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  1. Can you be more specific? I haven't had any problem aside from a texture hiding the inside of the fairing at certain angles.
  2. Bugs I found at least in VAB. Grenade style capsules (Soviet styles from MH) don't show under silver variant fairings unless you look between the halves when hovering the mouse on them. Mk1 capsule show as usual. Relay antennas don't show as well, so suffice to say that some parts have difficuties to show under silver fairings. Mk2 lander can has a context menu bug where the 'invert flag' shows on round capsule variant instead of 'toggle payload bay doors'. Unable to open those doors now. Thanks Squad you ruined the Mk2 lander can. Unable to open them in flight mode as well. Is this a problem for English localization as well as French? These are the two bugs I found for now.
  3. As usual, take your 1.9.1 and copy it before the update.
  4. I don't know from wich country the modder is but you know that we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, right? What if he or someone of his family has the disease and can't access his computer or is too tired or unavailable for the moment? It could take some time.
  5. Disturbiing some asteroids trajectory even by a milimeter could mean the difference between the birth/death of a potential civilization on some planet... So Voyager could either become the main event for some people without even knowing they have been influenced by it. It is however highly unlikely to happen... And Voyagers are too light to have their own satellites and rings.
  6. No revamps of Tylo, Val, Bop and Pol yet? I guess Tylo and Vall will be next, then Bop and Pol and then Eeloo with New Horizons spacecraft analogue. Cool to have real comets now.
  7. How can we know that that guy spitting in caps locks isn't just a bot infiltrating the forum?
  8. @Nate Simpson Not wanting to fuel hysteria, I'll still say this: Pardon my skepticism, although yout news seem encouraging, the videogame industry used to take players to a new low each year and even each month that goes by. From there it is not surprising that the news of Star Theory's closure by an aggressive move from a greedy publisher who just wanted to mark their teritory against a well advised red pilled studio manager raises some concernes in the player base. As for me, I'll be wary of everything that you or any other will publish until the game release. Players were tricked in the past and will be tricked again. I want to say that it is not your fault, I'm not angry at you or your colleagues personally. You were forced to make a decision, stay on the project or finish your career under a street bench, and given the difficult times, chosing to keep a job and a project in which you poored every bit of your soul is nothing short of understandable. Despite adressing this message in my own name, I guess many other players and fans think alike. If what you said is deemed to be true in the end, the better, However, if you were forced to lie, we players will take note of it and, at least as far as am concerned, I, won't buy the game. Understand that with current worldwide difficulties, you are not the only one to suffer, many players won't be able to afford the, at least, announced 60 dollars price of the game, especially if they are lied to about its content an its delivery. In the meantime, I still wish you the best for this big project, fair solar winds, the less possible kraken attacks and as would speak one of the most influencial conmunity members, FLY SAFE !
  9. Thx That's not the files weight that bothers me, that the repetitive, delete mod to bin, open WinRAR, extract compressed folder to the right folder constantly that bothers me...