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  1. Ok i'll open a new post. About autostruts i whent to the save to remove them for the base (they were active on the legs) but sadly it does not fix the problem.
  2. I'd like to renew this thread a bit, since i'm building a minmus station out of basetubes and modules. I now have 2 modules connected with a base tube but while trying to land the next tube near the base, the base explodes. According to the logs an adapter collides into an attached part. Is this bug still not solved, or can it be solved at this moment?
  3. Hi, i've got a simple rover build that i tested to work on Kerbin and it functions just fine, i use this rover to put my base parts into place. However i just got the rover and some base parts on Minmus but the rover is constantly speeding up. I can only brake it by hitting reverse. So basically the rover is uncontrollable. It might be something with Minmus or with the new update 1.3.1. Anybody an idea wat could be wrong, or is this a common issue? BTW. I have full probe control (most of the time) from the radio connection.
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