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  1. Hello! In my version of modded KSP, all parachutes are missing in the utility subfilter and can't be found by searching for their name, but they can be found in all other filters. Why is this and how can I/you fix it? I'm currently using subassembly to keep them all in a folder, but it's a bit annoying. Also, does the parachute's material's drag coefficient determine how fast it slows you down? Thanks! Have a pie on me
  2. Pablowako

    [1.3] Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone)

    In the (beautiful, btw) big poster it says 1.6x C. In the description it says 16x C. Just as a heads up
  3. Pablowako

    [1.4.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.6]

    I didn't think about the need for the colors to be easily spotted from a distance for recovery. I looked at some pictures of splashed down capsules and they look very very similar to the ones on your mod. Well done. Do you need your mod translated to spanish or german? I wanna help out
  4. Pablowako

    [1.4.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.6]

    Oh wow, that was a quick response! No pressure, I know it takes a lot of time and it looks pretty good already. I'm learning the very basics of R and python, so what you're doing is like a loveing miracle to me. I was just curious as to if it was still in the plans (I saw you commented that it was some time ago, so just wanted to check up). I can only give you one piece of feedback (which is really picky): the colours of the orange balloons seem a bit too bright. This might be realistic (I really don't know), but to me the textures look too smooth and bright, like perfect spheres with a hex code attached. Again, really minor, and picky. By the way, this: Reminds me too much of this: . Made me crack up. Keep studying! It's more important than internet strangers, even if they beg for your mod. I don't know how to use imgur properly yet
  5. Pablowako

    [1.4.x] Comfortable Landing [V1.6]

    Hello! My computer is a potato like Pol, but your mod makes it look less like a potato Is there any chance the mod will include the ability to add parts manyally? Like modular kinda parts. Do the parts let you land coming in faster? (Normally you cant land faster than 6,5 m/s, does CL let you land faster or is it only visual? I don't wanna try it out myself and lose crew) Thanks!