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  1. Kerbals ar very small compared to humans, they could probably enter the Space Rider no problem. And as a probe core it would be totally OP for stock games.
  2. Yes, Lunakhod at last gets some love ! Always found that thing cute.
  3. Nice, but I really meant the fuel tanks on the spaceplace picture on the thread OP that act as warp nacelles. It was the kind of part that lacked previous Warpships mods. Those fuel tank like warp modules can put anywhere and act as warp engines as long as all the ship is in the bubble. Warp rings require to be in the center and main core of the ship and I find it limiting.
  4. No I meant stackable fuel tank like warp nacelles on the spaceplane. Which seems to work since it needs 10 of them to equal a warp ring.
  5. Possibility to make tubular warp nacelles? Hell yes, at least good looking Star Trek style ships are now possible...
  6. When I said usin stock parts, I meant fuel tanks. Of course, harvesting liquid is impossible in stock game. And thus maybe most people wanting to harvest liquids would already use exotic fuel parts on their ships to the point of making this feature (liquid fuel oceans) useless. But someplayers might not want to have many mods or mght have a limited computer capacity and so use mostly stock parts except for the harvester and the planet pack. It should be a config based on other mods included into the player's set up.
  7. For people using stock resources or using stock parts, it is a good idea.
  8. Try and you'll know but as nothing changed orbits wise, it should work fine.
  9. How much RAM does that mod takes if all systems are enabled? (not taking into account other mods). The tutorial says to install it on a clean KSP install. Why? Is is something to do with the config cache?
  10. I had the same without any Kerbal at all. My science station on Vall I went to check to see the new textures, the flag fell down by itself on loading. (very slowly due to low gravity but still)
  11. On what version of KSP are you playing? following a same save on multiple successive versions can break the gameplay. If you did so, I suggest you to start a new save and see if the problem persists on the new save.
  12. I think I read it on Bleeding Edge page or in the file readme perhaps.
  13. If memory serves, in Kop Bleeding Edge, MyRocksAreBigerThanYours is obsolete. So if you kept it in your 1.10.1 JNSQ install, there might be an issue there.
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