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  1. The launcher issue could be resolved as Paradox does it, aka launchers switches off when you launch the actual game. Why would you need the launcher to stay on when the game runs??? That's a little stupid to me. As for modded builds, never run an modded build on the main KSP folder to begin with, copy the KSP folder and create a shortcut directly from the .exe.
  2. If we base ourselves on KSP1 updates speed, give three or four months per update (without counting bug fixes and patches). So Let's say March 1st for the the game release (even if it is 6 days earlier but it will be easier to calculate), that would lead us to 1st June or July for Stage 1, scoence gathering, between 1st of September and 1st of November for Stage 2, Colonies and and thus early 2024 for Stage 3, interstellar capability. If anything, the game should be feature announced worthy by late 24. Of course, it depends on the release smoothness and eventual game breaking bugs that would ask for complete rewriting of core features and bring delays... I guess that the devs are already four or five updates in advance in their own builds but waiting on that gigantic beta test to make sure they are going the right way. They don't have that much time to play themselves, so more feedback equals more data to work with and the team is much bigger than the first game dev team, not to mentioned more experienced and also benefit from the experience of some modders, in theory, they should be more reactive and have anticipated many problems. On the other hand the bigger scale of the game will bring more challenges to solve for them. They need the money but the editor might also have pushed the delays the more they can and might not want to delay more to avoid players going elsewhere thinking the game will never release and become a vaporware. At least, the EA stage means that the game is still up and getting support from the company, and not cancelled, that's a huge achievement in itself, I had many friends telling me that KSP2 was never gonna release and was gonna become a vaporware that much that they weren't even interested... Would you still be interested in the game if the release date was pushed to 'undetermined' or release in 2026???
  3. Using Tylo for a gravity assist to capture around Jool can also be possible.
  4. OK the order worked now. There must have been a bug previously.
  5. Since docking ports now are articulated to rotate a bit, it might mean that autostrut between them is just impossible now, I don't know if it is a bug.
  6. My card number is not recognized bv the payment system so I can't buy anything.
  7. Alarm Clock and Transfer Window Planner integrated into the game, it's about damn time ! It should be mandatory from the get go...
  8. Fireworks, absolutely useless to the game but, it is not every day a game turns ten and still sees success...
  9. So the blue shift IXS already is higher tech than the Alcubierre Warp drive. This is good news. (the standalone IXS with Alcubierre Warp Drive mod and CTT was lower than the Alcub in my previous installs which made no sense too me). And I always use CTT when I add part mods because modders do things their own way and the stock tech tree kind put them in nonsensical places to begin with and some part mods require it anyway.
  10. Thx for the reply. It is just that I liked the Alcubierre parts. I just wondered if the IXS would break if used with both mods simultaneously installed. Disclaimer: I have yet to understand how to navigate with a warp drive to fully use it properly without an insane delta V requirement on capture As I see it, the Alcubierre would make a nice first warp tech; cumbersome to use whereas Blueshift would make an enhanced warp drive system to be used in a more creative way. Although in terms of looks, having the IXS working with Blueshift looks cool and your tweaks sound nice, that ship works with Alcubierre rings and would logically be a nice Alcubierre MK2, sleeker designleading to improvements to the Blueshift, more flexible warp drive. One cool thing would have been to have the IXS parts improve their tech from Alcubierre to Blueshift in the tech tree but I guess that would require a complicated patch for the tech tree to first disable then enable your tweaks and I would perfectly understand that you wouldn't want to do it. One other things bugs me (not your fault, it has been like that for years) is that the IXS Warpship is lower in the tech tree than the Alcubierre parts, which make no sense to me. I would have put the Alcubierre parts first, then the IXS and then the Blueshift ones, but it doesn't really impact your mod, unless you wish to add "tech progression" to your patches. Anyway, I'm not currenly playing KSP right now so I don't know when I'll test the double warp mode set up and I haven't yet tested Blueshift either due to lack of time. Is it normal that I get the source code links on your Github link instead of a more normal download link? I just don't know what file to download then.
  11. The real end game location is Eve's surface with crews.
  12. Isn't that a stock bug that appeared in 1.10? There is one that displays phantom mountains/shadows on the horizon.
  13. Kerbals ar very small compared to humans, they could probably enter the Space Rider no problem. And as a probe core it would be totally OP for stock games.
  14. Yes, Lunakhod at last gets some love ! Always found that thing cute.
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