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  1. I'm sad to say but Archtagon aerospace won't be developed any further, I think that Bluedog Design Bureau does more for the early game, but I will still be developing mods
  2. Knarkle


  3. I've improved quite a bit since I've made those, I'm hoping they'll look even better.
  4. It is official, Archtagon Aerospace will be continued! I've decided that the hiatus will come to an end, feel free to ask questions!
  5. I might consider continuing this mod, I still have some old models as a matter of fact. Pretty much ALL of the parts need remolded and retextured though...
  6. Prerelease available! Imager is temporarily removed as of now as It needs remodeled and It stopped functioning.
  7. In fact Sputnik 3, which started design 1956 and it had a micro meteorite sensor. The C-2 Avionics Apparatus features an integrated ionizing radiation sensor, but a science experiment provided from early game antennas just seems peculiar for KSP.
  8. Low-tech is not No-tech! You'll be surprised how useful old technology really is for the space program While of course you could use the parts supplied specifically for the space program, you can get farther, quicker, by using utilities that have a history of versatility. This is a part pack dedicated to early Career Mode, ever though the tech-tree was a bit sparse in the early game? This pack includes some parts to kick start your exploration of the Kerbol system. Prerelease Available at SpaceDock Changelog : Planned Features : Pack Licensed under MIT License ; Enclosed in File