looks like the inflatable storage modules are surface-attached. hence there isn't anywhere for the LF/O to go.
  8. Um, guys? I don't think streamlining is the problem as much as the fact that as fuel gets burned during the ascent, the reduction in weight on the opposite side to that of the 15 ton part could be causing a rotational force that can cause the nose of the rocket to point back towards Kerbin. I'd think a more useful solution would be either add more reaction wheels to the craft, or replace them with more powerful ones. (I say using reaction wheels since RCS thrusters both use monoprop and can only be used at full power. Reaction Wheels are a little more flexible. Yes, Reaction Wheels use EC, but
  9. I'm guessing that the issue is the refuelling tankers having some of the tanks LF-only. replace those with LF/O tanks and it should clear up the issue.
  10. I'd imagine so, because oxidiser is only ever used either with LF or- with mods that add hybrid boosters- with solid rocket fuel in hybrid rocket boosters. There's simply never actually a reason to have a separate Oxidiser tank over a combined LF/O tank. (there are reasons to have just an LF tank, but never really to have just Oxidiser.) However, for fuel tanks, it can be worth considering using the Modular Fuel Tanks mod, since that allows you to customise a fuel tank to hold more-or-less any combination you want. (though a specific tank can disallow a specific fuel, any tank intended fo
  11. notice that there are two entries for RareMetals and ExoticMinerals? you need to press the Start RareMetals button and the Start ExoticMaterials button. Basically, the one drilling is the zero efficiency drill.
  12. It's not well known- and NASA disputes it occurring- but the crew of skylab 4 actually mutinied at about the halfway point of their mission. That was after 6 weeks. So no, it's not particularly realistic for even professional Kerbals to put up with being away from Kerbin for extended periods without you needing to put some thought into it.
  13. I'm fairly sure Kerbalism doesn't actually play well with SSPRx, which may be the problem, but ModuleManager errors aren't uncommon in my experience. I'm fairly sure those errors won't affect gameplay much (IIRC, those patches are to add Snacks storage to relevant parts. You can work around it by just including a Snacks container on the vessel, IIRC._
  14. Local Warehouse is off, so try toggling that back on. That's the one that allows things to scavenge from the workshop.
  15. the Consumers are from a ModuleLogisticsConsumer module, so if you edit the part file to add one it should work. However, even cleaner would probably be modifying the AddConsumers file to add coinsumers if the part has a ModuleDeployableHabitat or ModuleDeployableCentrifuge, since then all of SSPRx's expandable ones would have it then.
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