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  1. Welp, more questions than answers, as usual...
  2. New subplot: a corrupt misunderstood buisness coalition called the Inferno Spacefare Coalition bribed the acting Grand Kerbal to find a way to cause KASA to collapse from within, then grant them the contract for the official Kerbal Space Program. No? Just a suggestion...
  3. Great! I installed this before, but the game updated before I had a chance to use it. Going to use it for my Jool-5.
  4. Ok, another question? I have some liquid fuel tanks clipped into an empty SRB I am using as spokes for my ring mothership. Is that ok since the SRBs are just structural? If there may be a prroblem, I will post a craft file on KerbalX when it is done for you to take a look.
  5. Does anyone know if KER has been updated for 1.4.1 yet? And if so, where can I get it? Also, what mod is the Info Drive from?
  6. Is having a ship designed to swing by Dres and pick up an asteroid to refine into fuel for landers and tge craft itself cheating? And what is your defenition of part clipping?
  7. The Emiko asteroid was slung into orbit after a Minimus encounter by luck, not moved their by kerbals.
  8. HeroBrian_333

    Misspell the Username!

  9. HeroBrian_333

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    What do you use then?
  10. HeroBrian_333

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    One, watch your language. Two, I-beams phase through armor and are currently the best weapon.
  11. HeroBrian_333

    Inferno Empire Shipyard Logs

    Addendum - Order of Battle: Light Craft: LAC - Light Attack Craft - described as an eggshell armed with a sledgehammer; low armor, high weapons, low power (relies on CLAC to transport) FG - Frigate - Smaller than a light cruiser, more defense than a LAC Screen: DD - Destroyer - Light, fast, and maneuverable; 65 to 80 tons CA - Heavy Cruiser - Optimized for combat against light craft; 90 to 150 tons BC(P) - Battlecruiser (pod variant) - Carries ordinance and countermeasure pods, extremely dangerous; 150 to 250 tons Capital Ships: BB - Battleship - Modular weapons systems, extremely versatile and well-armored; 250 to 350 tons SD - Superdreadnought - Built-in and modular weapons systems, most powerful armor, high delta-v; 350 to 500 tons SD(P) - Superdreadnought (pod variant) - Arsenal ship, loaded with high-damaging weapons pods; 350 to 500 tons CLAC - LAC Carrier - Carries LACs, frigates, cutters, and pinnaces; no determined weight Support Craft: Cutter - Utility craft, carries cargo to a planet's surface, a damaged warship, or munitions freighter; No set weight Pinnace - extremely light weapons and armor, acts as a ground assault dropship or crew shuttle; no set weight Munitions Freighter - Carries salvaged weapons, fresh weapons pods, and new crew; no set weight Ground Assault and Bases: Mining Spire - Spire set up to mine resources from a planet's surface; comes with anti-air defenses; no set weight Sting Ship - Light atmospheric strike craft to obliterate or take over ground targets; no set weight Ground Assault Transport - A fancy name for a fancy tank, designed to storm a ground target no matter what terrain; no set weight Artillery - Long-range cannon capable of knocking a target out from cover; no set weight
  12. Gahh! This thread keeps blowing up my phone with emails! Why did I ever have the brilliant idea, "Hey, why not start a competition? I get to see a new plane or two a month, plus, I pick up tips, all without much work!" instead, I got 10 planes in the first 5 days, have my phone beep every 5 minutes with a post from this thread, and have so little time, I had to turn it over to @exbyde ! (BTW, much thanks. It's your nightmare now, not mine.)