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    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I'm trying to figure out how to recycle an old vehicle into parts that can be used to build something else. As far as I can tell, there are two ways to disassemble something: Send an engineer on EVA over to the part, right click it and select "Disassemble Part". But this can only be done in order of attachment, one part at a time, which can get pretty tedious for larger ships. Drive or fly the vehicle into the K&K Recycler. If you're in space (which K&K Recycler is not really visually suited for), momentum will push the whole ship into the recycler. But if you're on the ground, unless you're going really really fast, it will only eat the front half. The back half will collapse onto the ground in front of the recycler and just stay there. Either way, I was getting this message: "<X> units of MaterialKits were lost due to lack of recycle space". So I went digging around the CFG files. That message comes from the USI mod for recyclable parts, here: It's looking for nearby vessels which have parts that have the "USI_ModuleRecycleBin" feature, and support the particular resource that it's trying to recycle (in this case "MaterialKits"). There are only two parts that I can find anywhere in any mod that do this: Ranger Workshop and Tundra Workshop. So one of these has to be on a vessel nearby, but that's still not enough. These only have very small tanks, so they will fill up really quickly. Then you need to add something like the K&K MaterialKits Storage, which holds 2000. But that's still not enough, because it doesn't implement the "USI_ModuleRecycleBin" feature so it will be completely ignored. The only way I found to work was to use a fuel balancer mod (TAC Fuel Balancer is pretty good) and set up the workshop so that Material Kits are flowing OUT. Anything that's put in there will automatically be transferred to the larger storage part. But there is still a limitation. As long as the part (or ship) being recycled does not exceed the workshop limit (usually around 200) then you're ok. But if it does, then the recycled Material Kits will be lost before the workshop tank is emptied into the bigger tank. Is this really the only way to make parts recycling work, or are there better solutions in other mods? I haven't found any yet.
  2. I've noticed recently that it often gets stuck in the wrong biome, and no longer updates with the currently available science. Example The only way to fix it is to completely quit the game and restart. I've tried removing almost all other mods, and still see this issue. Has anyone else noticed this?