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  1. Going to Laythe and back with a VTOL tilt-wing SSTO!

    @hazard-ish, could you try to make a ssto with tilting engines at the end of the wings fully stock that works? I don't care that you cheated on the lathe tilt-wing, you still built a vtol-capable ssto. Anyone else who can help, please do. Respond, and leave a link to a video showing how in a reply. If I figure it out first, I will post the craft file.
  2. Problems with BDarmory

    Okay, how do I revert to 1.3.0?
  3. Hi, I can't seem to get the BDarmory cont. mod working for 1.3.1. I am getting a text line saying that there are patches being applied, but I can't see any weapons in the SPH or VAB. It is installed correctly, other mods have worked for me when installed this way. Also, I downloaded from spacedock. Should I try the version off of curse? Is there another depndency mod? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (Also, launching with steam)