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  1. Hello! The Ariane 1's main fuel tank is coming along nicely. I am having trouble configuring it to have attachment points and stuff though. Any advice? sorry. I'm a bit new to modeling and stuff.
  2. Progress! I converted my CAD model into what Inventor calls a "non-freeform faceted polygon shape" I've been trying to attach images, but can't figure out how.
  3. So far so good! Ten minutes of work, and I've got a preliminary model of the Ariane 1's fuel tank. Inventor is being really annoying today.
  4. @CobaltWolf Will do! Might be a while, I've still got to make the engines and a few fuel tanks. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.
  5. @CobaltWolf Just a minor question. What program do you guys use for making part files? I've been thinking about making some engines for a stockalike version of ESA's Ariane 1.
  6. Please help. I Am running Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 on a Dell PC with windows 10. No mods. KSP is accepting button input, but is not recognizing when I move the yoke/throttle
  7. Ok. I'll do that for any further updates
  8. UPDATE: Kollaborative Challange v0.9.7 Addition of scoring system: - Minus 1 point for each ten units of fuel used - Engine scores: -10 points per "Whiplash", -5 per "Panther", -3 per "Wheesly" , -1 per "Juno" - Minus 10 points foe each part lost (not counting drop tanks) - Minus 5 points for each drop tank (Fuel drawn from drop tanks has no point penalty)
  9. Hey guys. I am a bit of a noob to the forum, but I have been playing KSP for almost five years now, since it was in beta and you exploded if you flew to far from the KSC. I have a challenge for all the KSP players out there. In stock KSP, fly from the KSC to the temple of Tut-Ahn Jeb-Ahn, then fly to the inland KSC. Fly the rest of the way around Kerbin, land on the Island Airfield, then take off and land on the KSC runway. Please post videos of you doing the challenge, or stories of how you did it below. Good luck, and happy trails! Ok, one ofthe comments said to add updates to the mane post, so that's what I'll be doing from now on. UPDATE: Kollaborative Challenge v1.0.2 -Added scoring system for collaboration (fulfilling the title of this challenge) collaboration scoring system: -minus 1 point for every unit of resources given from collaborators -plus 10 points for every 25 km flown without assistance UPDATE: Kollaborative Challenge v1.2.2 -Added additional Landmarks (DSN dishes, etc.) - Plus 5 points per landmark visited UPDATE: Kollaborative Challenge v1.3.4 -Can now use amphibious vehicles (rovers, etc.) I will post the savegame soon. It has a KerbNet point on each anomaly. Visit anomalies as you wish. Please send me videos or stories of your adventures.
  10. This mod is the best! I don't randomly explode upon hitting the explodium sea anymore. Love it!