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  1. I want to know which are the best mods for IVA only travels, I wanna feel like a real kerbonaut only 1st person THX XBEFOREHAND
  2. That has a robotic voice that tells you your altitude specially on take off (rockets)?
  3. Not working with the files you posted on 1.4.5
  4. Ok, I'm using kerbalism,this is my mod files. The thing is that the original granus mod with a single new solar system with a red sun as it's center won't load my panels: The panels don't recognise the red sun as the sun so they aim for kerbin's sun that is extremely far away, this breaks my ships cuz i don't get enough energy to run my things.Why my panels don't aim for the red sun?
  5. Guys The red sun doesn't recharge my batteries, panels seem to only get energy from the sun :(
  6. Landing on the moon, now i laugh at myself being so proud of it while I keep making my 150 piece station
  7. All depends on size (that’s what she said jaja), The biggest the station, the more planified it must be, for example in a 5 piece station all you need is a electric module, scientific module, crew module and finally a trust module+scape module. For example this little stations are very good for beginners as if you love up with the orbit you will be able to push the station back in orbit easily with the thrusters and if you need to turn the station the parts will hold up pretty well. In a 50 part station for example, you will face new problems: -Moving the station forward too fast or with a miscalculation will probably end up on the station out of control -turning too fast will make your space station a finger spinner -turning with the wrong SAS settings will release the kraken! -Even the minimum bad movement when undocking or docking can destroy the whole station
  8. Excuse me sir, do centrifuge modules have any utily after looking bloody cool?
  9. (Admin pls, move to challenges xD) So first, this is just a for fun thing, I’m a noob that cannot even reach eloo, so here comes the biggest challenge in KSP history. Mods allowed: Mods needed: Well the challenge is to reach proxima centauri, the nearest planet that can be habitable by humans, it is 4 light years further earth! This was done before in this threat: But the real challenge comes now: -You must reach proxima centauri, orbit it and after that land on it ( proof with pics). -You must land on every single planet of the kerbol system before doing this but on jool. -The travel cannot take more than 1000 years. So here is the challenge, can you acomplish this?
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