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  1. EDIT: Also, is there any way to get a body to consistently track the sun, like you could with Persistent Rotation? Or should I just also install PR for sun-tracking and disable the persistent rotation factor of this mod?
  2. Ah, you are correct on both accounts there. Again, the wiki just has the outdated names, and the Actual Fenris-4688 fairing is in fact still in the game if you know where to find it, which led to my confusion. And that is the AKI box... I think it's in KIS now? No idea where that came from
  3. Ah, alright then. Well I am a little sad that the other tank sizes are now deprecated but I suppose there are workarounds to everything. I tend to use the advanced menu a lot while building, filtering by cross-section is extremely useful to me with all the part packs I have.
  4. I'd say it seems like a lot of content to strip, but it is a pretty bloated mod already so fair enough, I understand then. And yes, I can confirm that both the TRU and fairing are not showing in their respective tabs for me. Payload tab: Command and Control Tab:
  5. So the fact that the only Belle fuel tanks that show up for me under "Fuel Tanks" in simple mode in the VAB are the Belle-120A and the Belle-240BD (along with many, many other parts) is definitely a bug then? Correct. Notice in that screenshot I have the 0.935m cross-section tab selected, using advanced mode. always remember to extend your cars solar panels when you park!
  6. Thats what I mean, none of those fuel tanks you have pictured show up under fuel tanks for me. Neither do the Belle TRU or Fenris-4688 show up under Command and Control and Payloads, respectively. Does that mean they are deprecated and are going to be removed?
  7. Here is all that shows when I search Agena engine. I see the new Mafuni-C engine you are talking about there, but there are no fuel tanks or anything to pair with it. Here is a look at all the 0.935 parts I've been using and would like to know replacements for:
  8. Ahh ok, well that's quite unfortunate that so many great and useful parts are being removed. I've launched a few different missions now using these apparently deprecated engines and fuel tanks now... So I really shouldn't be using most of the Belle 0.935m parts (Belle-70, Belle-70B, Belle-140B, Belle-200, Belle-200D, Belle TRU, Belle BFB, Belle fairings, etc), since they're not listed under their functions? Will there ever be replacements for all these parts being removed?
  9. No, thats not true. I get that the B9Partswitch variants cannot be seperated. Have you really not noticed all the parts that are not visible in simple mode? For example, right now I am building a 0.9375m rocket using mostly "Belle" parts, and both Belle upper stage engines (A-25 Hadar and D-35 Mafuni) are not listed under the engines tab, only when filtering by cross-section under the 0.935 tab, or in the BDB manufacturer tab. Same goes for all of the Diuscuri 0.935 engines in the same tab (EDIT: Bad example). Also, a vast majority of the Belle series fuel tanks do not show up under fuel tanks
  10. It's not that the parts are not yet unlocked, I can find and use them when I search for them or use the advanced menu. It's just that it seems that a lot of the parts are not listed under their correct tabs while in "simple mode" in the VAB.
  11. I'm also having eberkains issue mentioned above, with probes getting a small, un-counterable burst of speed when switching SAS modes (I am in 1.8.1), I'm wondering if this has always been an issue and how you guys get around it as it is pretty debilitating to me. I would like to be able to use the small, reaction-wheel only probe cores, but they're constantly flicking themselves out of control. It seems like the reaction wheels' torque needs to be cut off a tick or so sooner. Is this possibly just caused by game lag?
  12. Hey guys, loving this mod so far! I'm sure this has been asked before but a quick search didn't help me, is there a way to make all parts show up in the simple parts list? I'm more interested in kitbashing my own custom ships rather than rebuilding real missions and would love to actually have every available engine show up under engines, for example. If there's no easy way to do this, I totally understand though, just thought I'd ask! Thanks!
  13. FINALLY figured it out, and it's simply a bug caused by (oddly enough) an incompatibility between B9PartSwitch and Scatterer. The newest version of Scatterer has a patch for it, and updating fixed it.
  14. Hi there, I'm just now realizing that my Jool rings are gone! Any idea if this mod has caused this? Sarnus and Urlum still have theirs, only Jool's are missing. I'm using all updated versions of AVP, Scatterer, EVE, and Kopernicus in KSP 1.8.1
  15. Hi there, having an issue with NFLV I've seen mentioned once or twice a long time ago here but never really addressed. All of the engine cluster mounts have no visible shroud when in flight, but appears in the VAB. Has no effect in game, but takes away from visuals. Updating B9 Part Switch was listed as a solution, but I have the highest available version for my game (using B9PS version 2.14.0 in KSP 1.8.1, all mods from CKAN). Any help appreciated.
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