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  1. Thanks i updated some of my mods uninstalled tac launched the game, deleted all the tac logs in my savefile and it works again
  2. TAC stopped working in my carreer save. It still shows up in the toolbar and the predictions work fine in the vab. But somehow vessels dont need life support anymore they completely stopped breathing eating and stuff: 15_15_42-Kerbal Space Program.png?dl=0 That screenshot shows my first space station´s ressources, it doesnt use any food oxygen or water even though its crewed. Life support monotoring broke as well: 15_08_59-Kerbal Space Program.png?dl=0 It all started with an rescue contract, i approached the vessel i should rescue. the kerbal in it died, since it didnt had any electric charge or life support. Since then i had this problem i deleted the rescue contracts, disabled tac and reenabled it again. All didnt work. I didnt had any crashes because of it. Here is my ksp.log: I use a hell ton of mods but tac is the only mod that doesnt work: 15_40_01-GameData.png?dl=0