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  1. So just so I can estimate the work required, would this be a fair assessment of what needed to be done -- or am I missing other work? // NOTES: for Define science unit of work... // square brackets [] indicate the name of a physical file // curly brackets {} indicate the name of a configuration section within a file For each Planet in GPP\GPP_Planets\{*} Define $PlanetName as {*} For each Biome in GPP\GPP_Planets\[$PlanetName.cfg]\{Body}\{Properties}\{Biomes}\[Biome}\{name} Define $BiomeName as {name} For Each $ExpType In ExperimentType = (SurfaceSample, CrewReport, EVAReport, MysteryGoo, MaterialsLab, temperatureScan, BarometerScan, GravityScan, SeismicScan, AtmosphereAnalysis) For Each $Situation In Situation = (Landed, SplashedDown, SrfLanded, SrfSplashed, FlyingLow, FlyingHigh, InSpaceLow, InSpaceHigh) // Filter out impossible $Situation depending on {Body}\{Properties}\{Ocean} existing // Filter out impossible $ExpType depending on {Body}\{Properties}\{Atmosphere} existing In GPP\GPP_Localization\[en-us]\[{#LOC_GPP_ScienceDefs section}] Add entry to GPP\GPP_Configs\GPP_Science_Defs.cfg In {@RESULTS} Section For Each section [$ExpType] Science Situation: {$PlanetName}\{$Situation} = #LOC_GPP_ScienceDefs_{$ExpType}_{$PlanetName}{$Situation}{$BiomeName} End For End Add entry to GPP\GPP_Localization\en_us.cfg Under {Localization}\{en-us}\{//GPP/GPP_Configs/GPP_Science_Defs.cfg} Science Event Description: #LOC_GPP_ScienceDefs_{$ExpType}_{$PlanetName}{$Situation}{$BiomeName} = "US English text science experiment event description" End For End For End For End For
  2. I'm looking to see if I can volunteer, but looking for a ramp up to figure out if its within scope for me to do. I'm also looking to see if I need to do this for either of GEP and/or OPM as well, but I understand its off topic for here -- except the same maintainers seem to be here. I'm checking out definitions right now, but would appreciate any direction someone might be able to give.
  3. It sounds like a pretty big job, and actually for me would be three jobs -- one for each of GPP, GEP and OPM? Or does OPM already have the work done? Other than volume of work, why did others quit at this after starting? Was there other issues other than volume of work? And if someone would like to PM me (or write here if they like), what all is involved with doing something like this as a contribution?
  4. That was my experience as well with 8GB. Couldn't actually install scatterer and play. Now I'm running on 32GB with a fairly recent processor/graphics card. Don't know why I waited so long! With this arrangement I can run along with browsers and run XSplit on the same platform. For me the expense was well worth the expense. Of course, your mileage may vary. :-)