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  1. aaaand... all my mods are outdated. dangit Now that my keystone mods are in place, I can do stuff.
  2. We need Air Superiority Fighter Competition Unlimited X lol, which means BDA 1.2 and KSP 1.6, which is where I am designing my crafts.
  3. Does anyone have a link to BDA 1.2? gonna try the small craft meta
  4. Are we still running 1.4 or up to 1.6? Getting ready to make something.
  5. Nah, I just use default settings. Not to mention my crafts are heavy and loaded with big guns. Standard armament is at least 2 Gau-9s and 1 - 4 hidden Vulcans for spray. Oh, and I would slap on heatseekers for routing. Maybe I'll update from 1.3 tomorrow and install the mod version, then slap something together.
  6. *looks at teeeeeny tiny spaceplanes* *looks at monstrosity that barely makes it into space, much less back* *smashes PC*
  7. I still can design decent crafts... I just can't tweak the AI to handle it right.
  8. HeroBrian_333

    Naval Warfare

    I'm baaack... maybe anyway, I'm gonna try to get one built... My philosophy will be "Guns Galore, who cares if I need mammoth rockets to keep it from sinking?"
  9. HeroBrian_333

    One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

    "Who portrayed Bombadil?" that just makes us sad...
  10. HeroBrian_333

    Rate the location....

    0/10 too complicated I don't got no funds
  11. HeroBrian_333

    Rate the location....

    4/10 idk where that is
  12. HeroBrian_333

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    Barad-dur "I'm thinking about having the smith make me some big metal ______ that I can put on my back and head, to keep the Gravewalker from _______ me."
  13. HeroBrian_333

    Weirdest Quotes!

    Lightning... Gave me abs? - The Flash, Season 1, Episode 1
  14. HeroBrian_333

    One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

    One sentence? I'll do one better: four words. Elves at Helm's Deep.
  15. HeroBrian_333

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    ah, ok then. Still can't tell us about the NDA?