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  1. He returns... sorta.

    1. Piatzin


      *crosses fingers*

    2. Piatzin


      *uncrosses fingers*

  2. I'm going to be working through all of these in order... You will be seeing a lot of me.
  3. This is bananas. I can't get my stuff to do well in damage mitigation, yet everyone else tanks missile hits. What are the best ways to increase damage mitigation?
  4. What are you thinking? Weaponize the Volta XV Spear? You will have a lot of AI tuning to do before achieving maximum performance.
  5. I'm going to make and submit an aircraft just to drive @Box of Stardust insane... because I'm a horrible person.
  6. There are no missiles on the -11B-10. That's going to hurt routing capabilities.
  7. My PFP is the logo of an interplanetary space empire trained for war and with cybernetic enhancements. I beat one person.
  8. Granted. Regolith is now edible but toxic to the touch. I wish for this and my next wish to be incorruptible.
  9. Such an easy challenge. Just slap a butt load of ore tanks on there.
  10. The saturn engine is the BDA version of the stock KSP vectoring engine. It is what I am using on my aircraft right now.
  11. Holy kraken. The gang's all here except for @exbyde (pls come back man).
  12. Sorry, secret. I haven't even given you a full picture of the craft yet. Aso, the PEGASys will destrpy everyone. It held no. 1 on the last one for a while.
  13. That's basically what I'm doing right now. Although there are no airplanes this maneuverable with an AI programmed.
  14. My plane still doesn't want to turn to its full capacity... frustrating, to say the least. It can turn on a dime when in human control. Maybe I'll film some maneuvers on my side (and Avera9ejoe, if you are reading this, it is not a TOTAL knockoff... just close).
  15. My plane needs AI and weaponry tweaks, but it will be able to beat the Zircon.
  16. Not that I noticed, but they knock out radar and reaction wheels, so not reccomended due to it usually affecting friendly crafts.
  17. Huh... I drew him out. Maybe you should design a craft too, or weaponize one of the Voltas.
  18. *looks* *sees major flaw* *points out major flaw* You never specified no SSTOs or ISRUs...
  19. Nothing to apologize for, I was just letting you know that AGMs don't like to work on planes.
  20. Ok @HyperDraco, this isn't an air superiority fighter. This is a JSF, so maybe redesign it for air to air combat? This is what I'm doing with my craft. It is as maneuverable as @Avera9eJoe's Volta XV Spear (similar design), but the autopilot is either turning too much or not enough.
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