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  1. Oh, is this the mod that those excellent docking port models will be in @Nertea? I've been really looking forward to those.
  2. Pretty sure that's from Contares.
  3. Hey, quick question, which mod are you planning on putting those docking port replacements in?
  4. Yup, the PPTS pod is the four-man one and it's my favorite of the batch tbh.
  5. That one is actually a 6-man. The 4-man pod is the Federation-lookalike.
  6. Update: It's actually just with the Almathea+Hummingbirds, the Tethys works fine.
  7. Trying out the Near Future Spacecraft testing branch: loving the new pods, making great use out of the 4-seat Federation-lookalike. Not sure if a known issue or not, but I haven't been able to get any of the pods with integrated landing engines to actually work: the engines just thrust into the pod and overheat it until it explodes without providing any acceleration.
  8. Oh that's NICE. It looks like there's a hatch there below the crew hatch, is that an integrated docking port or some kind of cargo bay?
  9. ...I don't personally think the BFR will ever actually be built but if it was I'm just like, there's no way it would actually have those giant windows in the final version. Looks pretty though. And this isn't a criticism of you, you didn't design the thing.
  10. Everyone here's going bananas over the BFR and I"m just sitting here making grabby hands at that new Dragon 2 model.
  11. I continue to be deeply skeptical of the BFR like, ever actually flying, but I notice the engine layout has changed significantly there.