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  1. I imagine one problem is that we have no clue what the heck its layout is supposed to be like.
  2. literally two posts up
  3. Kablob

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    I'm on stock 1.4.3. Not sure what could be conflicting with it.
  4. Kablob

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    Downloaded and I'm having the problem that none of the engines in this mod actually do anything, ingame the engine module for them is just missing. The Block II LES only functions as a decoupler.
  5. Oh, that Ares, at first I thought you meant the Ares I/V and got incredibly confused.
  6. If I can make a suggestion: the two service module parts in Near Future Spacecraft don't currently have a partswitch option for monoprop-only, which means you can't use them with the mod's fantastic monoprop engines.
  7. A space shuttle docked to Skylab. That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
  8. I'm having a strange bug where none of the added science experiments (photograph, Geiger counter, ion trap, magnetometer, etc) actually do anything. In the VAB they're listed as having the experiments but in flight none of the parts actually have the option to perform an experiment. My first guess was that there was something wrong with DMagic Science Animate, but I've got it installed correctly. Tested it on 1.4.2 and 1.3.1.
  9. Kablob

    Electrocutor's Thread

    The problem is that with mods not built to use TU from the ground up, it works very well for some parts (like the BDB Apollo capsule) but for others it just makes them look sort of...shrink-wrapped. So to properly integrate it you'd have to completely retexture everything which would be a colossal undertaking.
  10. That is the most adorable shuttle I've ever seen.