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  1. ...I don't personally think the BFR will ever actually be built but if it was I'm just like, there's no way it would actually have those giant windows in the final version. Looks pretty though. And this isn't a criticism of you, you didn't design the thing.
  2. Everyone here's going bananas over the BFR and I"m just sitting here making grabby hands at that new Dragon 2 model.
  3. I continue to be deeply skeptical of the BFR like, ever actually flying, but I notice the engine layout has changed significantly there.
  4. Ohh, that looks real nice.
  5. I'm enjoying this trend of Almaz In Unexpected Places
  6. Yeah, I get the same thing in the 1.4.x versions. Have to manually change the tank settings every time I reload a craft file.
  7. That's a little outside the scope of this mod AFIAK, but the existing CST-100 mod is designed to be launched with BDB's Atlas V.
  8. You can just delete all the other parts in NFS.
  9. Kablob

    [1.4.5] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Are you on a pre-1.4 build?
  10. Darn. Oh well, then.