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  1. JNSQ has EVE configs but it's not bundled. Just need to install the base EVE if you want the features.
  2. If you're referring to the 'ROCSeed' value in the save file, that's a random number used to determine where the surface features show up. Terrain Scatter and the BG Surface Features are independent. Rocks scattered all over the surface are more likely the terrain scatter. To try and isolate it more, try turning the scatter off completely, exit fully and reload the game, then check the F12 menu under Surface Features while landing as mentioned by Starwaster.
  3. I'm also having issues with the dedicated snack containers like Red3Tango. They work fine with Snacks 1.16.4, but not with Snacks 1.20.2. Any vessel in flight from previous Snacks version can be switched to, but then I'm unable to Save, switch to another vessel via map, return to space center/tracking station, or exit the game. An Alt-F4 is required. Trying to launch a vessel from the VAB fails and ends up at the main space center view. Removing the snack containers or downgrading back to 1.16.4 allows the vessels to work normally. KSP Making History 1.7.1 Br
  4. The Zip and Exe are the same, just the Exe has an installer. The Zip version is installed like any other mod.
  5. I had the same issue, it was due to the terrain settings. I forget now exactly what setting I used, but I had to change it one step.
  6. Without seeing more info, my guess is aero forces are trying to flip the craft, and the pilot is doing their best to hold retrograde. Eve has 10x Kerbin's atmosphere at surface, RCS will do nearly nothing and any lift or drag will be quite strong. If you turn off SAS/RCS, it'll probably tumble.
  7. You should be ok I'd think, if it's just visuals. Though I'd recommend backing up the save and be ready to revert to that point on the chance that something does break when Kopernicus updates.
  8. This comes up every time KSP updates. Kopernicus is hard locked to a specific version of KSP in the mod code itself (last few pages of this thread had to be pruned by mods due to a big argument on this). Planet changes will NOT load. That's why the message specifically says not to load the save game. Kopernicus goes much deeper than most mods, so it's much more sensitive to version changes.
  9. Is it the flare itself or the ghosts that you find distracting? If it's the ghosts then you can disable them with JNSQ 0.5+, which is the way I personally like it. From the changelog:
  10. I for one thank you for the time and effort you put into this. I understand modding and how things can break easily. I have a personal mod that I've had to make some minor changes each time KSP changes. I'm part of the (hopefully) majority that can patiently wait until the mod gets updated properly.
  11. JNSQ works fine in 1.7.1, I'm using it myself. It doesn't really care much about the KSP version, it's Kop that's the limiter. However the surface features are not yet implemented in JNSQ, that's coming soon from what I've heard.
  12. Are you running KSP 1.7.0? If that's the case you do need to stick with Kop 1.7.0-x, as it's version locked to that specific KSP.
  13. 1.6 fixed a long standing thing where in sandbox all probecores had all SAS features, even if their stats say they shouldn't. There is a game setting where you can choose if all probes get all features, or only the ones they should. Might have to set that from the main menu settings.
  14. The same thing can happen when using the Alt-F12 debug menu to move a ship to orbit, doubt there's anything that can be done to fix it with KRASH.
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