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  1. The Starship control surfaces didn't show up in editor after I downloaded the latest version of Tundra Exploration, even though I have retractable lifting surfaces installed. What am I doing wrong?
  2. All the asteroids in my save are enormous. Idk why. Has KSP changed anything with the asteroids? I've had this save for almost a year, so I might have edited some configs a while back and forgotten about it, but the last time I remember editing the PotatoRoid config, it didn't work.
  3. Has anyone seen the new asteroids? They're huge. I just found one with a 300 meter radius.
  4. The Gojira is unflyable at low speeds before landing. When it goes vertical before landing, it becomes uncontrollable. This was an issue a few months ago, but it was fixed, and now it's back with the new update.
  5. The plume is still going even when the engine is off. It said in the newest update that it was fixed, but the bug only started to show up when I downloaded the latest version.
  6. The new F9 textures look dope af. An issue I noticed with the F9 is that the Octopus engine lacks roll control.
  7. Not much more advanced than other rockets, if at all. The high tech tree tier makes F9 not nearly as useful as it could and should be.
  8. The Falcon 9 interstage and main tank is at an unrealistically high tier on the tech tree. F9 and FH would be extremely useful during the mid game, but is unfortunately not fully available until the late game. I also can't seem to get FMRS to work, what's wrong?
  9. I remember you saying that the IVA was coming on November 26th, has that changed, or am I not remembering right?
  10. How did you make the custom KSC? I'm using a 3x scale kerbin, and the KSC is now at sea, how to fix? I also need FMRS for BFR to work on this bigger kerbin, but it doesn't work, (it is the right version, but it sill doesn't work).
  11. It's not an aero issue, it's a control issue that only affects the gimbaling of engines on the roll axis. It is also solved by putting a probe core in the BFS, but this is a hassle, because I have to manually select the probe core every time before launch. The BFR stack is also really fragile, the junctions between parts are super weak. The rocket breaks on ascent, with parts of the BFR and BFS separating midflight without warning.