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  1. Kablob

    Electrocutor's Thread

    The problem is that with mods not built to use TU from the ground up, it works very well for some parts (like the BDB Apollo capsule) but for others it just makes them look sort of...shrink-wrapped. So to properly integrate it you'd have to completely retexture everything which would be a colossal undertaking.
  2. That is the most adorable shuttle I've ever seen.
  3. But then how do you ditch the truss from the bottom of the lander?
  4. For now I think I'll fudge it and launch it as Artemis+Pegasus and Apollo instead of Artemis and Apollo+Pegasus.
  5. Oh it's nothing to do with this mod in particular, I just can't work out how you'd do the ETS mission profile in KSP.
  6. I just don't understand how the heck you're supposed to dock with the ECUS using the _bottom_ of the lander.
  7. Hold on, isn't the descent stage supposed to have three RL-10's? There's only a node for one on it.
  8. For the Blue Gemini service module, I use a Delta-K engine tweakscaled so the shroud will line up.
  9. If you're interested, another fun idea for alternate Geminis could be the Agena-based service module for Lunar flyby: aka "someone crashed an Agena into the back of a Gemini service module"
  10. I'm sooo looking forward to this mod, I've been wanting a good stockalike Altair for a long time now. (Yes technically it's not an Altair in ETS but lbr, it's an Altair.)
  11. Is there supposed to not be a picture?