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  1. About Soyouz parts, I think that the orbital/habitation modules not taking science is not that big of a deal as long as you can drop science into the main capsule via EVA. Because since the main capsule doesn't have a side hatch, you must transfer to it and science isn't taken by transfer so you must drop it via EVA, unless adding a data storage module to the main capsule to right click transfer science from lander to main capsule. And for those who want to roleplay the Soviet Moon mission, you have to EVA, so dropping science via EVA before boarding sounds about right because it forces you to EVA anyway.
  2. That's what I said, OPM is for adding planets to stock system. JNSQ is Stock+OPM at x2.7 scale. And I went just to Jool in Stock, OPM and JNSQ and I still have to get to Outer worlds, true.
  3. To add planets to the stock system, you already have one mod for that: OPM.
  4. Yeah my N1 with Soyouz and LK is about 50m high. (47m, but I didn't put a real 4th stage to it ,though) The real one was about 100 m high with the LAS. So do you plan to keep the performance as it is but just increase the size? (and move further up the parts in the tech tree? )
  5. @Beale I noticed that Habitation modules of the Soyouz like craft can't hold experiments. Also, I noticed that the Soyouz like reentry capsules don't have any side hatch so if you come back from EVA or a celestial body surface with science, you can't get inside the Habitation module and then into the reentry capsule with the science carried by the kerbal. Is the kerbal on EVA still able to drop science into the reentry module even if he is unable to enter it directly? (my idea was to drop science and then get back to the habitation module to get in and then transfer the kerbal into the reentry module via transfer button, I haven't tested it yet and yesterday, I rushed my mission to the Mun and got no science back from it). Are all these intentional? (given that the mod has been around for years, I guess that if it was a mistake it would have been corrected a long time ago already). I'm new to Tantares, so I'm still getting used to it. BTW even in JNSQ, N1 is OP, I guess it is best suited to RSS, isn't it? I managed to bring a Soyouz+LK lander to the Mun with the third stage and use that third stage to deorbit the lander, the G stage was superfluous at best it helped me to keep reserve delta V for the ascent and rendezvous back in munar orbit. To be honest, I rushed my build so much that the decoupler for the escape tower was mounted upside down, Russian style so I couldn't dock the lander to the Soyouz because the decoupler was still attached to the docking port, lol.
  6. Seems a nice update, getting French rocketery up to the level of Tantares. Sad for the nerfs to the ISP, but they were way too high for what the launch vehicles were supposed to be, even in JNSQ, the engines were generally too efficient, unless you are refeering only to the cryo engine special config of course.
  7. I stopped using Cryo engines for sometime due to conflicts with other mods, sadly.
  8. Downloaded the mod for later, I think you have time to fix it before I decide to install mods on 1.8 since Squad might release a patch to fix nummerous bugs. I won't mod my new install before then.
  9. Ariane V going Energia mode, lol. Also love your bare variants for engines, except that Vulcain without its assembly just can't work for me, it needs its spherical injector tanks... RCS embedded adaptors are nice for station extension or docking, you have the RCS to brake before docking ! I understand now why KNES isn't marked as 1.8 compatible yet, it is because you'll add many things in it for that update. Your parts are still interesting because they encompass the whole (or next to) spectrum just like Tantares or BDB, with some differences. In many instances, KNES is a downscaled whole spectrum mod with smaller things doing the same purpose in a different style. It as complementarity with many other mods and has good looking parts for beauty shots. It works well with JNSQ also, Ariane parts don't feel OP there, they just feel right.
  10. As long as it doesn't affect gameplay, it is fine I guess.
  11. I noticed on Eve that the ships I put in the very upper atmosphere (above 85 km) light up like Chrismas trees from a 100 km low orbit. Before it used to do do that around 75 km. Secondly, I noticed that my preferences are not saved when I quit the game so I have to reset theose each time I load. The game preferences aren't savec from one game session to another, you have to reset your preferences each time in the settings (in main menu) so the textures are the new ones. The MEM ascend stage RCS is meant to function when the ascend stage is alone, not when it is coupled with a descend stage. Add RCS ports on the descend stage to balance it out (and add RCS fuel tanks as well or you'll have not enough RCS fuel for ascend). But this the difficult option, the easiest is to add a reaction wheel of course.
  12. Those who are now on 1.8, rejoice, the message spam has ended. Now instruments give messages once every few days. Plus there is a delete button in the message app to delete all messages at once.
  13. No, if you overlap several warp bubbles, the ship will explode upon activation.
  14. I seem to be running into some trouble. Using it in 1.7.3 with BK and JNSQ 0.8.1 mod, the KEI app icon doesn't appear at all and impossible to get any science boost whatsoever from KSC.