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  1. Midterms next week... I'm back with the nextgen ASP fighter concept. Now into the H line.
  2. Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    4/10 #NotARobot
  3. Hello! You were the one who was always complaining about something lol.
  4. eh... still, I expected my original thread to be 3 pages long at most right now, not 67 with a ton of entries.
  5. What?!?!?! I didn't realize it was this popular! Thank you @exbyde for carrying on the legacy!
  6. It's a Zyggerian Freighter. I would reccomend using a bar and light jet engines inside the main hull (because of the weight of the engine nacelles) and docking ports inside the hull to hold the nacelles steady when in landing position.
  7. Can you try and make this? It's from the Clone Wars TV Series.
  8. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    That works, just link to this one first. And post a link on this one.
  9. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    So... How do I see a deleted post?
  10. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    @exbyde How do you always manage to have the perfect meme (or whatever you would call this)? Anyway, time to summon the mods. Is a transfer of ownership possible?
  11. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Sorry, been very busy. I don't think I will have a lot of time to devote to this thread for a while. So, I was wondering if @exbyde would like to have ownership of this thread, seeing as I will not have time to devote to this for the foreseeable future.
  12. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    So, I maaaaaaaaaay have gotten a bit distracted by school (and the trial version of Destiny 2). Oh well, at least I have... inspiration!
  13. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Return of the bezerkers! I will submit my ASP series in it's entirety. 5 planes per squad. 1 EuroViper, 2 EuroPyre drones (revamped vampire drones), and 2 EuroDarts.
  14. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Not making the comment in the first place.
  15. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    @exbyde please keep it appropriate