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  1. So it would seem my problem is at the moment unfixable by means of simply installing the latest updates. So I was hoping i might get a nudge in the right direction to fix the problem manually. Since some of the parts (namely the rover category and the parts fitting into stock categories) show up, and since i know from watching the initial loading screen that the other parts are being recognized and loaded into the game; my thought is that this problem comes down to the additional categories added by the mod not showing up in the assembly building parts menu. So I was hoping to get my hands a little dirty and try to figure out why the rover parts category will load but the others will not. I am a novice coder, but my assumption (maybe naively) is that this is likely a simple problem so I would like to get my hands a little dirty and see if i can figure it out for myself instead of waiting for subsequent versions of the mod. So my question is, what file is responsible for modifying the category system in the Vehicle Assembly Building.
  2. I retried the download from that location with and without the USI Tools update and no luck
  3. Hi, I am having some problems with MKS. I downloaded MKS from this link https://spacedock.info/mod/162 And it only added the rover parts catagory, and some parts that fit into the standard category system, but i did not get any of the base building, off-world manufacturing parts. I tried installing the newest USI toolkit from https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/UmbraSpaceIndustries/releases which was supposed to address this issue and it only made the few new MKS parts that had shown up disappear. I tried starting a new game, I tried uninstalling all of my other mods, and I'm still having the same problem. I am running KSP 1.3.1891 on Mac OSX. My game data folder is: >000_AT_Utils >000_USITools >CommunityCategoryKit >CommunityResourcePack >Firespitter >GroundConstruction >KSPModFileLocalizer.dll >ModuleManager2.8.1.dll >ModuleManager.ConfigCache >ModuleManager.ConfigSHA >ModuleManager.Physics >ModuleManager.TechTree >Squad >UmbraSpaceIndustries (would have just uploaded a screenshot but did not see an option to do so [maybe because i am a new member]) Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. This mod looks amazing and I cant wait to start using it! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am rather new to the KSP mod community so please forgive me if this question is common knowledge. I have recently added several mods to my KSP 1.3.1 including "community resource pack" and I was wondering where i could find comprehensive information on the uses and conversions for all of the elements. Is it dependent on the other mods installed that use the resource pack? or is is consistent between mods? I have spent the last several days searching around and although i have found bits and pieces of information on the elements nowhere have I been able to find a comprehensive guide. A point in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you

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      Dependent on the mods installed

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