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  1. I'm sure everyone has seen the beautiful proposed Mars City that SpaceX put out a while ago. I can't tell if that is only an artists fanciful drawing, or is there an actual plan here. Has anyone seen a plan view, or something that tells what each of these buildings are actually supposed to be? There is a lot of repetition, but I would expect that to be true for any modular city or outpost. Obviously you can see Green Houses, Solar Farms, and tanks, lots of tanks, but what are those football fields? What is that round thing in the bottom right, a convention center?
  2. I've been playing KSP since V0.19 and this community has been a big part of what keeps me coming back. I recently upgraded from a 2006 vintage potato to a legitimate gaming rig and now I'm trying to stress it out with some of my long term love affairs. If you were going to load all the mods to really make KSP look amazing, what would you use? Should I consider downgrading to a different release to get the maximum mod compatibility? I've got a pretty good list of part and function mods I've used for a long time, but feel free to include those types as well if you really love them.
  3. I'm looking for a mod that allows me to categorize my in flight vessels better. Specifically something similar to the way Stock separates Lander/Stations/Debris but hopefully expandable and customizable. My saves always end up with too many probes and relays cluttering my display. As a use case, I have a fairly complex Iridium inspired network around Kerbin I would like to isolate from my other Satellites to show off. I've tried searching for this feature, but if I've missed an obvious answer please forgive me. If a mod doesn't currently exist, I would also appreciate any tips on how oth
  4. Thanks, those are the methods I've been using but felt like i might have been missing something.
  5. I been using EPL for a long time but recently decided to get into surface base construction using the survey stakes. I have a base that has been built and in service for awhile that I would like to modify. When I did the initial design I left exposed docking ports for adding modules later. Currently I build new modules close to the base and drive them over to the exact spot. What I would like to do is have them spawn in the correct location once construction is complete. Is it possible to use the initial survey steaks to add expansion modules? I don't think they will insta-dock, but can I get
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