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  1. I noticed that the fins produce torque in the opposite direction of what they should (If I retract the rear fins, the ship pitches down rather than up, and if I retract the front fins, the ship pitches up rather than down). The cargo pod also seems to be too short in length.
  2. When is 1.8 coming out? Could you release a WIP version of the new Starship on GitHub before then?
  3. Just FYI, the tiles also cover the upside of the tip of the nose, like this: and this
  4. The Starship control surfaces didn't show up in editor after I downloaded the latest version of Tundra Exploration, even though I have retractable lifting surfaces installed. What am I doing wrong?
  5. All the asteroids in my save are enormous. Idk why. Has KSP changed anything with the asteroids? I've had this save for almost a year, so I might have edited some configs a while back and forgotten about it, but the last time I remember editing the PotatoRoid config, it didn't work.
  6. Has anyone seen the new asteroids? They're huge. I just found one with a 300 meter radius.
  7. The Gojira is unflyable at low speeds before landing. When it goes vertical before landing, it becomes uncontrollable. This was an issue a few months ago, but it was fixed, and now it's back with the new update.