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  1. Just use Kerbal joint reinforcement mod. The only real problem is the insane drag that those big parts generate. So you got to chose a slow ascend profile and kinda noobish with going vertical first and then turn East once the most of the atmosphere is behind you.
  2. No, it is just that nothing changed physics wise from 1.4.5 up to to 1.7.3 as far as parts are concerned.
  3. Kickback SRBs were pitifull for bigger rockets, it was high time for SQUAD to add MOAR BOOSTERS to the game...
  4. I've been using those Space Y mods in 1.7 no problem, it should work in 1.7.3.
  5. Large rocke in the planets rings? Means that you have to pay attention when crossing the ring plane or your craft will be destroyed?
  6. They said yesterday in the interview that Kerbol system would be the same, ut enhanced with some new assets in the Kerbolar system, apart from the the new solar systems they add, so we might expect some new bodies spinning their way around Kerbol. KSP has already become a cultural phenomenon far beyond the core game itself, I guess due to the New Space race and Elon Musk shenanigans. "How not to land an orbital rocket booster" video is shown alongside Kerbal videos in Youtube suggestions because it is a very Kerbal style video about rocket science, failure and optimism.
  7. Oh I see, that's true. Having played on OPM, I already find cumbersome to have a ten years journey do Neidon by Hohman transfer... And already use Warp drive for a Outer system transfer... We will see how the game is set, as of now we know nothing about gameplay and balance and many things are likely to change until then. I hope the Helmets won't change since I like those shown in the trailer,
  8. Curious, I thought there was one. Or is it only when you launch a new game (can't revert the option afterwards in that same save)? If not, it might be a mod then, but I don't rememeber which one. Might Envrionment Visual Enhancements or Surface Visual Enhancement or Stock Visual Terrain. Well, having laser induced nuclear fusion engines or even nuclear impulse engines is not exactly what I call a FTL drive or Warp drive. And it also can be used for rapid transists to Outer planets. As for FTL, I'm sure modders will reintroduce it as they did with the first game for those who want FTL capability. The first game worked with it when it was not designed for it so I don't see why it shouldn't work in the new one. As long as they don't introduce Warp Drives or equivalent into stock game, you should be happy. Micro transactions could come as mini DLC just like in Cities Skylines with music and a few, mostly for beautification, assets
  9. Sorry, had added "terrain" word at the wrong place. Terrain features colliders can be activated in the game options so you don't necessarily go through rocks and trees. As for Breaking Ground DLC terrain features, there must be some colliders in those since I I saw kerbals jumping into cryo volcanos and so on. They even need colliders for the scanning arm to work properly since it has a drill and laser chams.
  10. You can terrain activate colliders in KSP 1, in the options. BG DLC features already have colliders.
  11. Or the new Space Race has made KSP popular as well. We can thank Elon Musk and his contraptions for that...
  12. Take straight to Laythe and up a quarter near Bop.
  13. DO I have to download this mod even if I have all of your other mods with Dynamic battery storage in them?
  14. Kopernicus as well as the stock game had been updated a lot of times since that error and I didn't happen ever since.
  15. Love how you took the stock Mk1 hab/aircraft cabin module and turned it into an actual space station module with KNES aesthetics. Just one bit of criticism (I wouldn't be French otherwise), the inside squarish hatches don't match the outside round hatches unless you consider, lorewise that these are two different pannels, for airtight reasons... Does that version works with KSP 1.7?
  16. Yes we do, one part propellers from mods don't get funky when they speed up.
  17. At least they'll be solid parts that won't get funky with game physics, that's already something.
  18. Isn't that with Cryo Engines? If you use one, you'll use the other for sure. If you already tapped into the config files you could add more fuel to the tanks since Hydrogen is way less dense than Liquid Fuel which is, for all instants and purposes closer to heavy kerozene. SO there is chance that with liquid Hydro, your ship has less mass overall. so adding fuel to rebalance the thing could be an option. Or boost the ISP of the engines or lower their consumption as well as boost their thrust since Hydrogen powered engines have generally lower thrust with greater ISP, you might want to put their thrust to their original values. Also, in Nertea's mods there is a file in Extras folder which take back some configs for work with stock Liquid Fuel instead of Liquid Hydrogen. I don't know if they affect the Endurance parts though as I haven't yet unlocked them in my career playthrough along with Cryo tanks and Cryo Engines. Might be worth the try.
  19. I know, I just wanted him to make his own mistakes so he could see for himself.
  20. KSP 1.7.3 patch being underway for shortly, there is no reason to have a 1.7.2 update for now... @jpinard It is caused by the game engine itself, so it ain't being corrected anytime soon. It shows off when a solar system is bigger than the stock one.
  21. OK thanks I tried the contract thing, nothing bad happens. The contract remains active when the craft takes off and makes it into orbit after accepting the contract. The location was just indicative of the place the craft was when accepting the contract. Doesn't matter where the target is as long the tourists get to it.
  22. I've got a couple of questions. A tourist contract poped in my MC building. It says that I have to get three tourists to a craft that is currently is landed on Minmus. But it waiting for a science mission to complete and will take two scientists and one engineer back into Minmus orbit to rendezvous with a transfer ship back to Kerbin. Plus, tourists can't transfer via EVA and making a craft that docks to a landed craft is quite cumbersome. If I take the contract now, can I make the craft take off for the tourist mission without braking the contract? Or do I have to make the ship take off before taking the contract? Second topic, I wish to make a mission to Moho, but it takes a lot of delta V, I envisaged to have some Eve gravity assists to preserve delta V for the Moho mission, but I don't know when to take off. When gravity assists are involved do I have to depart at Moho or Eve transger window? My though was tha graivty assists messing up with orbits makes the original target transfer window useless...
  23. I used to see Challenge videos of KSP missions marked "SSTA to Eeloo via a Jool 5, no mining" Now we shall see new challenges such as "Huge interplanetary ship to Eeloo via Moho, no part clipping". It's a good thing this remains an option to deactivate/activate though or it would completely change how the game works. I still understand why some purists hate part clipping though.