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  1. so, one day a sphere spawned in my runway. It looks like the spheres you get from the debug menu. It wasn't moving either, so I had to taxi around it to take off. Then, one day I was flying at Mach 3 at 11km, and a sphere came out of nowhere to hit my aircraft, sending it wildly out of control. When I tried to EVA with one of the kerbals, the entire craft exploded and only the sphere remained. Neither flight results nor the cheats console shows any indication of which mod spawned this sphere. KSP.log shows that when the aircraft carrier I had unloaded, the explosion immediately happened
  2. Hi, What's the passenger count on the newly introduced Size 1.5 cabins for Airplane Plus?
  3. I've been trying to get this GUI to show up: (badly cropped from a beacoupzero video but you get the idea) He was using this on a MK1 cockpit, and he had this button: I, however, haven't been able to get it to show up. I have installed TU and Electrocutor's KSPF, is there something I'm missing here?
  4. I'm still pretty confused as to how to install and get this thing working. I've put 000_TexturesUnlimited and KSPF from Electrocutor's thread into my GameData, but I don't see any button on my toolbar to open up the Part Recoloring GUI. Have I installed something wrong, am I missing a keybinding, am I just blind and forgot something? Please help out here, thanks.
  5. Well, rest in peace Infernal Robotics. Either way, am pumped! I am ready for the purchase!
  6. Hi, MNWS loading gets stuck on Johnny/Part/AAMS/AAMS/AAMS. My GameData: I'm running KSP 1.7.0. Help me?
  7. *i sniff a dead thread* Is this competition still alive? I need to develop short-range interceptors for this competition.
  8. I attempted to create the O-10 Pyramid by Scott Manley...
  9. As SpannerMonkey stated, this mod is currently unusable with BDAc and/or the latest version of KSP. Updates are on the way.
  10. Hi, I've been trying to load KSP with OPT Legacy but it gets stuck on the SAGE engine. I'm running 1.6.1. My GameData- And the part where it is stuck- I did install the reconfig too.
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