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  1. Hi, Will the regular TextureReplacer (now being maintained again by shaw) work with Spectra? Or will I need HaAr's TRR? I wanna say it's Kerbal remains but I don't wanna get charged with kerbalslaughter.
  2. Thorn_Ike

    Space express airlines orbital tourism challenge

    Accepted. Will begin developing. Nice challenge!
  3. Thorn_Ike

    In menu mod mannager

    I second. My KSP takes like 15 minutes to reload when I have to delete a mod.
  4. Thorn_Ike

    SSTO Ascent profile urgently needed

    Got it, will edit that post.
  5. Building Orion capsules from stock parts isn't hard. You will need to use the offset tool a decent amount, but if you spend some time, you can get some pretty accurate replicas. Alternatively, KerbalX by @katateochi at has some really good replicas. Select the stock option, and look up "Orion" or "Deep Space Gateway", and I'm prettu sure you'll find some good ones.
  6. I'm not sure if Squad is pursuing realistic plumes much, but I would recommend RealPlume: It's listed 1.4, but it works with 1.5 no problem.
  7. Thorn_Ike

    SSTO Ascent profile urgently needed

    "Mun SSTO" spaceplane? You're funny "Sometimes you gotta run, before you can walk." -- Tony Stark
  8. Thorn_Ike

    Your Finest Hour in KSP

    Oh wow. I had to rack my brain for this. Most of my launches are either successes or end in loud booms. Anyways, I'm building K-Prize SSTOs right now, and my 1st design was the Bainbridge Aerospace BA-50 Sparrow: I'm going for Advanced Pilot Precision, or at least Pilot Proficiency with this bad boy, so I began testing it. So I'm coming in for reentry toward the KSC, and I realize that the KSC is glitched out. Badly. So I do exactly what the warning label says I shouldn't do. I push down hard, and she flips out for a solid 20 seconds, and makes Jeb very green. I mean, he was green already, but MOVING ON... I eventually began going straight down into the ocean, so I pulled up hard, and bled off speed like crazy, just before touchdown, and ditched about 10km off KSC, saving Jeb, and the entire SSTO. Whew! I fixed the flickering KSC with a simple restart, and all was good. STILL haven't managed the runway tho...
  9. Thorn_Ike

    SSTO Ascent profile urgently needed

    Good idea. Problem being, my PC's memory got corrupted, and I lost all my craft. I'll try it with a Mun-capable SSTO when I get my PC back.
  10. I really love the idle animations, especially of Jeb on the Mun, but when the animations are done, the Kerbals jitter into the regular pose. I know I'm being perfectionist, but can you please make it smooth? It really bothers me!
  11. Hey, congrats on TOTM. This is a neat mod, will download when I replace the SSD in my computer, since the current one got corrupted.
  12. Hi, This is the Longneck. Bainbridge Aerospace hasn't decided an official name for it yet, but we'll figure it out: As you can see, Longneck has a good 11k dV, however, when Longneck is passing through the atmosphere, we only have 1k dV to circularize, and 300-400, and if we're lucky 500 m/s dV to deorbit. I am pretty sure I'm using the wrong ascent profile. I use the entire runway, accelerate to 500m/s below 1000m, and pitch up 20 degrees. Help me?
  13. Thorn_Ike

    What did you do in KSP today?

    And they ask why the kerbonauts are getting radiation poisoning...
  14. Thorn_Ike

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Were those burritos frozen in dry ice that they needed 600MV to heat up?