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    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Oh, thank you very much! I did manage to get it sorted with a lot of ballast tweaking, but I'll not scale the drives in future so I don't have to deal with that. Thanks again!
  2. SiegDerMaus

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Hello, I seem to be having a bit of an issue. I've just installed this and I've been replicating the Type 45 as my first project to get familiarised with the part pack. But every time the ship gets into the water, it starts sinking by the stern. If I let the stern go under, the whole thing goes out of control, flying around capsizing. The last test ended with the hull catapulted into orbit and the superstructure breaking off and sinking.