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  1. That’s a fairly big change! So is it changes to the stock part files or changes to the way the game handles them? Obviously the former could be easily fixed by copying the old part files across but the latter will be trickier.
  2. Oh, yeh I normally shutdown with X when completing manoeuvres, I’ve been caught out with that one before myself.
  3. As an update I have found that I can use the same ship fine when I have freshly loaded KSP. I can only assume something builds up in memory after a while that causes this.
  4. It happens without warping at all. Aligned to the blue target indicator. The intercept changes after I have shut down the engines, it is like they are still on even though they aren’t. Not 1.4 on this game as it was started quite a while ago with ongoing missions.
  5. Ok I’ll try the same ship again on a fresh load and see if it behaves itself.
  6. I’m just wondering if this is still an issue caused by parts clipping? I made a ship and conducted rendezvous over Kerbin but then quickly realised I didn’t have sufficient control to dock it so went back to the drawing board and edited the ship a bit giving it some more reaction wheels and RCS thrusters. I had to clip the reaction wheels to fit them in. Now when I try to rendezvous it is nigh on impossible as my orbit keeps changing without me doing anything. I will set up a 10km intercept but by the time I get there it has increased to 150km. Is this likely caused by
  7. Better Time Warp Continued is handy for screenshots too, you can set custom game speeds such as 0.1x or even 0x which effectively pauses the game but still lets you do things such as move your view around taking multiple screenshots of that point in time.
  8. Knowing my luck I would get a bullseye with the drop pods... taking out the solar panels, comm’ dishes and proofing a few Kerbals in the process. *sigh* - F9. Nice work on the latest chapter, though the pirates seem to have forgotten that they are meant to be capturing stuff not blowing it up O.o
  9. I don’t think physics collisions is such a problem with asteroids, I managed to drag one into a seriously oversized cargo bay one time with no booms. It was clipping all over the place but didn’t cause any damage, it would appear that a grappled roid is considered part of the ship that has grappled it so can’t cause any damage. I even managed to get some quantum struts on it to stop it flailing around during manoeuvres. Oh, of course, quantum struts would solve your wobblyness issue. Since they can be placed on the station and then turned on when it latches onto the asteroid. An
  10. Certainly surface attach points can break, especially if you use more than one on a base they can pull on each other. Have you considered the hangar mod? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/80225-131-hangar/ It has nice asteroid attachment parts and allows you to use the internal volume of an asteroid as a hanger.
  11. Fortunately Kerbals seem quite hardy when it comes to radiation, although they are green so maybe they are already irradiated
  12. It is even cheaper than you think to reach munar orbit compared to LKO. Low gravity, no drag, full rocket ISP immediately, low orbital velocity and low orbital altitude all add up to very little fuel consumption to get into orbit. Of course landing can be expensive though as there is no drag.
  13. Electricity perhaps? 1950 batteries were very heavy and didn’t store very much power. They also had to be at a reasonable temperature to operate at all. The solar panels back then were also only a few % efficient whilst electrical equipment would have been incredibly inefficient by today’s standards. Keeping the station powered would be quite difficult and likely rely heavily on fuel cells. A solution would be to be in an orbit that maximises the amount of time spent in direct sunlight. I’m sure that they would realise the issues with radiation eventually.
  14. Is there a specific game mode or difficulty that this should be completed on? There is a building damage multiplier that changes depending on the difficulty settings.
  15. Oh yeh, I can never get smart engines to work sensibly. I just have different engines on hot keys and do it manually.
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